ᕕ(❀ಥ ʖ̯ಥ)ᕗ
She hates to run
Nostalgic DVDs
  • ᕕ(✿π ʖ̯π)ᕗ
    She is crying so much now
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(✿°ᆺ° )ᕗ
    Kawaii chick running
  • (ง૦ઁ⏠૦ઁ)ง
    Just fight me
  • (ง•ᗝ•)ง
    God, it's my first time fighting
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(Ꝋ╭∩╮Ꝋ)ᕗ
    Chinese man runs
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(⩺ ʖ̯⩹)ᕗ
    I need to be faster
  • ᕕ(´༎ຶ ͟ʖ´༎ຶ)ᕗ
    I hate being slow
  • ᕕ(T ³T)ᕗ
    I want to stop running
  • ᕕ(✿°◡° )ᕗ
    Girl Running A Lot
  • ╭∩╮(ⴲ╭╮ⴲ)
    I do hate everyone
  • ─=≡Σ(✿≖ᆺ≖ )ᕗ
    She's going too late
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(✿°ヮ° )ᕗ
    She loves to be fast
  • 🌸
    Cherry Blossom
  • ᕮT◞ Tᕭ
    I feel ugly with these ears
  • ᕦ(⏓ಎ⏓)ᕥᕦ(⇀ヘ↼,)ᕥ
    Strong like my dad
  • ᕦ(・╭╮・)ᕥ
    I'm not getting strong
  • (งȍДȍ)ง
    I want to box
  • (งȍvȍ)ง
    Come and fight me
  • 🌼
  • ─=≡Σᕕ( ͌Д ͌)ᕗ
    As fast as i can
  • 💮
    White Flower
  • ᕕ(܍⍘܍)ᕗ
    Running as always
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(ꖘ!ꖘ)ᕗ
    Cannot stop running
  • (੭⫑.⫒)੭ᕕ(^⏠^)ᕗ
    Running away from a zombie
  • ─=≡ᕕ(⪦,⪧)ᕗ
    I'm in a marathon
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(⪦ᗜ⪧)ᕗ
    Glad For Running
  • ─=≡ᕕ(⪦.⪧)ᕗ
    Running pretty Fast
  • ᕕ(👁️,👁️)ᕗ
    He's practicing for Olympics
  • ─=≡ᕕ(⩹ . ⩺)ᕗ
    Just running
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(⩹ o ⩺)ᕗ⤜⤏
    Closed to an arrow
  • ᕕ(👁️人👁️)ᕗ
    Just Running
  • ᕕ( ͠°ꔢ °)ᕗ
    Mad Man Running
  • Σᕕ(ꔸ ͟لꔸ)ᕗ
    It's late for me
  • ᕕ(U益U)ᕗ
    Running happy way
  • ─=≡Σᕕ( O ͌! ͌)ᕗ
    He always runs
  • ─=≡Σᕕ( ͌! ͌)ᕗ
    That guy is so fast
  • ᕕ($ᨎ$)ᕗ
    Running For Money
  • ᕙ(´༎ຶ益´༎ຶ)ᕗ
    Trying To Be Stronger
  • ᕦ(ཀ‿ཀ)ᕥ
    Pretty Proud Of My Muscles
  • ᕕ( ಠ‿ಠ) ᕗ
    Kawaii face #103
  • ┌(・Σ・)┘≡З
    I'm coming #6
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(ó.ò)ᕗ
    He is really good running
  • ᕕ(o◉_◉)ᕗ
    Guy running and staring at me
  • C=┌( `ー´)┘
    I should be faster
  • ミ ᕕ( o_o)ᕗ
    I have to be faster
  • ミ ᕕʕ ⁰Ⓣ⁰ʔᕗ
    Bear going late
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(⪰o⪯)ᕗᕕ(⩺ヘ⩹)ᕗ
    I won't let you reach me
  • ᕕ(0ᴥ0)ᕗ
    Doggy running in the morning
  • ᕕ(👁️n👁️)ᕗ
    Tired for running
  • ─=≡ᕕ(⩹.⩺)ᕗo
    I need to catch the ball
  • ─=≡ᕕ(⩹n⩺)ᕗo
    The faster in football
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(-Ĺ̯-)ᕗ
    Just be faster
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(@[email protected])ᕗ
    A crazy man running
  • (੭⫑ಎ⫒)੭ᕕ(^⏠^)ᕗ
