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wink Emojis, Emoticons, Smileys

  ⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )  Hi Honey  (。・艸-。)-☆wiйκ  Winking Laugh  (・ェ - )  Insecure Winky  (°⊆<)  Wink, wink  ヽ(。ゝωゝ。)ノ  Winking Eyes Guy  (・。-;  Wink Wink  (๑・ω-)~♥”  Wink The Love  (;うਊ ՞)  Ducky Wink  (ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡  Wink My Love  ( -o⌒)  Dash Wink  (。・艸-。)-☆ wiйκ  Wink  ৲( ᵒ ૩ᵕ )৴♡*৹  Win The Eye And Kiss  (^ _-)  Wink Serious  (。・艸- 。)-☆ wiйκ  Wink Wink Boy  (|ョз☆)  Wink Wink Hehe  {・ω -*}  Wink Wink Jeje  👩‍👩‍👧  Family (Woman, Woman, Girl)  (✿-◡•̀)  A Cute Girl Winking At You  (❁>˵╹)  Shy girl winking  (ᵔᴥoU)  Dog Winking A Eye  (✿˵^з^)♡(^ε╹)  Giving us kisses  (๑•́3•̀)•́εᵕ๑)  I want to kiss your whole face  (✿>∪◕)~  Winks that make you fall in love  (ᴗ^ᴥ●)  Dog winking a eye  (✿◕ 3ᵕ˵)(≧ ⌣ ≦)  I'll only kiss you  (’ᴗˉ✿)  lovely girl winking  (◦’ ⌣ ’(’ᴗˉ✿)♡  I will flirt with him  (✿◕‿-) (˶◕ω◕˶✿)  Girly Girls  (ゝᗜ╹)/✽  Happy cheerleader  (🌸ゝ◡・)ノ♡  take my love, boy  (✿˵•́ ꈊᵕ˵)(✿◕‿◕✿)  nice girls  ʕ oᴥ< ʔ  kuma winking  (ゝᗜ╹🌸)  happy girl.  ☆。゚ .(❁人-ω◕ฺ)゚  she is lovely  (⌒ .-)=★  Trying To Rest  (* ^ -°)v  Small Person Winking  +。゚φ(ゝ ω・`○ )+。゚  Sparkle Winky  ☆*ヾ(-∀・* )*+☆  Dont Piss Me Off  (○゚ ε^○)v  Peace Kissing  (ミゝᆽ╹ミ)  A kitty  (╹◡◠)  Guy winking  ( >ω●)  Cute Winking  (✿˵ ᵒ ᵕ ᵒ˵)  a girl in the park  (✿˵ゝ◡╹˵)  an amazing girl  (✿˵ゝᵕ •˵)  a great girl  (๑ゝᵕ•)  You can do it, sure  (♡ゝωꆤ)  Winking to you  (● ゝ૩•̆)  I want to kiss U  (❁ㆁ‿<)  I feel like a cute girl  (ゝз `)  A winking face  (ゝз◇)  A fantasy guy  (ゝз・)  Wanna a kiss?  ฅ(ミ>ᆽ◕`ミ)∫  A really amazing cat  ฅ(ミᵕᆽo`ミ)∫  A cute cat for you  (っゝωᗜ)っ  Winking and being cool  (✿>ਊ◕)~★  An ugly woman  (✿>ᆺ◕)~★  Just winking  (✿>○◕)~★  A strong girl  (๑ꆨ৺ꉺ๑)  A happy and ugly boy  (◕ヮ<)  A nice kid  (❁ゝᗜ∩)  A great lady  (・ᴗ<🌸)  Girl winking  (ミゝᆽↀミ)  Big eye cat  (ミゝᆽ・ミ)  Pretty nice cat  ¢(-∀・○)  Winky Writer  ლ(⌒εー)ლ  Come on Here  (▰∀◕)ノ  Greeting #6  (・ωー)~☆  Catch Star  く(^ー゚)ノ  Raise Arm Wink  (๑◕ㅂ▰)  Special Wink  ( oo⌒)  Cool,broh  (*´-ω・`人´・ω-`*)  Good friends #8  (‾◡◝ )و  I'm really glad #10  (ゝω・)ノ三゜  Take it #4  ou<  Kawaii face #113  Ꮚ`ꈊ´Ꮚ  Sheep #1  (ノ・_-)☆  Tilt Wink  (^_-)≡★  Star Wink  (・ェ-)  Classic Wink  ヽ(。