/ᐠ_ ꞈ _ᐟ\
Animals are cute
The "/ᐠ_ ꞈ _ᐟ\" emote or "Animals are cute" emote is a popular emoticon featuring a cute, anime-style cat face with closed eyes and a smiling mouth. It is often used to express positive emotions such as happiness, contentment, or affection, particularly in relation to animals. The emoticon has gained popularity on social media platforms and in online communities where animal lovers congregate.
  • Grateful & Joyful:
    "Thank you for taking care of my pet while I was away. /ᐠ_ ꞈ _ᐟ\"
  • Empowered & Confident:
    "I feel more confident when my dog is by my side. /ᐠ_ ꞈ _ᐟ\"
  • Happy & Cute:
    "Look at this adorable puppy! /ᐠ_ ꞈ _ᐟ\"
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Nostalgic DVDs
  • (ミΦᆽΦミ)
    Cute cats
  • (=σᆽσ=)ฅ
  • (=ⓛ ᆽ ⓛ=)
    A kawaii neko
  • (u´❛ᴥ❛`)
    cute animals
  • (✿≗㉨≗)ฅ★
    Kitten wanna grab a star
  • ฅ(ミ⚈ ﻌ ⚈ミ)ฅ
    Meow meow
  • ʕ ・㉨・ ʔ
    I am a cute animal
  • ^● ⋏ <^
    kitties winking
  • ⨀ᴥ⨀
    Cute Pet
  • (ฅ=≗ᆽ≗=)ฅ✿/ᐠ≗ᆽ≗oᐟ \∫
    Kitty Love
  • ฅ(=╹㉨╹ฅ=)∫
    nyan kitties
  • ((((;´・ω・`)))
    Cute Dummy Shake
  • ^✿•ﻌ•^ฅ●
    Girly cat playing
  • (●ᴥ●∪)
    Little cute inu
  • (´ꈍᆽꈍ)(・ᆽ・🌸)
    Cat is with a girly kitten
  • (=^ܫ^=)∫
    The Little feline
  • (ミσᆽσミ)
    I like this cat
  • (ミ・ﻌ・ミ)
    Chubby kawaii cat
  • (ʋ´0ᴥ0)
    That is a cute inu
  • (ʋ•ᴥ•)♥(•ᴥ•ʋ)
    Dogs On A Date
  • (ミ⚈ᆽ⚈ミ)∫
    A cute cat
  • ฅ(ミ◔ᆽ◔ミ)∫
    Look up kitty
  • ฅ(=・㉨・ฅ=)
    chubby cute neko
  • (๑>ᴗ<๑)ฅ(╹㉨╹ミ)
    This kitty touches me
  • ✿ฅ/ᐠ。,。ᐟ✿\∫
    Cat want another flower
  • (ミዋ ﻌ ዋミ)
    Cute animals #7
  • ʕ ✿•́ᴥ•̀ʔ
    Cute girly bear
  • =^_^=
    Little Cat 1
  • (ゝᆽ❛❀)
    Kitten winking
  • ฅ(ミ● ﻌ ●ミ)∫
    A lovely cat
  • (✿≗ᆽ≗)(^● ﻌ ●^)∫
    Cats look cool together
  • (・ ω・`○)
    I like to be chubby and cute
  • (✿^≗ω≗)
    A girly cute cat
  • (=⚈ᆽ⚈=)∫(◕ᆽ◕⚈)
    We're lovely cats
  • (Uᵔﻌᵔ)(oﻌo✿)
    Cute Puppies
  • (∪ᵔﻌᵔ)(´ᴥ`U)
    We're too cute dogs
  • ฅ(◕ω◕˵)ฅ
    I'm a cute kitty
  • (◕ᴥ◕^)ㄏ
    Kitty has a weird tail
  • (ミ●ᆽ<ミ)
    Animals winking
  • ฅ(=´・ิᆽ・ิ🌸=)
    I am a girly cat