    Running from him
  • ᕕ(0益0)ᕗ
    Practicing to be faster
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(ꔸ ͟لꔸ)ᕗ
    He is running pretty fast
  • ᕕ(U.U)ᕗ
    It's morning trot
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(•,•)ᕗ
    Exercising and running
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(◕ ل◕)ᕗ
    Guy with big nose running
  • ᕕ(¬෴¬)ᕗ
    Man with a moustache running
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(òꔢó)ᕗ
    A man with a moustache running
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(¬ ᴥ¬ )ᕗ
    Puppy is the faster
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(,≖ಎ≖)ᕗ
    I can be fast if I put my mind to it
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(⪧‸⪦)ᕗ
    Upset man running
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(*U*)ᕗ
    A high man running
  • ᕕ(⨱ツ⨱)ᕗ
    Dead man running
  • ᕕ(⨱U⨱)ᕗ
    A dead man running
  • ᕦ(´>Ꮂ´<)ᕥᕕ(o0o)ᕗ
    That animal can hit me
  • ᕕ(`╭╮´)ᕗ
    I hate running
  • ᕕ(`╭∩╮´)ᕗ
    Chinese man running
  • ᕕ(`ツ`)ᕗᕕ(`﹏`)ᕗ
    I think he's following me
  • ᕕ(`﹏`)ᕗᕕ(`_`)ᕗ
    Running away from him
  • ᕕ(👁️!👁️)ᕗ
    Guy with big ears running
  • ᕕ(˵ ͡~. ͡°˵)ᕗ
    He runs and looks good at the same time
  • ᕕ(ᴗᗝᴗ)ᕗ
    I can't be fitness
  • ─=≡Σᕕ( ͡°Ꮂ°)ᕗ
    Animal is so fast
  • (づ•.•)づᕕ(oヮo)ᕗ
    Fleeing from a hug
  • ᕕ(uヮu)ᕗ
    Running is good for your health
  • (づ•.•)づᕕ(uヮu)ᕗ
    Fleeing from an embrace
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(ಥ▾ಥ)ᕗ
    Something weird's chasing me
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(ꔸ,ꔸ)ᕗ
    He's running so fast
  • Σᕕ(ꔸ.ꔸ)ᕗ Σᕕ(´༎ຶ ͟ʖ´༎ຶ)ᕗ
    You won't catch me
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(óಎò)ᕗ
    Guy is practicing for a marathon
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(ᚖ.ᚖ)ᕗ
    Running for diamonds
  • ᕕ(ᚖ.ᚖ)ᕗ
    I am running foward diamonds
  • ᕕ(⪨o⪩)ᕗ
    I'm late for work
  • ᕕ(⪦ ͜⪧)ᕗ ᕕ(⪦Д⪧)ᕗ
    I don't want you to chase me
  • ᕕ(´• ﹏ •`)ᕗ
    Running cuz i'm scared
  • ᕕ(oº ω º)ᕗ
    Running alone
  • ᕕ(o º ω º )ᕗ
    Chubby guy running
  • ᕕ(ꖘ益ꖘ)ᕗ
    I'm really hurry
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(⇀⏠↼)ᕗ
    Doing my best to be fast
  • ─=≡Σᕕ( ͠°v °)ᕗ
    I need to be super fast
  • ─=≡Σᕕ( ͠°, °)ᕗ
    I am like sonic
  • =≡ᕕ( ͠°‸ °)ᕗ
    Running cuz i'm late
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(⌐■╭╮■)ᕗ
    ESTP running
  • ─=≡Σᕕ(⩺エ⩹)ᕗ
    Hamster's fast
  • ᕕ(❀π ʖ̯π)ᕗ
    She really hates to run
  • ᕦ⪩_⪨ᕥ
    Upset strong boy
  • ミ ᕕ( ◔3◔)ᕗ
    Marathon #9