parley Emojis, Emoticons, Smileys

  ∈)☼(∋  Goatse 2  -ϵ⭕϶-  Goatse   Old Phone  (o゚┏Д┓゚)o  Yell Moustache  ヽ( -Д- ◎  Bashful Announcement  👩‍⚖️  Female Judge  👩🏻‍⚖️  Female Judge, Type-1-2  👨🏽‍⚖️  Male Judge, Type-4  👨🏻‍⚖️  Male Judge, Type-1-2  👩🏾‍⚖️  Female Judge, Type-5  (० ्०)  hmm ?  Ӭ  Large face  (**ノ≧O≦)ノ<<<Йiсё то мёёт уоц☆*゚ ゜゚*☆  Mad Meeting  人*´∀`)<Тяiск оя тяёат♪>(´∀`*人  Trick or Treat #2  ヽ(`(エ)´)ノ  Judging Bear  (○゚ω゚)(○。_。)ペ  Wanna Talk about it ?  (づ  ̄ ³ ̄)づ ⓈⓂⓄⓄⓉⒽ  Smooth  ರ⍜ರ  Judging  ( ̄ー ̄)ノ  Don't Talk to Me  (;¬_ლ)  Facepalm #2  ~(☆´∀`っ)っ【。:+:†+Тяiск оя Тяёат+†:+:゜】q(ゝε・★)~  Trick o' Treat  (ノ´ロ `)ノ  Person Trying To Talk  ー(°◇°〃)  Saying A Word  ヽ(゚Д゚ )ノ  Worry Talk  v( ・∀・* )  Some Shy Words  v( ・∀・* )  Some Shy Words  v(^∀^ * )  Friendly Good Guy  ꊞ૮(ꀏ꒳ꀏ)აꊞ  Coins  (ノಠдಠ)ノ︵┻━┻  Judge Flip  ヾ( ´。 •x• 。` )ノ”  I Want To Tell You Something  (ペ◇゚)」  Saying Something Good  (ʋ◕ᴥ◕) (◕ᴥ◕ʋ)  Friendly Dog Chat  (*≧∀≦)ゞ  Bla bla bla, come here  (,Ծ_ლ)  Facepalm #3   Black Phone  (˘o˘ )  Complain Much  | ・x・`)  No Talk Hide  ヾ( ´。 •x• 。` )ノ”  I Want To Tell You Something  (ペ◇゚)」  Saying Something Good  【゚+。τγιсκ★σγ★τγεατ゚+。】Ψ(o゚∀゚o)Ψ  Trick or Treat  v(^∀^ * )  Friendly Good Guy  (ノ´ロ `)ノ  Person Trying To Talk  ー(°◇°〃)  Saying A Word  (✿´‿`)  Floral Cheeks  Ծ_Ծ  Gentleman  ((o( ̄(●●) ̄)o))  Hearing Sounds  ヾ(o゚ x゚o)ノ  Silence Salute  人*´∀`) <Тяiск оя тяёат♪>(´∀`*人  Excited Halloween  ( /・0・)  Greeting Talk  u╹ x ╹u  No Comment Bunny  //o-o\\  John Lennon#1  ║█║▌║█║▌│║▌║▌█║  Bar code  (◐▂◑)  Both Sides  Σ(꒪ॢ∀꒪; )՞л̵ʱªʱª  Booya  (`∇´ゞ  Meeting A Good Person  ( ◕‿◕)ノ ┻━━━━━━┻  Politician  ༼ԾɷԾ༽  Old Grumpy  (艸-∀-*)☆TRICK OR TREAT☆(*-∀-艸)  Holidays  ( ╹x╹)  No Comment  Σ(꒪ॢ∀꒪; )՞л̵ʱªʱª  Booya  (`・д・´)ゝ  Meeting A Good Guy  (∩。・o・。)っ.゚☆。’`  Person Surprised  (^O^)爻(・ω・)  Meeting up  (*ノ∀ `* )  Bashful Meeting  (*ノ∀ `* )  Bashful Meeting  (´ ・×・`)  No talk bunny  u╹ x ╹u  No Comment Bunny  (^O^)爻(・ω・)  Meeting up  (* ´σ З`)σ  Unpleasant Congruence  ☉_☉)  No Comments Face  m9っ( ̄ー ̄)  Serious Dude Face   Phone Sign  (~^.