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  ( ° ᴗ°)~ð (/❛o❛\)  Proposing  ( ° ა°)~ð (●Д●*)  Marriage?  (◡‿◡✿)♡°(ಠೆಒಠಿ)  Beauty and the Beast  💍(ᵒ0ᵒ✿)  He asked me to marry him  ❣⌑👰❣⌑  The bride arrived  ❥💏❥  They can kiss now  ( ° ა°)~ð (・ิo・ิ✿)  A propose  (•́ ω •̀)💍(ᵒ0ᵒ✿)  He's asking me to marry him.  ( ° ა°)~ð (/❛o❛\)  Proposing Shock  ( ◜◒◝ )♡-  That great love  =  Marriage Equality   Marriage Symbol  ( ° ᴗ°)~ð (/❛o❛\)  Successful Marriage Proposal   Headstone Graveyard Symbol   Universal Recycling Symbol  💒  Wedding  🤵🏼  Man In Tuxedo, Type-3   Astronomical Symbol for Uranus   Map Symbol for Lighthouse   Unmarried Partnership Symbol   Divorce Symbol   Japanese Bank Symbol  👰  Bride With Veil  💎  Gem Stone  (◍•ᴗ•)♡  Love makes me blushed  (✿˶˘ω˘)(✿˘//ᴗ//˘)♡*  girls in Love  (๑u 3(≧◡≦✿)  kissing my wife  (✿˶˘ ³˘(•ᴗ•❤)  I found my soulmate  (ˆ3(ˆᵕˆ๑)  You are my soulmate for sure  (˶˘ ³˘)❛ε❛◍)  You are my soulmate, ik  ( ° ა°)~ð (ŐдŐ.)  A ring for me?  ( ♥ω♥)(♡ω♡ )  There is no one like you, my love.  ( ʃƪ˘ﻬ˘)♡(≧ω≦ )  My love!  ( ° ა°)~ð (◯Δ◯ ∥)  Do you want to marry?  ♡+* Ɗɑɫë*+♡  Date  ♡ +* Ɗɑɫë*+ ♡  Be My Date  ( ෆຶдෆຶ)  Oh My Love  (๑′ᴗ‵๑)I Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ♥  I Love  (♥ω♥ ) ~♪  Love eyes  ( ° ა°)~ð (ŐдŐ๑)  Do you wanna this ring?  (ʋ♥ᴥ♥) (♥ᴥ♥ʋ)  Puppy Love   ♡♡` 川 (・ -・)ノ 💍ヾ(´ε`*)ゝ´♡♡`  Would you marry me ?  ( ° ა°)~ð (≖‿≖ԅ)  Gimme that ring  (= ̄▽ ̄=)V  Peace #2  (ɔ˘ ³(ˆ‿ˆc)  Kiss #3  (ノ∀`♥ )  Love blush  っ◕‿◕)っ ♥  Child in love  ◌⑅⃝●♡⋆♡⃝ ˻˳˯ₑ♡⃝⋆●♡⑅⃝◌  Small Love  (・ ૩(・ω・`)  Me and my love  └(^o^ )X( ^o^)┘  Best Friends Forever  c⌒っ╹v╹ )っ  Happiness #2  (*3*)~♫  Love Song  (◦˘ З(◦’ںˉ◦)♡  A Real Love  ʕ•͡દ•ʔ❥ꋧ  Love bear #1  ( ⁰ ૩( ˘͈ ᴗ ˘͈🌸)  i love my gf  (/❛o❛\) ðԅ (≖‿≖ԅ)  Is that for me?  ( ʃƪ˘3˘)❤(•ᴗ•◍ )  Our Love here  (˶☆ε☆˶ )  I wanna kiss u  (❀⋆oωo)(❛ω❛⋆)  On a date  ❤ ⊂ʕ•ᴥ•⊂ʔ  Bear wants love  (๑•́₃ •̀๑)  Want you a kiss?  (๑•́₃•̀๑)  Free kisses  (❤ᴗ❤◍)  I love what im watching  (๑╹ڡ╹) ♡  Love love  ~ΒΙяΤΗDΑΥ LOVE(◍•ᴗ•◍)/  Birthday Love  *♡೫̥͙*:・ℋɑppყ Ϣәԁԁıɲɠ゚・:* ೫̥͙♡*  Wedding Wish  ✌.|•͡˘‿•͡˘|.✌  Peace  *(♥_♥)/*  Valentine  ʚ♡⃛ɞLᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)  My Love  │〇´3`|人|´ε`●|  Chinese In Love  (ɔˆ ³(ˆ▿ˆ๑)  I love you, you love me  (๑≧◡≦)♡ε♡๑)  Crazily In Love  (✿˶´>ω(◕ω◕ )  My girlfriend is lovely  (๑ ˘ З(❛U❛✿)  I love you so muuuch  (✿●°³°)  A lovely girl  ʕ๑•́ᴥ•̀ʔ♡ʕ•́ᴥ •̀๑ʔ  Bear likes bear  (✿˵•́ ⌣•̀ ˵)(♡U♡❀)  Girls love.  