Person Doing Cartwheel
The 元 emote, also known as the "Person Doing Cartwheel" emote, depicts a person performing a cartwheel, which is a gymnastics move where the body is rotated sideways while the hands touch the ground. It is often used to express excitement, playfulness, or athleticism in online communication.
  • Appreciation & Adoration:
    "I love the way you do cartwheels. You make it look so easy! 元"
  • Pride & Joy:
    "My son just did his first cartwheel all by himself! 元"
  • Excitement & Thrill:
    "I can't wait to try out my new cartwheel move in front of the judges! 元"
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  • Person Cartwheeling
  • Person Cartwheeling: Dark Skin Tone
  • Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-1-2
  • Person Doing Cartwheel + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-3
  • 元撾儭
    Man Doing Cartwheel, Type-5
  • 元賤儭
    Woman Doing Cartwheel, Type-4
  • Person Cartwheeling: Light Skin Tone
  • 元踱儭
    Man Doing Cartwheel, Type-6
  • 屢領儭
    Man Bouncing Ball: Light Skin Tone
  • Person Doing Cartwheel + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-4
  • Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-3
  • Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-5
  • 元潑儭
    Woman Doing Cartwheel, Type-3
  • Man Dancing, Type-1-2
  • Person Juggling: Dark Skin Tone
  • Person Doing Cartwheel + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6
  • Person With Ball, Type-3
  • 元賤儭
    Woman Cartwheeling: Medium Skin Tone
  • 屢領儭
    Woman Bouncing Ball: Light Skin Tone
  • Person Raising Both Hands in Celebration, Type-4
  • 屢潑儭
    Woman Bouncing Ball: Medium-Light Skin Tone
  • 對儭
    Woman Bouncing Ball
  • Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-6
  • 屢賤儭
    Man Bouncing Ball: Medium Skin Tone
  • 元賤儭
    Man Doing Cartwheel, Type-4
  • Juggling, Type-3
  • 元領儭
    Woman Cartwheeling: Light Skin Tone
  • Grinning Squinting Face
  • 元儭
    Man Cartwheeling
  • Person Playing Handball: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
  • 元踱儭
    Woman Doing Cartwheel, Type-6
  • Person With Ball, Type-6
  • Person Playing Handball: Light Skin Tone
  • 元領儭
    Man Doing Cartwheel, Type-1-2
  • Man Dancing + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-3
  • Person Playing Handball: Medium-Light Skin Tone
  • 屢踱儭
    Woman With Ball, Type-6
  • Carousel Horse
  • Person Playing Handball: Dark Skin Tone
  • Juggling + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2
  • Leg: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
  • Juggling + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-4
  • Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-4
  • Chipmunk
  • 元儭
    Woman Cartwheeling
  • Person Juggling: Light Skin Tone
  • 允踱儭
    Woman Juggling, Type-6
  • 冗賤儭
    Woman Playing Handball, Type-4
  • Juggling + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5
  • 允踱儭
    Man Juggling: Dark Skin Tone
  • Dancer + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5
  • 冗撾儭
    Woman Playing Handball, Type-5
  • Smiling Face With Open Mouth
  • Person Playing Handball: Medium Skin Tone
  • Person Cartwheeling: Medium-Light Skin Tone
  • Juggling, Type-5
  • 元領儭
    Man Cartwheeling: Light Skin Tone
  • Juggling, Type-4
  • Mountain Bicyclist + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2
  • Winking Face
  • Zany Face
  • 元踱儭
    Woman Cartwheeling: Dark Skin Tone
  • Person: Medium-Light Skin Tone, Blond Hair
  • Squinting Face with Tongue
  • 蛤領儭
    Woman Mountain Biking, Type-1-2
  • 屢撾儭
    Man With Ball, Type-5
  • Person Juggling: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
  • Rolling on the Floor Laughing
  • Beans
  • Person Mountain Biking: Medium Skin Tone
  • 公領儭
    Woman Playing Water Polo, Type-1-2
  • 元儭
    Man Doing Cartwheel
  • People with Bunny Ears
  • Happy Person Raising One Hand + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2
  • 元賤儭
    Man Cartwheeling: Medium Skin Tone
  • Clown Face
  • 蛤撾儭
    Woman Mountain Biking, Type-5
  • Smiling Face
  • Happy Person Raising One Hand, Type-3
  • Confetti Ball
  • 胼儭
    Men With Bunny Ears
  • 元撾儭
    Woman Cartwheeling: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
  • Happy Person Raising One Hand, Type-1-2
  • 元潑儭
    Man Doing Cartwheel, Type-3
  • 荊賤儭
    Men With Bunny Ears Partying, Type-4
  • Fearful Face
  • 氯儭
    Woman Biking
  • Ginger
  • Hatching Chick
  • Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes
  • Happy Person Raising One Hand, Type-4
  • Squinting Face With Tongue
  • Woman With Bunny Ears, Type-5
  • 荊領儭
    Women With Bunny Ears Partying, Type-1-2
  • Person Mountain Biking: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
  • Smiling Face with Horns
  • Face with Head-Bandage
  • Face with Raised Eyebrow
  • Face with Rolling Eyes
  • Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Tightly-Closed Eyes