middle Emojis, Emoticons

  🖕  Middle Finger  👆  White Up Pointing Backhand Index  🖕🏻  Middle Finger: Light Skin Tone  🖕🏼  Middle Finger: Medium-Light Skin Tone  🖕🏽  Middle Finger: Medium Skin Tone  🖕🏾  Middle Finger: Medium-Dark Skin Tone  🖕🏿  Middle Finger: Dark Skin Tone  🖖  Vulcan Salute  凸(◆◆メ  Middle Finger  凸(ಠ_ಠ)凸  Middle Fingers  ╭∩╮(・,・)╭∩╮  I do hate u   White Flag with Horizontal Middle Black Stripe  🤞  Crossed Fingers  (U☉Ꮂ☉)╭∩╮  Dog Middle Finger  (☉Ꮂ☉)╭∩╮  Koala's Middle Finger  (Uꖘᴥꖘ)╭∩╮  Dog's middle finger  t(-.-t)  Middle Finger Up  ┌∩┐(ಠ_ಠ)┌∩┐  Middle Fingers Up  ╭∩╮(Ο_Ο)╭∩╮  Middle Finger #1  ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮  Big Middle Finger  ╭∩╮(¬ ഌ¬ )  Pig's middle finger  ┌∩┐(◕◡◉)┌∩┐  Crazy Middle Finger  ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮  Calm Middle Finger  ( ︶︿︶ )_╭∩╮  Serious Middle Finger  凸〳 ಥ ڡ ಥ 〵凸  Delicious Middle Finger  ╭∩╮ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ╭∩╮  Bear Middle Finger  凸( •̀_•́ )凸  Devil Middle Finger  凸(`△´+)  Scarface Middle Finger  ( ゚∀゚)o──┫))゚д゚;((┣──o(゚∀゚ )  Half Jerk Middle  ヘ( ・_・)ノ--===*~●☆●~*===--ヾ(・_・ )o  Middle Star Bomb  ╭∩╮($﹏$)╭∩╮  Money isn't everything  (oωo)╭∩╮  I don't want you in my life  (☼◞ ☼)╭∩╮  I fucking hate the sun  (⪧,⪦)╭∩╮  I have hate inside me  (⪧.⪦)╭∩╮  He has a deep hate  (ཀᗜཀ)╭∩╮  Stop laughing at me  (¬ω¬)╭∩╮  Fuck All of you  (✧!✧)╭∩╮  I say fuck you  /ᐠoᆽoᐟ \╭∩╮  The cat hates  /ᐠ≗ᆽ≗ᐟ \╭∩╮  Kitty hates everything  (ミ╹⋏╹ミ)╭∩╮  Animal hates  (ミ• ᆽ •ミ)╭∩╮  Cat says fuck you  ╭∩╮(´• Д •`)╭∩╮  Bye, fuck u  ╭∩╮(ᚖ﹏ᚖ)╭∩╮  Fuck you, i want diamonds  ╭∩╮(⊜⍊⊜)╭∩╮  Hate inside it  (⌣.⌣”)╭∩╮  I hate all of this  ╭∩╮(6ᗝ9)╭∩╮  The hate inside him  ╭∩╮(⏒ᗝ⏒)╭∩╮  I don't want anyone here  (ತᗝತ)╭∩╮  He hates everything  (૦Д૦)╭∩╮  Bye and fuck you  (o≖n≖)╭∩╮  Not a great day  ╭∩╮( ゚人 ゚)╭∩╮  Hamster's hate  ╭∩╮(´⍊`)  Real hate  (´⍊`)╭∩╮  Annoying man  (づ ͡°ᗜ ͡°)づ╭∩╮  I want that d  ($n$)╭∩╮  You don't give me money  (ᵔل͜ᵔ)╭∩╮  Fuck you, dummy  ╭∩╮(⨶◞ ⨶)╭∩╮  Don't want you in my life  (⍤‸⍤)╭∩╮  Fuck you a lot  ╭∩╮(ȍ.