🌸・∀-)/  Really happy #9  (- ‿◦ )  Little Wink  (○°ε^○)  I'll kiss you #2  (^_ -)≡★  Big Winking  (*゚ー~ )^☆  Winking Face Boy  (・ω< )☆  Normal Winky  ⌓⌓⌕(˃̴◡ुؔ՞ઁ)♡⃛  Winky In Love  o(`ゝ曲°〃)b⌒☆  Winking Person  ☆(*ゝω・*)ノ  Fine Winking  (´ ゝз・`)ノ⌒☆  Winking Salute Face  (v ^ー°)  Winking Man  (ゝω・ )ノ  Winking Salute  ∪*ゝω・)ノ”  Salute Winking Eye  (○゜ε^○ )  Kiss And Wink #1  (o≧▽゚)o  Wink Happy  。+゚.。+。(´ ω`*)♪♪  Music Stars Face  (・∀-d )  Wink Roger That  ღゝ ◡╹ )ノ♡  Wink Love Face  ◔̯ ◔  Square wink  (๑>◡╹)▄︻┻┳═  Do I look cute with this rifle?  ( ✿^◡^)(✿°3°) ♡且_(゚◇゚)ノ  It was very soon  ( ^◡^) ♡且_(゚◇゚)ノ  Put on here  (๑>◡╹)(๑>◡╹)* ♡* ( ˘ε˘ )  Kisses for both of us  ʕ>ᴥ●ʔʕ>ᴥ●ʔ  Bears Winking  ( ͡>⌣ ͡●)⊃✿  Winking and picking a flower  (✿o3ᵕ)  A Lovely Girl Winking  (U•//ᴥ//ᵔU)  Cute dog winking  (๑ゝuo)  Winks everywhere  (✿˶❛ ³˘)♡(˘ε˘˶☆ )  Couple kisses  ❤️ (◕␣ ~❀)  Lovely Girl  ฅʕ0ᴥ<ʔ  Bear greeting  ʕoᴥ≦ʔ  Bear is winking  ʕ ≧ᴥoʔ  Bear winking  ʕ●ᴥ<ʔ  Bear Winking  ʕºᴥ≦ʔ  a bear winking  (✿˶❛ ³˘)  girl looking cute  (🌸ゝ◡•)  Hawaiian girl winking  ( ゝ‿・)  winking at me  (*^ -゚)v  It Is Fine By Me  く( ^ ー゚ )ノ  Ready For The Work  (ノ・_ -)☆  Normal Winky Boy  ( ○゜ε^○)  Big Winky Blushed Face  ღ(ゝ◡╹)ノ♡  Winky For Love  ღゝ ◡╹)ノ♡  Winky Loving  ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)  Lenny Winking  ʕ →ᴥ←ʔ  Winky Bear  (♡ゝ ͜ʖ・)  Tom is winking  ( ゚ω ^ )b  Good Kid Face  (* ゜-^)ゞ  Wining Salute  (ミゝᆽ⚈ミ)  A kitty winking  (ミゝᆽᵒミ)  A winking cat  (ミゝᆽσミ)  Nice and girly cat  (✿˵ゝᵕ <)  A new woman  (✿˵ゝᵕ ◕)  I feel so girly  (๑>ᗜºั)  Girls winking  (ゝз○)  A happy boy  (っゝω⊙)っ  Wanna be loved  (✿>௰◕)~★  Cutest girl  ✽-(✿˵ゝ૩╹˵)/✽  Amazing cheerleader  (✿˵•́ ꈊᵕ˵)  tongue out girl  (ゝᗜ╹✿)  Winking now  v(・Д<*)☆  Worried Winky  (◕ฺ ー≦)ノ  Saying Hello Winking  ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)  Injured Eye  ʸ(➜◡ु⚈᷉ )♡⃛  Winky Love Face  ۴(๑ꆨ◡ꉺ๑)  Smile Winky  (ミゝᆽoミ)  New pet  (╹ꇴ◠)  Cool guy winking  (മヮ<)  Genki girl  (● ゝ૩・̆)  A cool kiss  (๑ゝᵕ•́ )  Winking friend  (ゝU ・🌸)  She is winking  (ノ・_- )☆  Cover My Head  Y(・ω ‐)Y  Fine With It Man  (⌒ .