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up to speed Emojis, Emoticons, Smileys

  ミ ゚Д゚彡  Run Faster  ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┏(*´∀`)┛  Get Out Of My Way Man  (´-`;)=З=З=З=З=З=З  Runaway Hurry  🚄  High-Speed Train  ε=ε=┏( >_<)┛  Running  🚅  Bullet Train  ε =(⌐□ل͜□)  Faster Guy  =͟͟͞͞ʕ•̫͡•ʔ=͟͟͞͞ʕ•̫͡•ʔ=͟͟͞͞ʕ•̫͡•ʔ  Bears Moving  =͟͟͞͞ ( •̀д•́)))  Angry Flying  🚶  Person Walking  ヘ(゚∇゚ヘ)  Run Slow Face  Σ(゜ワ゚⊂)≡≡≡ззз  Running Smile Face  (・ω・。)ノ=з=з=з  Bye Bye Boy  ε=ε=ε= (э^✪ェ✪^)э  Running Excited  =͟͟͞͞ ➵=͟͟͞͞⁽⁽◞(꒪ ˈ̫̮ ꒪=͟͟͞͞ ꒪ ˈ̫̮ ꒪)  Back And Fowards  (´×д× `三꒪д꒪ ; )  Another Direction  =͟͟͞͞ʕ•̫͡•ʔ =͟͟͞͞ʕ•̫͡•ʔ =͟͟͞͞ʕ•̫͡•ʔ =͟͟͞͞ʕ•̫͡•ʔ =͟͟͞͞ʕ•̫͡•ʔ  Too Much Bears Moving  ᕕ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ  Sprinting  – =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ´Д`)ノ  Run fast  =͟͟͞͞( ∩ ‘ヮ’=͟͟͞͞) ੭ु⁾⁾  Happy speed  ♪└|∵|┐♪└|∵|┘♪┌|∵|┘♪  Jamming Out  「(⑅◔ω◔「)三  Running #4  C= C= C= C= C= C= C= C= C= ┌(;・ω・)┘  Go Go There We Go  ミ ●﹏☉ミ  Flash Worried  (ノ゚Д゚)ノ ))))))●~*  Dark Bomb  ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛  Im Faster Than You  三 ┏ ( ˘ω˘ )┛  Calm Jogging  =͟͟͞͞=͟͟͞͞ ⊂(=͟͟͞͞=͟͟͞͞っ☉ω=͟͟͞͞☉)っ=͟͟͞͞  Moving So Fast  C= C= C= [email protected](/ o・ェ・o)@/  A Fast Monkey  =͟͟͞͞(๑•̀д•́๑=͟͟͞͞(๑•̀д•́๑=͟͟͞͞(๑•̀д•́๑)  In A Blur Slowy  ਭ३౽=͟͟͞͞(((ഽʻ⁸ʻ)ഽ  Running And Shaking Hands  ヽ[・∀・]ノ(((((((((●~*  Flipping Other Things #12  §ꊘ٥ꊘ§  Rapid CAT  (三・o・) 三☆三 (`ε´三)  Fast Star Kiss  ε=ε=ε=((((ノ`・Д・)ノ  Get Out Im Hurry  ̨(༠౪༠ ̨ )͞˭̳̳̳˭̳̳̳ˍ̿̿ˍ̿ˌ˳ˏ̇⋅∴༣  Move Faster  ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=(o・・)o  Running In Silence  ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=(o゜―゜)o  Running Serious Face  ੯”ړ =͟͟͞͞=͟͟͞͞=͟͟͞͞=͟͟͞͞=͟͟͞͞=͟͟͞͞  Hedgehog Moving Fast  ૮(”ړ ა)͞=͟͟͞͞=͟͟͞͞=͟͟͞͞=͟͟͞͞=͟͟͞͞=͟͟͞͞ #  Run Exciting  ┗=͟͟͞͞( ˙∀˙)=͟͟͞͞┛  Runner Boy  =͟͟͞͞(꒪ᗜ꒪ ‧̣̥̇)!!!!