Looking at my ears
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  • ᕳ◔ѽ◔ᕲ
    He's gonna look the other way
  • ᕮ✧ ͟ʖ✧ᕭ
    I'll be better everyday
  • ᕦ* ͟ل͜*ᕥ
    My face is weird
  • ᕮ⩿ ͟ل͜⪀ᕭ
    I haven't sleep tonight
  • ᕮȍωȍᕭ
    I'm just a kid
  • ᑴ・ ͟ʖ・ᑷ
    I didn't like these earings
  • ᑴꔸ ͟لꔸᑷ
    He looks too serious
  • ᕳ▰ ͜つ▰ᕲ
    Weird dude
  • ᕮ⊜Ĺ̯⊜ᕭ
    I feel too old
  • ᕮ◍人◎ᕭ
    I have an awkward face
  • w(´・ ω ・`)w
    W Hands
  • ᕦ⩾ل͜⩽ᕥ
    Ugly Old Man
  • (U´•×•`)(´0Ꮂ0)
    Rabbit with a koala
  • ᘳ≋ ͜ʖ≋ᘰ
    Being Ugly
  • 🐷
    Pig Face
  • ᕳ ͡ಥĹ̯ ͡ಥᕲ
    Everything that happens is so sad
  • ᕳ/͠- ʖ̯ ͝-\ᕲ
    I have a big headache
  • ᕮ⪧ ͜ʖ⪦ᕭ
    Evil look
  • ᑴ>Ĺ̯<ᑷ
    I do not feel so good right now
  • 🐰
    Rabbit Face
  • ᕳʘ!ʘᕲ
    Omg, i'm so shocked
  • ᕳ⌐■o■ᕲ
    Wow, these sunglasses are amazing
  • (*゚_っ゚)ノ゙
    Big Nose
  • (。^ↀʖↀ^。)
    Big eyed boy
  • ᘳꔸ_ꔸᘰ
    I'm a shy boy
  • ᕳ◥▶ѽ◀◤ᕲ
    He thinks he has style
  • ᕮ⌐■_■ᕭ
    I love this Sunglasses
  • ᕳಠヘಠᕲ
    I don't like those ideas
  • ᕮ⩿,⪀ᕭ
    Sleepy and ugly
  • ᕳTѠTᕲ
    I am crying
  • ᘳ■.■ᘰ
    Shy with with style
  • (ʋ◕ᴥ◕)
    The pet
  • <-ఠ_ఠ->
    pretty eyes
  • ᕮ⨱╭∩╮⨱ᕭ
    Dead chinese man
  • ᕳȍᗜȍᕲ
    Kid is so happy
  • ᕳ ͠°ᗜ °ᕲ
    I'm so confident of myself
  • ᘳ¬ಎ¬ᘰ
    I know what they mean
  • ᕮ⩿‸⪀ᕭ
    I really need a nap
  • ᕦ☼_☼ᕥ
    Sunny creature
  • (  ̄- ̄)
    Serious Look Face
  • ᕮ^Ĺ̯^ᕭ
    Not feeling good with me
  • ᕳ◥▶◞◀◤ᕲ
    I like this style
  • ᘳ■ᨓ■ᘰ
    He wanna be cool with those glasses
  • ᕮ☉‸☉ᕭ
    I hate how my ears look
  • ᕳ0ᗜ0ᕲ
    Kid is so glad
  • ᕳ>.<ᕲლ(´• 0 •`ლ)
    Why your ears are so big?
  • ᕳ ͯツ ͯᕲ
    I'm dying
  • ᕮ▰ヮ▰ᕭ
    He loves thoses sunglasses
  • ᕮ⩿.⪀ᕭ
    Sadness made look like this
  • ᕳ ͠°ᗜ °ᕲ q⍜.⍜p
    Confident and insecure guy
  • ᕦ˵ ͡~‿ ͡°˵ᕥ
    I still kawaii
  • ᕮ◉n◉ᕭ
    Kid does not like his ears
  • 【´ ͟ʖ`】
    Serious ugly man
  • (♥ل♥)
    Now i'm in love
  • ᕮ👁️◞ 👁️ᕭ
    Looking At You
  • U ╹ x ╹ U
    Ears bunny
  • @( ・●・)@
    Cute Amazed Monkey
  • ᕮ@ω@ᕭ
    Kiddy boy
  • ᘳσ ³σᘰ
    He just want a kiss
  • ᑫ◥▶ ͜つ◀◤ᑷ
    He has a weird style
  • ᕙ(ꗞلꗞ)ᕗ
    I go to the gym
  • ᘳ꘠‿꘠ᘰ
    This is my face
  • ᘳಠ‿‿ಠᘰ*:・゚✧
    Enjoying this pretty night
  • ᘳ⍜.⍜ᘰ
    A Surprised Kid
  • ᘳ0╭╮0ᘰ
    I feel too ugly
  • ᘳ^ 3^ᘰ
    He wants just a kiss
  • ᕳ◥▶ω◀◤ᕲ
    I look futuristic
  • ᕮ⩿ل͜⪀ᕭ
    I have a sleepy face
  • ᖗꔸ ͟ل͜ꔸᖘ
    Big nose, little ears
  • ≧'◡'≦
    Smiling boy with big ears
  • ᘳ^ ³^ᘰ
    Kid wants a kiss
  • .*・。゚ᕳᵔ╭╮ᵔᕲ
    He always cries a lot
  • ᕮ⪦ᗝ⪧ᕭ
    Scared and sad
  • ᕮ👁️ ³👁️ᕭ
    He sure wants a kiss
  • ᕮ◥▶﹏◀◤ᕭ
    He looks like a villian
  • ᕕ(⪦ ͜つ⪧)ᕗ
    I'm running as fast as i can
  • (╯oل͜-)╯︵ ┻━┻
    I Throw This Table
  • ᕙ(ꗞل͜ꗞ)ᕗ
    I have these nice arms
  • ᕮȍヮȍᕭ
    My big ears
  • (•ω• ?
    big ears
  • ʘ/ʘ
    Astonished Look with Large Nose
  • (´⊆`*)ゞ
    Fine Bashful
  • ᕮ º ╭╮ º ᕭ
    My ears lower my self-esteem
  • ᕮT!Tᕭ
    He is broken
  • ᕳತ~ತᕲ
    I am so bothered
  • ᑫ⚆U⚆ᑷ
    He likes what he sees
  • ᑴ⨶⏠⨶ᑷ
    I am feeling too sick
  • ᕳ◍ᗜ◎ᕲ
    I'm ugyl but happy
  • ᕮ⩿ ل͜⪀ᕭ
    I'd love to sleep rn
  • ᕙ(⪰.⪯)ᕗᕳTѠTᕲ
    I don't wanna get hurt
  • ლ(◔o◔ლ)
    Could you give me some?
  • ᕦ⍜‿⍜ᕥ
    Big ears tender guy
  • ᕳ ͡°ヮ ͡°ᕲ
    Guy with big ears
  • 🐭
    Mouse Face
  • [⪩Ĺ̯⪨]
    Angry square man
  • (^=◕ᴥ◕=^)
  • ᘳ⨶∀⨶ᘰ
    I look crazy with this on
  • ╰( ´◔ω◔ `)╯
    Oh Lets See
  • 🐨
  • u(´・×・`)u
    Big Face Small Ears