^)~  The Macarena  ( ͡°Ĺ̯̿̿ ͡°)  Judging Man  (°༣°)༇༇  Blowing  ಠ~ಠ  Judgemental Look  Ϛ(°▿˚)Ϟ  Drunk  ///\oo/\\\  Judge Spider  애(・ิ느・ิ)  A Not Convinced Man  ʿʿᒃ⁽⁰ᒼ ̵⁰⁾ᒄʾʾ  What Am I Hearing  ((o( ̄(●●) ̄)o))  Hearing Sounds  人*´∀`) <Тяiск оя тяёат♪>(´∀`*人  Excited Halloween  m9っ( ̄ー ̄)  Serious Dude Face  ( /・0・)  Greeting Talk  (▰˘◡˘▰)  Black Sides  ॓_॔  Angry Ant  {ಠಠ}_,,|,  Crawl Slug  \_(♥‿♥)_/  Inloved  [(*`へ´*) 彡3  Dreamy kid  @(。・o・)@  Shocked Monkey  (o ˘д˘)o  Blush Person Talking  Σ(゚ロ゚」)」  Say For here  彡(-ω-;)彡  Not Bad Breeze  彡~彡p(∵)/彡~彡  Feeling The Wind  ∥[[ ┃;━┏┃ ]]∥  Lay Down Of Cold  (;¬д¬)  I Watch You #2  לּ_לּ  Long Look  ( ´△`)  Very Down  (⊂((・⊥・))⊃)  Hugging Bear #3  ヾ(-_- )ゞ  Smooth Dance  (●❛⃘ᗜ❛⃘●)੭ु⁾⁾  It Is Not Okay Sr  ‘`ローヽ(⊡ㅂ⊡。 Ξ 。⊡ㅂ⊡)ノ ‘`ロー  In Two Sides  [∮Йiсё то мёёт чоц∮]ョ´Å`*)  Nice To Meet You Boy  【゚+ 。τγιсκ★σγ★τγεατ゚+。】Ψ(o゚∀゚o)Ψ  Trick OR Treat Person  ( キ ▼⊿▼)ノ  Can I Say Something?  ( ՞ਊ ՞)  Believe Me  (  ̄ ー )  I Dont Want to Talk   Yin Yang  ʅ(´◉◞.̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨.̸̸̨̨◟◉) ʃ  Scary Nose Bleed  ▧.▨  Square eyes  ⋛⋋(•͈⌔•͈⑅)⋌⋚  Learning to Fly  (#ಠQಠ#)  I See  ⊂(・(ェ)・)⊃  Hugging Bear #2  ฅ(๑’Δ’๑)  Springl Face  ><((("> _ <")))><  Fishes talking  (ヘ_ _) ヘ  There You Go  ε-( ≖д≖﹆)  You Are Wrong  ( ^з^) y -☆  Happy To Meet You  (●❛⃘ᗜ❛⃘●)੭ु⁾⁾  It Is Not Okay Sr  【゚+ 。τγιсκ★σγ★τγεατ゚+。】Ψ(o゚∀゚o)Ψ  Trick OR Treat Person  (・・)  No Words Really  (=`ェ´ =)  Questioning Guy  :-S~~~~S  I Can't Speak  (ಠ ›ಠ)  Nosy Look   Cross  ₍ ὸ,ό₎▬☞  Angry Point  ε-( ≖д≖﹆)  You Are Wrong  ⸌̷̻( ᷇ॢॢ ᷆◍)⸌̷̻♡⃛  The Party Is Over Here  @(。・o・)@  Shocked Monkey  🐦  Bird  :*:°・☆ヾ(δ_δ。)  Observing Look  (。ⓥдⓥ)ノ  Thinking And Talking  (●´ω`b(((゚+:.゚Йiсё то мёёт чоц゚.:+゚)))d  Fine Meeting You  ヾ(*∪ДU`*)oc<【。゜・+:.・ЯIQЦё∫т ・.:+・゜。】ヽ(*UωU`*)ノ  Exponental Face  (ꈍ︹ꈍ๑✿)  Do not talk with me  (ꈍ︹ꈍ๑✿)  Do not talk with me  (ì︵í)  Do not wanna talk  ∥[[ ┃;━┏┃ ]]∥  Lay Down Of Cold  ( ՞ਊ ՞)  Believe Me  Σ(▼□▼ メ )  Bad Boy Calling  ˚‧º·(′̥̥̥ ✘ ‵̥̥̥)‧º·˚  Cant speak  (っ- ‸ - ς)  I'm Not Fat  人人人ヾ( ;×o×)〃 人人人  OMG I'm Drowning!  =͟͟͞͞ ⌧*Ժ⃒~ʓ⁂  WInd  ✩⃛ ⁝⁞⁝⁞Ⴇ౿౿⁙⁞⁝⁝◟(˟ε˟ ◟)՞՞  Blowing Air  ~ m( ̄_ ̄m)~†┏┛【†】┗┓†~(m ̄_ ̄)m ~  Spooky Treat  ⊜_⊜  Unsure Look  ʕ•͓͡•ʔ  Silent bear  ╠╬〠╬╣  Long Arms  (︶︿︶)  Don't Talk  ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ  Scolf Off  ( ^з^) y -☆  Happy To Meet You  ヾ(´ ¬` )ノ  Hey You, Yes You  ( ̄┏Д┓ ̄ )  Serious Moustache Man  ( ̄┏Д┓ ̄ )  Serious Moustache Man  ☜( ⌒▽⌒ )☞  Two Sides  (*´ ˘ `*). 。oO ( ♡ )  Thinkin Of Love  (。ⓥдⓥ)ノ  Thinking And Talking  (◎ゝ∀・)ノ【*。。。*Йiсё то мёёт чоц*。。。*】  Blushed Meeting  ・゚☆.。.:*・゚ ☆○o。..:*・"†ε(*´・д・)зε(・д・`*)з†"・*:..。o○☆  Whispering Friends   ̄(ㅇㅅㅇ ❀) ̄  Start Hearing   ̄(ㅇㅅㅇ ❀) ̄  Start Hearing  | x ・` )  No Comment Hided  ヾ(●ω●)ノ  Dancing Kawaii  (❁°͈▵°͈)  Flour Face Left  (ب_ب)  Grumpy Old Man  | x・`)  Hide Close Mouth  ( ̄‐ ̄〃)  U are boring me  ( ̄□ ̄|||) !  We can make a decision  ( ̄ ̄ロ ̄ ̄;;)  Big problem guy  。゜+.(:.;゜;艸;゜;.:)゜+.゜  Try To Dont Throwing Up  ╮(゚ェ゚*)╭  No Comments  ɿ (•᷄દ•᷅)  You Maybe Right  (。・x・)ゞ  There Is Something Nice To Meet  ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ  Hey Listen You  ( ͡°_ʖ ͡°)  Stop Talking  ヽ((ಠ¿ಠ))ノ  Listen to me #2  ¬_¬  Just Sayin'  👩🏼‍⚖️  Female Judge, Type-3  :v  Pacman Ironic, Sarcastic Face  🍆🍩🛏  Sex in Bed  ║ * ರ Ĺ̯ ರ * ║  Observing  ( ̄Д ̄;;  Double Sweating  (*^o^)ヾ(‘-’*)  What are you Talking about ?  ( •́ •̀)  No Words At All  (灬㋭ ਊ ㋲灬)  A Rare Duck  (●´□` )♡  Talking Of Love  *ଯ( ॢᵕ꒶̮ᵕ)ॢഒ*♡  Talking Of Being Loved  ヽ( ・_・;)ノ  If You Say Okay  (●TΩT)-o *◇*―ЙICЁ тO МЁЁт ЧOЦ―*◆*o-(TΩT○)  Nice To Meet You Friend  【ДβOЦт мё】\_(´Д`●)  About Me I can Say  |*-▼皿▼)  Making A Deal  | ・x・ `)  Kind Of Insecure  📿  Prayer Beads  👩🏽‍⚖️  Female Judge, Type-4  👨‍⚖️  Male Judge  ♡╰(*゚x゚​*)╯♡  Flipping Other Things #2  웃۝유  Round Table  (๑ˊ▵ॢˋ̥๑)  Nose Ring  (っ∩_∩)っ  Come Here  Σ( ̄口 ̄;;  Well i can say  Σ( ̄口 ̄;;  Well i can say  ( ̄ ̄ロ ̄ ̄;;)  Big problem guy  (灬㋭ ਊ ㋲灬)  A Rare Duck  ゚+.∮(*′д’b)ЙicЁ тO Мёёт ЧoЦ∮゚+.  