ȍ)╭∩╮  Yeah, bye...  ╭∩╮(^ ͟ل͜^)╭∩╮  Happy to say fuck you  ($╭╮$)╭∩╮  I just want money  (☼ಎ☼)╭∩╮  My eye are prettier  ╭∩╮(◉ѽ◉)╭∩╮  Fuck you asshole  ╭∩╮(◉..◉)╭∩╮  Fuck fuck  ╭∩╮( ゚ᴥ ゚)╭∩╮  My dog hates you  (э ³э)╭∩╮  Really hating all  (⌐■ಎ■)╭∩╮  Cool fuck boy  (ȍ.ȍ)╭∩╮  Go fuck other person  ╭∩╮(⪦෴⪧)╭∩╮  If you don't like moustaches i hate you  ╭∩╮(ⴲ╭╮ⴲ)╭∩╮  Don't love anyone  (□ ͟ل͜□)╭∩╮  Bye forever  ╭∩╮(ᗒ‸ᗕ)╭∩╮  Such a hater  ╭∩╮(・Ѡ・)╭∩╮  Really hate em  ╭∩╮(◔_◔)╭∩╮  Tired of u  ( ͌ヮ ͌)╭∩╮  Really hate  ╭∩╮( ͌ヮ ͌)╭∩╮  Don't need u  ╭∩╮(✿_✿)╭∩╮  I'm girly, and what?  (¬o¬)╭∩╮  Really hates people  (ཀ益ཀ)╭∩╮  Hard to hate you  ╭∩╮(* ͜ʖ*)╭∩╮  Hate you, people...  (*⏏*)╭∩╮  He doesn't like you  (■人■)╭∩╮  Asian fuck you  ╭∩╮(⩿ᗝ⪀)  He hates that  (⩿ᗝ⪀)╭∩╮  Go fuck you  (⍜_⍜)╭∩╮  Just Fuck U  (´• ‸ •`)╭∩╮ᑴꖘ人ꖘᑷ  Bear doesn't wanna be hated  (⩿◡⪀)╭∩╮  Hate i can't sleep  (ᵔ ͟ل͜ᵔ)╭∩╮  Fuck u all  ╭∩╮(ᵔ ͟ل͜ᵔ)╭∩╮  Fuck em all  (✧ ³✧)╭∩╮  I'm pretty better  (-.ഌ-.)╭∩╮  Tired Pig  (ȍ ³ȍ)╭∩╮  Go fuck yourself  (O-◞-)╭∩╮  Stop being that shitty  (-◞-)╭∩╮  Tired of all your shit  (・◞ ・)╭∩╮  Want you fucked up  (⩿ಎ⪀)╭∩╮  Hate you so bad  (⨱▾⨱)╭∩╮  Bye,hater  (¬ ...¬ )╭∩╮  Just hate everything  ┌П┐(►˛◄’!)  Giving you the Finger  (ಠ_ಠ)┌∩┐  Flip Off  (ノ≧∀≦)ノ・‥…━━━★  Merlin  ᕦ( ✿ ⊙ ͜ʖ ⊙ ✿ )━☆゚.*・。゚  Spell  (´o﹏o`)╭∩╮  Sad and upset  (´﹏`)╭∩╮  Hate my life  ( ⎚U⎚)╭∩╮  Cool hater  ( ⎚-⎚)╭∩╮  Hating Everything  ( ⎚_⎚)╭∩╮  Hating Boy  ( ⎚.