=͟͟͞͞  Like Superman  ⊂( ・∀・) 彡 =͟͟͞͞(●)`Д´)  Suffering Arrow  \ō͡≡o˞̶  Race Car  ─=≡Σʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ  Running Bear  =͟͟͞͞(๑•̀ㅁ•́ฅ✧  Little Fast Person  =͟͟͞͞=͟͟͞͞ ⊂(=͟͟͞͞=͟͟͞͞っ☉ω=͟͟͞͞☉)っ=͟͟͞͞  Driving fast  ε≡(ノ´_ゝ`)ノ  Running #10  ৫(”.৫)˒˒˒˒  Man on the Run  ˓˓◟(˃◟̵◞̵˂=͟͟͞͞ ˃-˂)˒˒  Two Man Running  ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌( ̄ー ̄)┘  Im Out  ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘  Hurry Up Buddy  Σ(๑ +⌓ o。)シ  Hurry Up Come On  ☆ミ(o *・ω・)ノ  I Have To Move Fast  ᕕ༼ ✿•̀︿•́༽ᕗ  Girl Running  =͟͟͞͞( ๑°◊°๑)  Getting Faster  ε≡Ξ≡Ξ≡ヽ( ; ̄〇 ̄)ノ  Running So Far Away  ε=(。ノ・ω・)ノ  Sprinting #3  「( ⑅ ◔ω◔「)三  Calm Running Face  =͟͟͞͞➳ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟╔̱॒  Arrow Launch  뮻⁼³₌₃  Open The Road  ε=(ノ゚д゚)ノ  Sprinting #1  =͟͟͞͞(๑•̀=͟͟͞͞(๑•̀д•́=͟͟͞͞(๑•̀д•́๑)=͟͟͞͞(๑•̀д•́)))  Blurred Running  ᕕ(⍤~⍤)ᕗ  Running #2  👍  Thumbs Up  三 (卍 ˘ω˘))卍  Super Speed  ῍̩̖̬ ̎ ̎=͟͟͞͞(꒪ͦ॓ ˈ̫̮ ꒪ͦ॔)=͟͟͞͞८ಯು✧  Speed Moves  ┗(^o^ )┓ 三  Run speed  🏴󠁴󠁯󠀰󠀲󠁿  Flag for Haʻapai (TO-02)  🏴󠁴󠁯󠀰󠀳󠁿  Flag for Niuas (TO-03)  (´ж`; )  About to Throw Up  ε= ┏(・ω・)┛  Cya Man  🚅  High-Speed Train With Bullet Nose  (ι ´Д`)ノ ⅽ[ː̠̈ː̠̈ː̠̈] ͌ ( ᴗ˳ᴗ)  To get up  🆙  Up! Button  ̨(༎ິ῀̫ ༎ິ ̨ )͞˭̳̳̳˭̳̳̳ˍ̿̿ˍ̿ˌ˳ˏ̇⋅∴༣  So Much Speed  🏴󠁴󠁯󠀰󠀱󠁿  Flag for ʻEua (TO-01)  🏴󠁴󠁯󠀰󠀴󠁿  Flag for Tongatapu (TO-04)  🏴󠁴󠁯󠀰󠀵󠁿  Flag for Vavaʻu (TO-05)  ☝️  Index Pointing Up  🔼  Upwards Button   Fast Up Button  🛥  Motor Boat  (ó ì_í)=ó ò=(ì_í ò)  To Death Fight  ・_・  Be serious, dude  (*ノ∀`*)。。ooO((【・:*:・∫ρёCIДL тнДЙκ∫ ・:*:・】))  Shy Special Thanks  ↗️  Up-Right Arrow  ░♡░┳┣I░A░Ⓝ░К▒❀▒УOЦ░♡░  Thanks Words  ー(・ω´・lll))))  ヽ(゚ε゚ヽ)))))  Come Here For A Kiss My Love  ´ ▽ ` )ノ  Happy Face #2  (●__●)  disappointment  🛤  Railway Track  ⬆️  Upwards Black Arrow  ∑∵∈◎]~|  Envious  (`ー´ლ)  Not This Time  (◘_◘)(*^.~)  Trying to cheer him up  ↗️  North East Arrow  ー(*゚ロ゚)-C<*_ _)。o○  Trying To Wake Up Someone  。゜+.(:.;゜;艸;゜;.:)゜+.゜  Try To Dont Throwing Up  〜( ̄△ ̄〜)  Too fancy for us  (`・ヘ´・ )  Ahg, he is there  ★゚+.p(☆’w`((ЙicЁ тO Мёёт ЧoЦ))’w`★)q.