  • ฅ(=๑ᆽ๑=)
    high neko
  • (◕ ᴥ◕)
    Little Cute Pet Face
  • (ฅ=≗ᆽ≗=)ฅ
    Cute Feline
  • (ミゝᆽ0ミ)
    Neko winking
  • ◟(⇀U↼)◞✧^•ﻌ•^
    Come here, little kitten
  • ^๑•ﻌ•^ฅ●
    Kitten loves to play
  • (^◕ω◕^)
    Chubby kitty
  • (✿≗ω≗)(^● ﻌ ●^)∫
    Cats are her favorite animal
  • ( *ノωノ)
    Covering in a Cute Way
  • ʕ●>ᴥ⁰̈ʔ
    Cute bear winking an eye
  • ʕ •ᴥ• ʔฅ
    Really Cute Bear
  • (=★ω★=)(°▽°๑)
    i want that cat
  • (0ᆽ0๑)∫
    A Kitten
  • ^o•ﻌ•^ฅ
    Cat feels blushed
  • ฅ(=⇀ᆽ⇀=)
    a neko
  • ʕ ⁰̈ᴥ<◉ʔ
    panda winking
  • ^✿•ﻌ•^ฅ(o㉨o✿ミ)
    Kitties like flowers
  • ฅ(=≗ܫ≗=)∫
    Nekos everywhere
  • /ᐠȏᆽȏᐟ✿\
    cute kitty
  • ( ^◡^)っ(^≗ω≗^)
    I wanna take this cat home
  • ♥(ミ⇀ᆽ↼ミ)∫
    Chubby lovely cat
  • (=´◦ᆽ◦`=)ฅ
    I want that cat
  • (U●㉨●)(❛ᴥ❛๑U)
    Puppies always together
  • ฅ(=ㅇ ﻌ ㅇ=)∫
  • _(:3 ¬∠)_
    i'm here 4 u
  • ( > ﻌ ⓛ)
    Nice cats
  • (ミ◕㉨◕ミ)∫
    Little nekos
  • (‘∇^*)
    Nice guy winking
  • (ฅ^♡ﻌ♡^ฅ)
    Heart shapes in the cat
  • ૮₍ ˘˕˘`❀₎ა
    A girly and cute bunny
  • ( ˊωˋ )
    A cute face with cat smile
  • (●ﻌ●❀)
    Koala with a white flower
  • ૮⍝• ᴥ •⍝₎
    Puppy is totally cute
  • ﴾・ഌ・﴿
    He is a cute piggy
  • ʕ•ᴥ•❀ʔ
    My Girly Teddy
  • (▼´❛ᴥ❛`)
    My New dog
  • (ɔˆ ³ʕ•ᴥ•oʔ♡
    Kuma's so cute
  • (uᵔ//ᴥ//ᵔ)
    Cute puppy
  • ฅ(≈・ﻌ・≈)∫
    I am a cute neko
  • /ᐠo㉨-ᐟ \
    Winking neko
  • ❁ฅ(=ටᆽට=)
    Cat want a simple flower
  • (ミ ͡°ᆽ ͡°ミ)
    So nice cat
  • (໒ ●ᴥ●)
    Puppy is pretty cute
  • (^●ﻌ●^)
    Chubby cute neko
  • (=^ㅇωㅇ)ฅ(˘ ε ˘ʃƪ)
    So cute neko
  • (ミゝᆽ⁰ミ)
    A little cat winking
  • 🌷ฅ(=•㉨•=)∫
    Cat taking a tulip
  • (ꈍᴗꈍ)ε`*)
    Kawaii face #67
  • ฅʕᵔ//ᴥ//ᵔoʔ
    Cute kuma claw
  • ฅ(ミㆁ ﻌ ㆁミ)∫
    The Girly cat
  • (●U●)/^●ﻌ●^
    Stroking a cute kitty
  • ^•ﻌ•^ฅ❤️(◉ ᴗ ◉ʃƪ)
    I really love cats
  • (=◑ᆽ◐=✿)ฅ
    girly nekos
  • @(o・ェ・)@ノ
    Koala Greeting
  • (oᴥoʋ)\(•́∀•̀✿)
    What a cute dog
  • ฅ(=。ܫ。=)∫
    With a little cat
  • (o▽o)۶^⇀ﻌ↼^
    Petting A Lovely Cat
  • (✽˵ゝﻌᵒ˵)
    Doggy is girly and cute
  • (=◑ᆽ◑=)ฅ(ටᆽට=)
    Cats Together
  • ( ´(エ)ˋ )
    I am cutie