⎚)╭∩╮  He hates  ( ⎚. ⎚)╭∩╮  Hating almost everything  ( ͡⎚. ͡⎚)╭∩╮  Just fuck them  ( ͡⎚‿‿ ͡⎚)╭∩╮  Glad for my style  (xل͜x)╭∩╮  I do hate you so much  (✿o ᵕ o)凸  She is so rude  (/͠-╭╮ ͝-\)╭∩╮  Just go away now  ╭∩╮(ꔸಎꔸ)  Yeah, fuck you  (⏓ᴥ⏓)╭∩╮  Dog's so rude  ╭∩╮(ᚖvᚖ)╭∩╮  Fuck you, i don't need you  ╭∩╮(-_-) ╭∩╮  Big Middle Finger Hands  ୧༼◔益◔╭∩╮༽  Donger Vulgar Face  t( -_- t )  Serious Bro  ╭∩╮◕ل͜◕)╭∩╮  Funny Eyes Middle Finger  凸( ^▼ェ▼メ^ )  Triangle Eyes Boy  ୧༼ಠ益ಠ╭∩╮ ༽  Big Finger  ╭∩╮(⋋‿⋌ )ᕗ  Evil Face Devil  凸( `⌒´メ )凸  Vulgar Boy  凸༼ຈل͜ຈ 凸  Donger Crude  t( - n - )t  Thug Vulgar  凸(`ι _´メ )  Scarface Vulgar  t( =n= )  Anger Face  凸( ¬ ‿ ¬ )  Big Middle Finger Face  凸 ( >皿< ) 凸  Angry boy  凸( -0-メ )  Scarface Bad  ༼凸 ◉_◔༽凸  Crazy Donger Vulgar  凸 ಠ益ಠ) 凸  Finger Man  ★≡≡\( `△´\ )  Angry Spell  ╰༼⇀︿⇀༽つ-]═──  Sword donger  ୧། ☉ ౪ ☉ །୨  Half Square  ( ∩ ͡ ° ʖ ͡ ° ) ⊃-(===>  Sword Bad  ( `A´ )╭∩╮  I Hate You A Lot  (◍╹∀╹◍)╭∩╮  I Do Hate You  ╭∩╮(˘▽˘✿⋆)  Girl Hating  (⋆≖∩≖)╭∩╮  A Mad Guy  (⋆≖∀≖)╭∩╮  I do hate you  ( ≖_≖)╭∩╮  I really hate you a lot  ( •̀ᴗ•́)╭∩╮  Fuck You A Lot  (¬⌓¬).I.  I really hate You  (≖∩≖)┌∩┐  I hate you all  (╬≖∩≖)┌∩┐  You stupid guy  (╬≖_≖)┌∩┐  no, fuck you  (╬≖U≖)┌∩┐  I am so frustrated  ╭∩╮(☉ツ☉)╭∩╮  Big hater of you  ╭∩╮(´༎ຶѠ´༎ຶ)╭∩╮  Only bad emotions  (óᗜò)╭∩╮  Please go fuck yourself  ╭∩╮(✿Д✿)╭∩╮  Stop killing plants  ╭∩╮(▰ ʖ̯▰)  Mad cool guy  (⨱◡⨱)╭∩╮  Really hate you  (꘠ロ꘠)╭∩╮  Please, fuck you  ╭∩╮(Ꝋ ʖ̯Ꝋ)╭∩╮  Hating the people  (⩺!⩹)╭i╮  Hating People  (👁️ꔢ👁️)╭∩╮  Ugly mad man  ༼(👁️ꔢ👁️)╭∩╮  Fuck all people  ╭∩╮(⪧‿⪦)╭∩╮  I'm a bad guy  ╭∩╮(-ᴥ-ʋ)  My Dog Hates Me  ( `o,o´ )╭∩╮  I do hate you a lot  ( `o^o´ )╭∩╮  Hating All  ( `o.o´ )╭∩╮  I'll hate you forever  (˘U˘)╭∩╮♡  Hate this love  (๑˘u˘)╭∩╮♡  I don't want this love  (⋆˘∀˘)╭∩╮  Hating You  (≖.≖)╭∩╮  My hate  (≖_≖)╭∩╮  Fuck All.  (╬≖U≖).i.  Fuck You A Lot.  (⫑ ͜ʖ⫒)╭∩╮  I have always hated you  ╭∩╮(⍜ഌ⍜)╭∩╮  Rude Pig  (ง⍜▾⍜)ง(✧,✧)╭∩╮  If you hate me so much, fight me  (✧,✧)╭∩╮  I don't like any of you  ╭∩╮(⊜ᗝ⊜)  You don't know how much i hate you  (❍Ĺ̯❍)╭∩╮  I'm tired of being a nerd  ╭∩╮(⪧ᴥ⪦)╭∩╮  Dog's hate  (|⪧,⪦)╭∩╮  Sick of you  ╭∩╮(⩾Ꮂ⩽)╭∩╮  Koala really hates  (●◕ᴗ◕)╭∩╮  Hate you in a good way  ୧(0ヮ0o)╭∩╮  It's time to say hate you  (U⚆ᴥ⚆)╭∩╮  Dog's So Rude  (ꖘᴥꖘ)╭∩╮  Dog's Hate  (⩺人⩹)╭∩╮  wtf, i hate you  (⌐■_■)╭∩╮  Rude bodyguard  (;ヮ;)╭∩╮  Stop making me cry  ╭∩╮(;ヮ;)╭∩╮  I hate all this  ╭∩╮(>ヮ>)╭∩╮  I hate you all a lot  ╭∩╮(o∩0)  I'm so angry, i hate it  (⩹.⩺)╭∩╮  Damn, fuck U  (⩹U⩺)╭∩╮  Just leave, i don't like you  (⩹‿⩺)╭∩╮  I Don't Like It  (⩹ツ⩺)╭∩╮  I don't like It  ( ͠°ω °)o∩o  Bye, fuck you a lot  /ᐠ・ᆽ・ᐟ \╭∩╮  Cat is a hater  /ᐠ≗ᆽ≗✿ᐟ \╭∩╮  Girly cat hates  (ミ╹ᆽ╹ミ)╭∩╮  Kitty hates  ╭∩╮( º ◞ º )╭∩╮  I'm sick and tired of this  (⩾ل͜⩽)╭∩╮  I know i'm ugly, fuck you  (ತ⍘ತ)╭∩╮  Just fuck off  ╭∩╮( ̄ヘ ̄)╭∩╮  I'm mad, don't talk to me  ╭∩╮( ̄U ̄)╭∩╮  Just Fuck u  ╭∩╮(⊜_⊜)╭∩╮  Fuck all of u  ╭∩╮(⊜ᗝ⊜)╭∩╮  Fuck All Of You  (⍜▾⍜)╭∩╮  He hate insomnia  (ತ_ತ)╭∩╮  Hate this life  (ತ:ತ)╭∩╮  I don't like anybody  ╭∩╮( ͠°⏠ °)╭∩╮  Yes, fuck you  (>∀<)╭∩╮  Happy for the good bye  (૦ઁД૦)╭∩╮  Fuck this  (૦ઁД૦ઁ)╭∩╮  Just Fuck Off, boy  ╭∩╮(✧ѽ✧)╭∩╮  Fuck supremacy  (ȍoȍ)╭∩╮  Bye and fuck u  ╭∩╮(^,^)╭∩╮  Just stfu  ╭∩╮(⩹.⩺)╭∩╮  Full of hate  ╭∩╮(⩹U⩺)╭∩╮  Just fuck off.  ╭∩╮( ゚ ͟ʖ ゚)╭∩╮  Fuck all the people  ( ゚U ゚)╭∩╮  Glad and fuck you  (⩹ᴥ⩺)╭∩╮  Koala says fuck you  ╭∩╮(´⍊`)╭∩╮  A hater  ($U$)╭∩╮  I don't want love, i want money  ($‿‿$)╭∩╮  Fuck you, i want money  (o-ʖ-)╭∩╮  It was an ugly year  ╭∩╮(/͠- ʖ̯ ͝-\)╭∩╮  Hating all the things  ╭∩╮( ゚! ゚)╭∩╮  Fuck You All  ( ͡⎚‸ ͡⎚)╭∩╮  I don't need your opinion  (¬ ͟ʖ¬)╭∩╮  Damn,you're annoying  (◉ ³◉)╭∩╮  You didn't want me  (⊜.⊜)╭∩╮  Crazy man hates  (⇀ ͟ل͜↼)╭∩╮  Asian hates  ╭∩╮(♥.♥)╭∩╮  Confused feelings  ╭∩╮(✧≖.≖)╭∩╮  Bye, fuck you  ╭∩╮(✧≖.≖)╭∩╮(◉ᴥ◉)  Hate animals  (¬U¬)╭∩╮  Look my finger  (˵ ͡~ಎ ͡°˵)╭∩╮  Cute fuck you  ╭∩╮(⨴_⨵)╭∩╮  Zombie hate  ╭∩╮(*⏏*)╭∩╮  He really hates all  (⌐■.