Okay Meeting You  ( ̄ー ̄)…  Serious Big Flat Face  💬  Speech Balloon  ༼≖ɷ≖༽  Investigating  (╬⁰ Д ⁰ )  Cross Hand #1  /(・x・ )\  Quiet rabbit  ♫♪♩ヾ(*◎○◎)ノ♫♪♩  In The Dance  ( ̄‐ ̄〃)  U are boring me  ( ̄□ ̄|||) !  We can make a decision  。゜+.(:.;゜;艸;゜;.:)゜+.゜  Try To Dont Throwing Up  ♡╰(*゚x゚​*)╯ ♡  Love Hurts  ɿ (•᷄દ•᷅)  You Maybe Right  👨🏿‍⚖️  Male Judge, Type-6  ( ・ิ,_ゝ・ิ)  Carefully Observing  (★uдu)σ  Talk to the Hand  (●´皿`p【゚+.ЙicЁ тO Мёёт ЧoЦ゚+.】q  Nice to Meet You Bro  彡( ̄_ ̄;)彡  Wind In My Face  🐥  Front-Facing Baby Chick  👨🏼‍⚖️  Male Judge, Type-3  〳 ͡° Ĺ̯ ͡° 〵  Not Approve  (/* Д *)/︵sƃuᴉʇǝǝW ∀∀  Drunk Man Hates AA Meetings  (︶⌢︶ ‘)  Do not want to talk  彡(-_-;)彡  Worry Wind  ((,,´Θ`,,))  Man With Cold  |*-▼皿▼)  Making A Deal  ( ● ´□`)♡  Talking About Love  🍭  Lollipop  ໒(⊙ᴗ⊙)७✎▤  Tina Fey Writing The Last Episode Of '30 Rock'  ♪!(^O^)y  Dancing Vibe  👁‍🗨  Eye in Speech Bubble   Orthodox Cross  👂  Ear  ヾ(❛ε❛“)ʃ  Treat. Yo. Self.  🗯  Right Anger Bubble  ☆⌒c(´∀`)ノ  Dancing Star  (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)ゞ  Okay, come here and talk  (‾͈̑ ◟  ॢ‾͈̑๑)ഽ̵ᵘഽ̵ᵘ४꒰꒱  There Are Words For Saying  (‾͈̑ ◟  ॢ‾͈̑๑)ഽ̵ᵘഽ̵ᵘ४꒰꒱  There Are Words For Saying  🗨  Left Speech Bubble  👓  Eyeglasses  🎈  Balloon  🕳  Hole  Cx  Cx in chat  (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻・/  Magic The Gathering Freakout  📨  Incoming Envelope  💻  Personal Computer  🐧  Penguin  👨🏾‍⚖️  Male Judge, Type-5  [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅10)̲̅$̲̅]  10 Bucks  ლ,ᔑ•ﺪ͟͠•ᔐ.ლ  Ludwig van Beethoven  💭  Thought Balloon  🍖  Meat on Bone  🌬  Wind Blowing Face  📲  Mobile Phone With Rightwards Arrow at Left  ✌️  Victory Hand  👁  Eye  🤵🏼  Man In Tuxedo, Type-3  (ง ͠°ل͜ ͡°)ง  Tyler Durden   Peace Symbol  🌈  Rainbow  💥  Collision Symbol  🔱  Trident Emblem  🛅  Left Luggage  🕊  Dove of Peace  🤙  Call Me Hand  👀  Eyes  👉👌💦  Sex Squirt  ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑  Pocket Change  🗣  Speaking Head in Silhouette  - ,,-  Annoyed Vampire  💢  Anger Symbol  😏  Smirking Face  💯  Hundred Points Symbol  💔  Broken Heart  💸  Money With Wings  🍕  Slice of Pizza  👅  Tongue  🤔  Thinking Face  🍑  Peach