ᕕ(✿π ʖ̯π)ᕗ
She is crying so much now
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  • ᕕ(❀ಥ ʖ̯ಥ)ᕗ
    She hates to run
  • ─=≡Σ(✿≖ᆺ≖ )ᕗ
    She's going too late
  • (´._.`). 。oஇ()
    So Worried About It
  • ᕦ(・╭╮・)ᕥ
    I'm not getting strong
  • (งȍДȍ)ง
    I want to box
  • (งȍvȍ)ง
    Come and fight me
  • (;゚;Д;゚;;)
    Sweating too Much
  • ᕕ(T▾T)ᕗ
    I've broken my own running record
  • ᕕ(❀◕ ʖ̯◕)ᕗ
    She doesn't really want to run
  • (ง•ᗝ•)ง
    God, it's my first time fighting
  • (✿π ʖ̯π)
    She is too sad now
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(✿°ᆺ° )ᕗ
    Kawaii chick running
  • ᕕ(✿°◡° )ᕗ
    Girl Running A Lot
  • ᕮT◞ Tᕭ
    I feel ugly with these ears
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(✿°ヮ° )ᕗ
    She loves to be fast
  • ( ꈨɵ̥̥˙⌓ꈨɵ̥̥)
    My day's so sad
  • (✿╹ʖ̯╹)╭∩╮
    She wants to say good bye
  • ᕕ(T ³T)ᕗ
    I want to stop running
  • (。 >艸<)
    A Lot Of Laugh
  • (ง૦ઁ⏠૦ઁ)ง
    Just fight me
  • |( ̄3 ̄ )|
    Kiss And Hug
  • (๑ᵕॢ૩ᵕॢ)*౨˚ൗ
    Too Much Kiss
  • 🌸
    Cherry Blossom
  • ღ꒡ ᴈ꒡)♡⃛(꒡ε ꒡ღ
    Baby I love You
  • ᕙ(´༎ຶ益´༎ຶ)ᕗ
    Trying To Be Stronger
  • ᕦ(✧oДo)ᕥ
    I will be the strongest
  • 🌼
  • ♡♡+.゚(→ε←*)゚+.゚
    My Favorite Person
  • (T ³T)
    I feel so sad and bad
  • ᕙ (❁^д ^*)っ
    In tears
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(´༎ຶ ͟ʖ´༎ຶ)ᕗ
    I run with a lot of fear
  • ᕦ(T ʖ̯T)ᕥ
    He wants to be stronger
  • ─=≡Σᕕ( ͡ಥ▾ಥ)ᕗ
    Running from someone
  • ᕕ(´༎ຶ ͟ʖ´༎ຶ)ᕗ
    I hate being slow
  • ᕙ(❍.❍)ᕗ
    I think my arms are bigger
  • ᕙ(܍人܍)ᕗ
    How strong i am
  • (ง⇀~↼)ง
    A guy ready for a fighting
  • (ง> ͟ʖ<)ง
    He will fight by his own
  • 💮
    White Flower
  • (´‸`✿ )
    I am so sad now
  • ᕙ(ꔸಎꔸ)ᕗ
    Love Being Strong
  • (-̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥᷄.-̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥᷅)
    I hate being this little
  • ( ꈨɵ̥̥˙⌓ɵ̥̥)
    Is so sad to be like this
  • ᕦ(⨶ಎ⨶)ᕥ
    He thinks he's strong
  • ᕕ(❀π ʖ̯π)ᕗ
    She really hates to run
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(◕ ل◕)ᕗ
    Guy with big nose running
  • (ง♥ . ♥)ง
    My love is for a fight
  • ᕕ(¬෴¬)ᕗ
    Man with a moustache running
  • ᕦ(/͠-╭╮ ͝-\)ᕥ
    I put effort in exercises
  • ᕙ(≖ω≖)ᕗ
    My great arms
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(⪧.⪦)ᕗ
    He tries to run pretty fast
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(⪧‸⪦)ᕗ
    Upset man running
  • ᕕ(o ゚⍘ ゚)ᕗ
    He just runs
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(ꗞ_ꗞ)ᕗ
    I've been running faster
  • ᕙ(`╭͜ʖ╮´)ᕗ
    Strong chinese man
  • ᕙ(♥◞ ♥)ᕗ
    Love makes me strong
  • ᕙ(`o╭╮o´)ᕗ
    I bet you don't wanna fight with me
  • ᕙ(ತ .ತ)ᕗ
    I have the biggest arms
  • ─Σᕕ(´༎ຶ ͟ʖ´༎ຶ)ᕗ
    I run from fear
  • ᕕ(`﹏`)ᕗᕕ(`_`)ᕗ
    Running away from him
  • ᕦ(0.0)ᕥ
    Show your muscles
  • ᕙ(⪨o⪩)ᕗ
    Zombie's arms
  • ᕦ(▰╭╮▰)ᕥ
    Badass strong boy
  • ᕦ(o๏U๏)ᕥ
    I like having these arms
  • ᕦ( ̄ ͟ ̄)ᕥ
    I wanna be the strongest
  • ᕦ(⫑ . ⫒)ᕥ
    I love go to the gym
  • ᕙ(´Д`)ᕗ
    I need to be stronger
  • ᕙ(´ ͟ʖ`)ᕗ
    I'm too weak
  • ᕕ(๑´• U •`)ᕗ
    He's just troting
  • ᕙ(๏ಎ๏)ᕗ
    I love being pretty strong
  • ᕙ(σ ͜ʖσ)ᕗ
    I love going to the gym
  • ᕦ(▰‸▰)ᕥ
    Strong And Cool
  • (ง・v・)ง
    I can beat anyone
  • (งoಎo)ง
    I will try to fight
  • (ง⏓ಎ⏓)ง
    I will fight with calm
  • ᕙ(ꔸ_ꔸ)ᕗ
    Gym's Great
  • ᕕ(o º ω º )ᕗ
    Chubby guy running
  • ᕙ( ゚, ゚)ᕗ
    Gym Dude
  • =≡ᕕ( ͠°‸ °)ᕗ
    Running cuz i'm late
  • ᕙ(⪨ᗝ⪩)ᕗ
    I couldn't be weaker
  • ᕦ(・.・)ᕥ
    Trying to be pretty strong
  • ᕦ(◕Ѡ◕)ᕥ
    So Strong
  • ᕦ(>⏠>)ᕥ
    I am stronger
  • ᕦ(๑•‸•)ᕥ
    I might be small but i'm strong
  • (≖ ︿ ≖ 🌸)
    She is not really happy
  • ᕙ(✿ω✿)ᕗ
    I Have Flower Power
  • (´‸`˵✿ )
    I Want To Be Happy
  • ᕕ(◉_◉)ᕗ
    He is just running
  • ᕕ( ͠°U °)ᕗ
    Really proud of my running
  • (ง◉ ͜ʖ◉)ง
    Lenny can fight right now
  • (ง❍.❍)ง
    I'mma fight
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(σUσ)ᕗ
    I'm happy when i run
  • (ง⩿ ͟ل⪀)ง
    I should beat your face
  • (ง⍜U⍜)ง
    Preparing to fight
  • (o◥▶ ʖ̯◀◤)ง
    I'll take revenge
  • ᕕ(`ツ`)ᕗ
    Running in a nice day
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(ಠ.ಠ)ᕗ
    Person runs fast
  • ᕕ(■~■)ᕗ
    He runs
  • ᕙ(⊜益⊜)ᕗ
    This 2022 i'll be stronger
  • ᕕ(ᴗ~ᴗ)ᕗ
    Trying to be fitness in 2022