Apply to Make $0.02/emote

  • Apply to Submit Emoticons/Emojis
  • Each entry requires 1 title, 1 emoticon, 5 tags
  • Make $0.02 USD per entry (50 entries = $1.00)
  • We'll show you how to make, submit, find emoticons so it is easy data entry.
  • Ongoing task for years to come (unlimited entries)
  • All entries must be submitted in English (if you do not speak English, then use Google Translate (chrome extension) to convert your submissions to English before submitting)
  • Payments made via LiteCoin LTC. Sign up on Coinbase, if in US, or Binance if out of US, to register a wallet and receive cryptocurrency money. Crytocurrency can be converted back to your country's currency and put in your bank account on these cryptocurrency exchange websites (Coinbase and Binance).

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