−)=★  Dash Winking  ★~(◠△◕✿)  Winky Surprised  ★~(◠ω◕✿)  Cool Winking  ( ´ゝз・)─☆  Winking Directions  d( *ゝωб*)  Winking Face Man  (• ᵕ <✿)  Girl Winking A Eye  +。゚φ(ゝ ω・`○)+。゚  Big Dummy Wink  (・ 。-;  Wink Tired  ~(´^ゝω・)  The Little Leon #9  ( ੈჰ ੈ)  Excuse Me ?  _へ__(‾◡◝ )  Lying #5  く(^_・)ゝ  Sup Mate  ( ಠ‿<)  I'm Smiling  o( ^▽<)o  Winking people #9  (‾◡◝ )  Extremely Pleased  ☆⌒(ゝ▽​o)  Winking #9  (^‿<)〜☆  Winking #5  (◕ฺー≦)ノ  Please Stop Wink  (*^∀゜)  Cheerful Wink  (v^ー°)  Shoulder Wink  ^.~  Flirty  ◕‿↼  Arrow Wink  (*ゝω・)ノ  Hooray  (○゚ε^○)  Bubbly Wink  ☆~(ゝ。∂)  Stylish Winks  ♪├(*Θ∇ー)┤‐☆  Too Cool  (-∀o)  Guy winking an eye  ✌(◕‿-)  Good Vibes  ʕ-ᴥ•๑ʔ  Little bear winking a eye  ☾ (🌸ゝ◡・)ノ♡ ♡  Night to celebrate  (✿´-‿•̀)(◠‿◠°❁)  We're two happy girls  (’ ⌣ ˉ✿)♡  Cute Girl Winking At Us  ♡(◦’ ⌣ ˉ✿)  A very flirtatious girl.  (╹ꇴ◠)♡  Marry Me #5  (*^ー゚)v ~♥  Cute kisses #9  ( ^ (●●)-)=☆  Animals are cute #4  ♥~(‘▽^人)  I Will Send You Love  ★~(◡ω⊙✿)  chic  (✿˵> ૩╹˵)  The Cool girl  (๑╹ꇴ<๑)  I feel glad  ( ´ゝз・)  A person winking  ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ  Wink Dummy  ₍₍⁽⁽(ી(^‿ゝ^)ʃ)₎₎⁾⁾  Face Wink Devil  * ( ๑´•ω•(◠ω°✿)  Guys loving each other  (◕␣ ~❀)  Cute Girl.  (‘ω^✿)  Pretty girl winking  (❁ᵕ‿° )  cute girl winking  (๑• ᵕ -๑)  a cool dude  ฅ(ミoᆽ<ミ)∫  A sweet kitty  (-∀・)  chu face  (✿´-‿◕)  a girl winking  ( -‿◦)  Hello, lady  (❁>‿°)  A pretty nice girl  (ゝзㆁ)  A girl is winking  (ゝзᵒ )  A cute boy  (ゝз●)  A Good Kisser  (ゝз^)  A really cute face  (ゝз∇)  Just a cute kiss  (>ヮ◕)  Yas, friend  (๑ºั ᗜ<)  This girl is amazing  (✿>×◕)~★  A rabbit winking  (✿>ᵒ◕)~★  A little kid winking  Σd(๑ゝᵕ●)  I am more than proud  (●ゝω・)  A nice winking  ( ⓛ ﻌ < )  Nice kitties  ಠ ‿↼  Simple Winky  ˄̻ ̊σ(˃̴͈◡ुමੈॆ⋆)˄̻ ̊~♡⃛  Winky Emotions  ✩⃛˞(๑ꆨ৺ꉺ๑)  Blushed Winky  (*‿-) (☉_☉) (-‿◦)  Unconfortable Guy  ★~( ◡ω⊙✿)  One Open Eye  ★~( ◠﹏⊙✿)  Worried Girl  (○ゝω・○)ノ゚+.