+゚☆  It Is A Pleasure  ♡*.·ा৸੨꒖ઝ ഴ०꒵ ・:*♡  Thanks to Love  (๑ˊ͈ ॢꇴ ˋ͈) ᵃʳⁱᵍᵃᵗᵒ〜♡॰ॱ  Arigato Guy  *⁎ᎢℋᎪɳᏦ ᎩӫᏌ⁎*⋆  Thank You Words  🚈  Light Rail  (’ω’ ⊃ )⊃三二一  At Maximum Speed  🆙  Squared Up With Exclamation Mark  🔺  Red Triangle Pointed Up  ( c//”-} {-*x)  Couple Guys  へ║ ☉ д ☉ ║ᕗ  Surprised old man  🖕🏻--- ( -_- )  Mad  (^人^)  Smiling Breasts  ⤴️  Right Arrow Curving Up  ( ◐U◐ )  My long smile  (´・` )  Waiting for love  ᵗᑋᵃᐢᵏ ᵞᵒᵘ♡⃝⃜  Little Thank You  ⑅✩♡ᵗʱᵃᵑᵏઽ*♡♬*°  Thanks Hearts  【★тндйκ чoμ.゚+。☆ 】ョ´∀`)  Thanks Person  (зε)  Let's kiss  ↕️  Up-Down Arrow  ⬆️  Up Arrow  ↖️  Up-Left Arrow  🤲  Palms Up Together  ☝🏼  Index Pointing Up: Medium-Light Skin Tone  ☝🏿  Index Pointing Up: Dark Skin Tone  🤲🏼  Palms Up Together: Medium-Light Skin Tone  🤲🏽  Palms Up Together: Medium Skin Tone  ▬▬ι═══════ﺤ -═══════ι▬▬  Let us duel!  👍🏼  Thumbs Up: Medium-Light Skin Tone  👍🏽  Thumbs Up: Medium Skin Tone   High Voltage  👍🏾  Thumbs Up: Medium-Dark Skin Tone  👆🏻  Backhand Index Pointing Up: Light Skin Tone  👆🏼  Backhand Index Pointing Up: Medium-Light Skin Tone  ☝🏻  Index Pointing Up: Light Skin Tone  @(;・ェ・)@/  Im not sure  (Θ(エ)Θ*)  It is fishy  ┗[© ♒ ©]┛ ︵ ┻━┻  Robot Flipping Tables  🔼  Up-Pointing Small Red Triangle  ☝️  White Up Pointing Index   Up  ↖️  North West Arrow  🎈🎈🏠🎈🎈  UP  🎿  Skis  F(x_x)F  Braaaaains!  (♡>ω<♡)  Finding something super cute  (o。o;)  Im shocked  ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌  Once Upon A Time, Nobody Gave A Fuck  (╥﹏╥)  Stupid Ass Memory Leak  ε=┏(*`>ω<)┛  I Go At Full Speed  !!!!!(o≧ω≦)○))o(__*)Zzz  One Person Trying To Wake Up Another  🛧  Up-Pointing Airplane  🛅  Left Luggage  Σ(‘Д’⁕)ահɑԵ’Տ up !?  