• 🛀🏻
    Person Taking Bath: Light Skin Tone
  • 🛀🏿
    Person Taking Bath: Dark Skin Tone
  • 🛀🏽
    Person Taking Bath: Medium Skin Tone
  • 🛀🏼
    Person Taking Bath: Medium-Light Skin Tone
  • 🛀🏾
    Person Taking Bath: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
  • 🛫
    Airplane Departure
  • 🛀
    Person Taking Bath
  • (◍◕ᴗ◕)ᐟ🌸
    That flower should be mine
  • (●˘ω°)ノ✿
    This flower is beautiful
  • (✿o.o)/✿
    She wants that flower
  • (ノ´ з `) ノʕ´❛ᴥ❛`❁ʔ
    A perfect teddy for her
  • (づoヮo)づ✿
    He's buying at he flower shop
  • (o•㉨•)ฅ🍎
    Kuma wants that apple
  • (ミ•㉨•)ฅ🍎
    Kitten takes an apple
  • (っ○.○)っต(ᵒ̴̶̷̤ ⋏ᵒ̴̶̷̤ )ต
    Kitty wants me
  • (^◡ ^)っ✿(╹U╹)
    Take this flower, sweetheart
  • ଘ(o◕ᴗ◕)ヽ(´・ω・ `)ヽ
    Wanna touch that angel
  • ⊂ʕ•ᴥ• ʔ
    I want something that is there
  • ヽ(・∀・)ノ ●ヽ(・∀・)ノ●ヽ(・∀・)ノ●
    Taking The Ball
  • (˵°U°)╯✿
    I like dark flowers
  • (ᕥꔸᴗꔸ)ᕥ🥝
    This kiwi looks amazing
  • ✧\(•o• )
    Wow, a shining a star
  • (っ•ω• ς)ʕ╹ᴥ╹ʔ♥
    This teddy is my fav
  • (੭ ≖U≖)੭★*:・゚✧\(`△´\)
    I grabbed more stars than you
  • (っ・ิꇴ・ิ)っ♥
    That heart will be mine
  • ଘ(˵・ᴗ・)ヘ(◕ᴗ◕ヘ)
    Guy taking an angel
  • (づ•▾•)づʕ0ᴥ0ʔ
    My Animal
  • ✿ฅ(•́ᆽ•̀๑)
    Animal grabbing a flower
  • (˵╹ω╹)⊃✿
    A flower for her
  • (ノ⪰Ꮂ⪯)ノ✿
    Koala is picking flowers
  • 🔶ԅ (≖‿≖ԅ)
    I'll be rich
  • 🔷ԅ (≖‿≖ԅ)
    That diamond will be mine
  • (ᕥꔸᴗꔸ)ᕥ🧁♡
    I want a cupcake
  • ^o•ﻌ•^ฅ〜( ̄△ ̄〜)
    I will take this cat home
  • ❤️⊂(•U•⊂)
    I will take this heart
  • (o・ᴥ・)⊃♥
    Animal wants a heart
  • (づoωo)づ🌸
    This flower is for me
  • (づ´oωo`)づ♥
    I'd like to grab this kokoro
  • (˵´•。•`)/❀
    The best flower in the flower shop
  • ♦️ԅ (≖‿≖ԅ)
    Stealing a diamond
  • (੭─ヮ─)੭(ᵔ㉨ᵔ✿)
    Picking the girly bear
  • (づ◔ヮ◔)づ✿
    He Will Take A Flower
  • (づ♡‿‿ ♡)づ(≗ ᆽ ≗)
    He wants that cat
  • (o≧ᴥ≦)⊃💗
    Puppy has a big red heart
  • (੭●ヮ●)੭ʕᵔᴥᵔ◍ʔ
    Kid grabbing a bear
  • ✧ cʕ•ᴥ•cʔ
    Kuma wants a diamond
  • (づ•▾•)づʕo0ᴥ0ʔ♡
    Such a pretty Teddy
  • (ノ⪰ヮ⪯)ノ❁
    This flower will make her happy
  • (つ●ᗜ●)つ🌸
    Grabbing the prettiest flower
  • (ᕥꔸᴗꔸ)ᕥ🥭
    I love this mango
  • (˵°ᴗ°)╯✿
    Wanna take that black flower
  • (੭⍜.⍜)੭̸*✩⁺˚
    All stars will be mine
  • (੭•ω•)੭❤⊂ʕ•ᴥ•⊂ʔ
    Who grab the heart?