☆  So Much Better  (ゝω ・)ノ  Simple Winking  v( *’-^*)-☆  Face Winking  (゚∇^*)  I Can Accept It  ( ^▽-)∠※☆  Eating Pizza  ヾ(о -ω・)ノ⌒★  Person Winking Star  (^_−)  Person Winking  ( ・∧‐ )ゞ  Winking Serious  (・ω<)☆  Stars Wink  ヾ(о-ω・)ノ⌒★  Star Wink  (-o⌒)  Classic Wink #2  d(>_・ )  Witty Wink Thumbs Up  b(~_^)d  Double Thumbs Up  d(>_・ )  Wink Thumbs Up  U>ᴥ●U  Animals  (~_^)b  Smiling #9  ( 0w<)  Today Was Awesome  (^‿~)  Winking  (-‿◦)  Cyborg  ε[-ิิ_•ิ]з  Mmh, cool  (-ᴥ◕ʋ)  A Pet In The House #5  (^_<)~☆  Magic Wink  (○゚ ε ^○)  Flirt Winky  (^_< )~☆  Excited Good Man  ◕‿↼)  Happy Winky Smile  (* ^ -゚)v  Little Winky Peace  (ミゝᆽ0ミ)  Neko winking  (๑•́ ◡ᵕ)  A pretty nice guy  (ゝᗜ◕)  So glad and happy  (oゝᗜ╹)  Blushed Face Winking  (✿˶˘³❛)♡(❛ε❛˶ )  i love your kisses  (๑ゝωo)  Winking At you  (˘ᴗ˘(◦’ ⌣ ˉ✿)♡  he is only mine  (✿ゝ‿❛)  Girly winking  ( ゝω・)  really cute winking  b(~ _^)d  Try To Figure Out  d( > _・ )  Fine Winky Guy  ʕ >Ⓣ⁰ʔ  Cool bear winking  (๑ →ܫ←)  Winky Blushed  (✿ ^‿❛)💛 (v ° ‿°) ★🌕 ★  Special nigth  (-ᴥoʋ)\(•́∀•̀✿)  My cute dog  ( ˘ᴗ˘(’ᴗˉ✿)  I have a good time with you  (’//ᴗ//ˉ✿)  Lovely Girl Winking  ✧.*(◦’ ⌣ ˉ✿)♡  Beautiful and charming girl  (๑•́ ⌣ •̀)(◕␣ ~❀)  She is lovely  (🌸ㆁ૩^)  girl winking at me  ( ゝ‿◍)( ゝ‿◍)  People winking  (≧_๑)  winking an eye  (U•͡ᴥ<)  Dog winking  (✿◕∀◠)  Winking At You  (✿˵ゝᵕ ◕˵)  A peculiar girl  (✿˵ゝᵕo)  the cute face  ฅ(ミ⇀ᆽoミ)∫  I am a cute kitty  ฅ(ミoᆽ⇀ミ)∫  A winking neko  (✿˘ ³ ºั) ♥  Hey,dear  (っゝωമ്)っ  Hey, hug me  (✿>U◕)~★  A girly girl  Σd(๑ゝꇴºั)  A proud girl  Σd(๑ゝ◡╹)  Proud of my friend  (‘∇^d)  Big smile #4  (。^_・)ノ  Waving #4  Ю ●\ʕ-ᴥ◕\ʔ  Winking Bear Baller  ☆⌒(≧▽​° )  Winking #6  (, ,-`_●-)  One Eye Dead  (*^∀゚)ъ  Strange Arm  (^_-)  Classic Wink #3  (b^ー゚)  I'm smiling for you #6  >‿‿◕  You are cute  ☆⌒(≧▽​ ° )  Hey, Sweetie  >‿◕  Winking guy  ★~(>﹏◕✿)  I am shy  ★⌒(●ゝω・)b  Great, mate  ( 人ゝω・)  Wink beg  (*^∀゚ )ъ  Determined face #4  (◍>ᴗ╹)  Winking at a cute girl  ʕ✿ᵔﻌ•̀ʔ♡  Flirting girly kuma