What's Up  ┌iii┐(◕‸◕ ✿)  i dont like to grow up  🤲🏾  Palms Up Together: Medium-Dark Skin Tone  🤲🏿  Palms Up Together: Dark Skin Tone  ☝🏽  Index Pointing Up: Medium Skin Tone  👍🏻  Thumbs Up: Light Skin Tone  👆🏽  Backhand Index Pointing Up: Medium Skin Tone  👆  Backhand Index Pointing Up  🤲🏻  Palms Up Together: Light Skin Tone  ☝🏾  Index Pointing Up: Medium-Dark Skin Tone  👍🏿  Thumbs Up: Dark Skin Tone  👆🏾  Backhand Index Pointing Up: Medium-Dark Skin Tone  👆🏿  Backhand Index Pointing Up: Dark Skin Tone  Σ(‘Д’⁕ ) ահɑԵ’Տ up !?  Whats up bro  (。-ω-)>c[_] 🥛(ᴗ˳ᴗ)>  To get up and have a drink  ʕ๑╥ᴥ╥ʔʕ•͡ᴥ• ʔ  trying to cheer this bear up  d( ˶^∪^)b  I am here to cheer you up  o(TヘTo*)  Thats Son Unfair  💺  Seat  🚂  Steam Locomotive  🗞️  Rolled-Up Newspaper  (σ^人^ )σ  Smiling Breasts Pointing At You  ●ヽ(´・д・`)ノ●  Get out of my way  o(TヘTo)  Today was a bad day #9  o(TヘTo)  There Is No Reason To Be Okay  🚇  Metro  🚞  Mountain Railway  🤳  Selfie  🌉  Bridge at Night   Anchor  🖢  Black Up Pointing Backhand Index  d(*⌒o⌒)b  Thumbs up  ฅʕᵔᴥᵔ ʔฅ  claws up  ฅ(ミ・ᆽ・ミ)ฅ  claws up!  ฅ(ミ◕ᆽ◕ミ)ฅ  Claws Up  ヘ(* 。* )  hand up  ٩( `ȏ´ )۶  Shut up  ┻━┻ ︵ \(Ò_Ó \)  Fed Up   Blown Up  ฅ(ミචﻌචミ)  Claw up  ヽ(o`皿′o) ノ  Arms up  (oT-T)尸  Giving Up  (/^▽^)/  Han up  ◝(๑⁺᷄д⁺᷅๑)◞՞  Jacked-Up  🖞  Sideways White Up Pointing Index  🛦  Up-Pointing Military Airplane  🖒  Reversed Thumbs Up Sign  🖠  Sideways Black Up Pointing Index  🛨  Up-Pointing Small Airplane   Raised Hand  @(/o・ェ・o)@/  Hands monkey  ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́ )  It's Me  d(´o▽o`)b  I'm super proud  [ ⊐•̀⌂•́]⊐  Minecraft zombie  Σd(✿ºัUºั)b  So happy and proud  (≧◡≦✿)b♡  so cool  dʕᴗᴥᴗʔb  Bear approves this  dʕᴗᴥoʔb  Cool Bear winking  ╰(´︶`*)╯  Thanks god  d(๑ºωº)b  He agrees  (*≧ω≦)/  Hi hi  Σd(✿ºั∀ºั)b  So glad and proud girl  d(˘∀˘❀)b  That looks so great  ❤️\(´∀`)  I'm Gonna take this heart  dʕ ⊙ᴥ⊙ʔb  Really Proud Bear  d(✿ºัUºั)b  I agree a lot  d(♡ᴗ♡✿)b  in love girl likes this  d( ˶^w^)b  Happy n proud  <(_ _)>  I bow in eternal gratiude  (˘ω˘ )ฅ  claw up  (^//∇//^)b  thumb up  STO  Given Up  (๑ ⁍̥̥̥᷅ ᴈ⁍̥̥̥᷅)人(⁌̥̥̥᷄ε ⁌̥̥̥᷄ ๑)ー  Break-Up  (‘౪’(`౪´(^౪^(´・౪・`)´౪`)°౪°)-౪-)  Gang-Up  (ノ◕U◕)ノ*✲゚☆  Shine And Stars  ƪ(•̃͡ε•̃͡)∫  I Don't Know, Dude  (⁰▿⁰)◜  Little guy greeting  ٩(oωo )۶  I Won  d(oᴗo❀)  She approves that  (o・_・)ノ”(ᴗ_ ᴗ。)  