  • ʕ੭·͡㉨·ʔ ੭❀╲ʕ·ᴥ· ╲ ʔ
    Kumas want the same flower
  • (oᵔωᵔ)⊃🌸
    This flower is the best
  • ( ^◡^)っ ♡ヽ(╹◡╹ヾ)
    Yes, give me your heart
  • (ᕥꔸᴗꔸ)ᕥ✿
    I want this flower
  • ❀ヽ(o∀oヾ)
    He will take that flower
  • (ノ˘ ▾˘)ノ♡~( ˘▾˘~)
    I'll take your heart
  • ❤(ˆoˆԅ)
    I found a heart!
  • ♡ᕦ(oワoᕦ)
    He takes a heart
  • (ᕥꔸᴗꔸ)ᕥ🌷
    I want this tulip
  • (≖ ︿ ≖ 🌸)ԅ( ˘ ω ˘ԅ )
    He always bothers her
  • ✧\(•o•́ )
    Wow, a shinning diamond
  • (੭─ヮ─)੭ʕ•ᴥ•˵ʔ
    Picking the cutest bear
  • (づ૦◡૦)づʕ■‸■ʔ
    He likes that teddy with sunglasses
  • ᕕ(๑°ヮ°)ᕗ (•́ ㅅ •̀˵U)
    I found this rabbit
  • ( ͡> ⌣ ͡●)⊃✿
    Take this flower
  • (⊃•U•)⊃✿
    This flower will be mine
  • (੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ʕᵔᎲᵔʔ
    Baby playing with a stuffed koala
  • (づᗒvᗕ)づ(ง܍ᗝ܍)ง
    Don't fight!
  • ♡ヽ(◕ω◕🌸)
    She's gonna take a heart
  • ʕo•ᴥ•ʔ⊂(σUσ⊂)
    I want a kuma
  • ᐢづoⓉoᐢづ✿
    Kuma is grabbing a flower
  • (✿ •з•) ノʕ❛ᴥ❛`ʔ
    Chick grabbing a teddy
  • (づ ゚⍊ ゚)づ|
    Grabbing a stick
  • (づ ゚U ゚)づ|
    Wanna grab that stick
  • (ノ^ ◡ ^)ノ(ミㆁ㉨ㆁミ)
    My kitty cat
  • (●ᗜ●)つ🌸
    I will give this flower
  • (⊃•ᴗ•)⊃♥
    This kokoro will be mine
  • (✿╹з╹) ノʕ╹ᴥ╹`˵ʔ
    She wants the big bear
  • ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔ╯❤⊂ʕ•ᴥ•⊂ʔ
    Bears want that heart
  • (ノ⏒∀⏒)ノ*:・゚✧
    Grabbing Stars
  • (๑◕-◕)⊃✿
    A black flower in my hand
  • 🌸⊂(・ヮ・⊂)
    He is taking that flower
  • ෆԅ( ˘ω˘ ԅ)
    I should take this heart
  • ( ´•˘•`)/❀
    This flower isn't what i asked for
  • (⊃•ω•)⊃❀
    My flower
  • (ノ⪰Ꮂ⪯)ノ❁
    Animal always takes flowers
  • ✿ฅ/ᐠ。,。ᐟ✿\∫
    Cat want another flower
  • ( ^◡^)っ 💗
    This is a lovely heart
  • (づ૦◡૦)づʕ■‸■oʔ
    I'm gonna take this bear with sunglasses
  • ✽⊂(・U・⊂)
    This flower is the one i want
  • (੭ㅇUㅇ)੭ฅ^⇀ﻌ↼^ฅ
    I will have this cat for me
  • (∩ᵔωᵔ)⊃🌸
    I'll grab this flower
  • (❁ˆ ᴥ ˆ)ԅ( ˘ ω ˘ԅ )
    He wants to take that koala
  • (≗ ᆽ ≗)ヽ(o⌣oヾ)
    That kitty will be mine
  • (╯0∇ 0)╯(╹㉨╹ミ)∫
    My cat is here
  • (o◕◡◕)っ✿
    Picking a blossom
  • (ノ˘ ω˘)ノ♡
    I'm grabbing a heart