■)╭∩╮  Hate all people here  ╭∩╮(⌐■Д■)╭∩╮  You're annoying  ╭∩╮(◍ ͟ل͜◎)╭∩╮  Hate all of you  (ò▾ó)╭∩╮  Hehe, fuck you  ╭∩╮(⩿ᗝ⪀)╭∩╮  Tired of all your bullshit  (⍜u⍜)╭∩╮  Just fuck you  (⍜.⍜)╭∩╮  Hating guy  (´• ‸ •`)╭∩╮  Really hate what happened  (⊜⏠⊜)╭∩╮  Mad at life  (૦ઁ ³૦ઁ)╭∩╮  You can fuck you all  (ȍĹ̯ȍ)╭∩╮  Stop bothering me  ╭∩╮(⌐■ヮ■)╭∩╮(▰ ͟ل͜▰)  We're bad boys  ╭∩╮(0 ʖ0)  Bye, Bye, piece of shit  (0 ʖ0)╭∩╮  Just Fuck You, bitch  ╭∩╮(0 ʖ0)╭∩╮  Bye stupid  ╭∩╮(✿ ʖ✿)╭∩╮  He hates flower  ╭∩╮(✿ ʖ̯✿)╭∩╮  Not that tender  (.ഌ.)╭∩╮  I don't wanna be pork  (-ഌ-)╭∩╮  Upset pig  (✧ഌ✧)╭∩╮  Pig hates you  (ȍ³ȍ)╭∩╮  Bye, bitch  (o-◞-)╭∩╮  So tired of you all  (・◞・)╭∩╮  Just Go Away  (¬ _¬ )╭∩╮\(⪦.⪧)/  Don't do that to me  (¬ _¬ )╭∩╮  You're annoying asf  (¬ U¬ )╭∩╮  Hate everybody here  (¬ ツ¬ )╭∩╮  Hating guys  t(-_-t)  Tired Man Gives Bird  凸(`⌒´メ)凸  Giving you the Fingers  ╭∩╮ (òÓ,) ╭∩╮  Oh Yeah? Well Fuck You  (*゚∀゚)つ=lニニフ  Happy sword  ╭∩╮($Д$)╭∩╮  Hate money  (⨴ ͟ل͜⨵)╭∩╮  Just fuck off, dude  ( ͡⎚. ͡⎚)╭∩╮¯\_(´ω`)_/¯  I don't care about your hate  (✿≖言≖ )凸(≖ ︿ ≖ ✿)  She hates her  凸( ಠ益ಠ)凸☆  I lost too much time with you  (o.o)╭∩╮  Suck it  ╭∩╮(▰ ͟ل͜▰)  Hating everyone  (✿ᵒ ᵕ ᵒ)凸  She`s being rude  (-╭╮ -)╭∩╮  Bye n fuck you  (ᗒvᗕ)╭∩╮  Go away, i don't want you here  (o■╭╮■)╭∩╮  I hate to be around here  (o■.■)╭∩╮  I don't want to be around you  ╭∩╮(ᗒ⍘ᗕ)╭∩╮  Damn, fuck u  ╭∩╮(ᗒ ε ᗕ)╭∩╮  I'm done with u  (¬◡¬)╭∩╮  Bye, Fuck you  ( ͡⎚ل͜ ͡⎚)╭∩╮  I live my life  ╭∩╮( ͡⎚ل͜ ͡⎚)╭∩╮  I'm just o badass  (✿ꔸᗜꔸ)╭∩╮  She hates everything  (❀ꔸᗜꔸ)╭∩╮  Girl is annoyed  (oꔸᗜꔸ)╭∩╮  I want you far away  (σ◡σ)╭∩╮  Cute But rude  (ತωತ)╭∩╮  Bye, bye of my life  ╭∩╮(⫑ ل͜⫒)╭∩╮  I hate everything  ╭∩╮(¬ ഌ¬ )╭∩╮  Rude Piggy  (ʘᗜʘ)╭∩╮  Glad to see you away  ( ͠°ᗜ °)╭∩╮  I'm better than you  ╭∩╮(・.・)╭∩╮  I hate u so much  ╭∩╮(ꖘ ʖ̯ꖘ)╭∩╮  Just Go Away, idiot  ╭∩╮(oUo)╭∩╮  Fuck all of you
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