Cheer Up  d(๑ºωº๑)b  So proud kid  d(ºωº)b  So happy and so glad  ฅ(°ω°*ฅ)  clawns up  ٩( ′ㅂ`)و ̑̑  Fists Up  (ฅ⁍̴̀◊⁍̴́)و ̑̑|  Animate Up  (ง ͠° ͟ʖ #)ง  Busted Up  o(´^`)o  Nose up  \(★^∀^★)/  Hands Up  (; ऀืົཽ ˙̫̮ ऀืົཽ)  Looking Up  🍑👩  Plumped Up  (*^3^)  Pucker Up  (’┓`*)  Beat Up  (๑ºωº)b (⊙ω⊙ •)  Thumb up  (ノ´∀`*)ノ  Cheering Up  (*^-‘) 乃  Thumbs Up  (_ _)ヾ(‘ロ‘)  Waking up  _| ̄|○、;  Throwing Up  ♥ ✽-(ˆ▿ˆ)/✽  Cheering up  (^O^)爻(・ω・)  Meeting up  ◔ ⌣ ◔  Look Up  ((o・д・)bグッジョブ♪  Thumb Up  ┬┴┬┴┤ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)├┬┴┬┴  Cover Up  くコ :彡  Squid Up  (*ಥ_ಥ)  Tearing Up  ٩(๏̯͡๏)۶  Gave Up  Σ(・A゜)  Eye Up  d(•́o•̀)  wow, that is amazing  (* ̄▽ ̄)ノ”(^ー^*)  Cheer Up Bro  dʕ•́ ᴥ •̀ʔ  Bear likes it  dʕ•́ ᴥ •̀dʔ  A proud bear  ✽-(ˆ◡ˆ)/✽  Your cheerleader  \⍩⃝/  Pac Man Face  \(;´□`)/  Straight Arms  🗞  Rolled-Up Newspaper  d(´U`)b  He is so proud  (۶•̀o•́)۶  yeah, do it  d(✿ºั∀ºั)b  I really agree  d(˘u˘❀)b  Very much agree  d(•́ω•̀)  that is so nice  d(✽ŐUŐ)b  Proud Mom  ೕ(Ò⺫ Ó )೨  Angry at life #9  d(*⌒o⌒*)b  I am impressed and proud  d(´T▽T`)b  God, I'm Really Proud  Σd(✿ºัuºั)b  Proud Cute Girl  ਉ _ ਉ  TIME TO GO TO SCHOOL  🖒🏻  Reversed Thumbs Up Sign + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2  ʕɵ̥̥ᴥɵ̥̥ʔ♥ʕᵔᴥᵔ❀ʔ♥  Tender bear trying to cheer up another bear.  ƪ(•̃͡ε•̃)∫  Dancing Around  ( *∵* )b♡  In love guy approves  d(•́ᴗ•̀)b  yeah, i like that  🚲  Bicycle   Raised Fist  🔝  Top Arrow  🍳  Cooking  \(๑•́o•̀๑)/  This is a hold-up. Hands up  ٩(˘⌓˘ )۶⁼³  Scared Guy Running  dʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔb  super great  Σd(✿ºัᴗºั)  i think is so cool  (๑•́ω•̀)b  so proud of you!  d(‘-’*)  i do agree  \|  ̄ヘ ̄|/  Feel That  ( ⌒u⌒)b  I'm so proud  ( ⌒‿⌒)b  I do approve it  ◝(◕ᴗ◕ )◜  Raising My Hands  🤛🏼  Left-Facing Fist, Type-3  🤜🏿  Right-Facing Fist, Type-6