ʕ๑•́ ᴥ •̀ʔ♡ʕ•́ ᴥ •̀ ʔ  Bears love  (✿●°³°)(˘͈ε˘͈●)  kising my guy  (๑≧ 3(˘ε˘✿)  i do love Her  (˘ω˘)(˘ ε˘ )  Being so kissed  ( ≧//∀//≦)♡  love makes me glad  (◡o◡)  feeling disappointed  (˵≧o≦) ♡  A heart in front of me  (๑≧ 3(≧◡≦✿)  i love be kissed  ( ˘˶3(♡ε♡˶✿)  Couple Kiss  (♡//3(˘ε//˘)  We Are in love  (•ᴗ•)♡  smiling with a heart  (♡//◡//♡●)  So happy, so in love  (♡U♡o❀)  Girl in love-  (✿˶´>ω(◕▿◕˶)  My cute love  (♡ ⌣ ♡❀)  So In Love Girl  (๑ ˘ З(❛∀❛✿)  I kiss you  (o˘ω(˘ ε˘ )  you know i like you  💍ヽ(>∀<●)  I'm going to propose  (๑˃▽˂)(≧▽≦●)  i love spending my time with you  ( ʃƪ˘3˘)♡(oεo)  your kisses  (❤ω❤ )  Cute face in love  ʕ๑•́ᴥ•̀ʔ♡ʕ•́ᴥ•̀๑ʔ  My bear love  ♥(U´•ᴥ•`)  Love and a dog  (´•ᴥ•`♥)  My puppy has a heart  (★u★)/(U´•ᴥ•`)  I Love my dog  (ɔ★з(ˆ▿ˆc)  I think you are the love of my life.  ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤  Black hearts line  ( ≧∀≦)♡  Aw, a cute heart  (✽≧3≦)˘ε˘✿)  I Do Love This Girl  (✿♡U♡)♡ω♡✿)  I love my bff  (✿˘U˘)(˘◡˘✿)  I feel in love with girls  (⋆❛ω❛⋆)˘ε˘˶ )  Unexpected Kiss  (◡3◡)  I give air kisses  ♡(0o0)♡  love found me  (✿╹◡╹)ノ☆.。 ₀:*゚ヾ(☆◡☆)  enchanting a boy  (˘//3(˘ε//˘)  so blushed couple  (✿˶❛ ³˘)♡(˘ε˶˘)  kissing him with style  (●°³°)(˘͈u˘͈♡)  you make me feel so in love  (๑˘ ³(≧◡≦✿)  i really like him  ( ╹▿(˘ε˘˶✿)  touching her lips  (✿˶˘ ³˘)♡*⋆(≧u≦✿)  my bff kisses me  (✿˶˘ 3˘)♡*⋆(≧o≦✿)  She is flirting with me  (❛ω❛๑) ♡  Do not wanna see love  (❛ω❛) ♡  With love  (˵≧u≦) ♡  A floating Heart  (✿˘//ᴗ//˘)♡*  Girl thinking about love  ♡*  shinning heart  (❀⋆▽⋆)(⋆∀⋆ )  we have star eyes  (´≧З(•́////•̀●)  His kisses drive me nervous  (♡//▽//♡)  im crazily in love  ✧(♥//ω//♥)✧  In love with stars  ♥(◕////◕)  im too shy to show my love  (˶◡‿◡)(◡ω◡˶ )  We feel love  ๏◡๏♡  In love face  ╰( o∀o)(´ ❥ ` )  Really Big Kisses  ( o3o)(´ ❥ ` )  Kissing her  (♡U♡)  In Love Face.  (✿◕u◕)b❤  Girl cheering up with love  (๑´♥з♥)  Kissing with love  (o૩o)৴♡* ৹  Free Kisses  (❤ˆ ³(ˆ▿ˆ๑)  You make feel happy  (♡////♡●)  Crazily in love  (˘/³/˘)♥  My little kisses  (♥/³/♥)  Heart eyes  ʕ๑•́ ᴥ •̀ʔ♡ʕ•́ ᴥ •̀๑ʔ  Blushed bears in love  ʕ๑•́ᴥ•̀ʔ♡ʕ•́ ᴥ •̀๑ʔ  Bears are in love  (✧//ω//✧)♥  Love makes me feel high  (❁˃́∀˂̀)(˵ ᵒ▽ᵒ˵❁)  I do love this girl  (●❛3❛)♡  so Much kisses  (o3o)♡  my cute kiss  (❤3❤(ˆᵕˆ๑)  Im crazily in love with you  ( ˶˘ ³˘(❛˶ᵕ˶❛๑)♡  You are so cute with me  (◕ᴗ◕)❛ε❛๑)♡  I think i love you  (˶˘ᴗ˘)❛ε❛๑)♡  I like you a little bit  ( ♥ω♥)*✲⋆(♡ω♡ )  Our love is magic  ʕ•̫͡•ʔ ♡ ʕ•͓͡• ʔ  Monkey love  (❀˶´>ω(◕▿◕˶)  I love being with you  ( ❤◡❤)  I love what im seeing  |♥ω♥)  In love creature  (❀⋆˘ω˘)(❛ω❛⋆)  I do love him  (❀˶◕ω◕)uεu˶ )  Me and my guy  (⋆❛3❛)˘ε˘˶☆)  Giving you so much love  ♡(⋆❛U❛⋆)♡  so much love here  (✿♡U♡)♡U♡✿)  Girls in love  (˶★u★)★ε★˶ )  star love  (✿•́₋•̩̥̀)♡*  Love makes me cry  (♡˶3(˘ε//˘)  couple kissing a lot  (˘//3♡(˘ε//˘✿)♡  love is everywhere  (✽Ő3Ő)♡  Kisses girl  ( ˘³˘)♡  take this kiss  (๑˘ ³(❛◡❛✿)  I really love Her  ( ♥▽(♥ε♥˶✿)  We are so in love  ( ♡˶з(˘❥˘˶✿)  kiss with lipstick  (o˘ω(˘ε˘o)  blushed couple kissing  (✿˵•́◡•̀˵)(•́˵◡˵•̀✿)  i love you, girl  ( ●°³°)(˘͈ε˘͈●✿)  kissing My girl  (✿˶˘ 3˘)♡*⋆(≧U≦✿)  i love her  (๑❛▽❛)/♡  My cute heart  (◍≧_≦) ♡  I have this heart  (◍≧ω≦) ♡  feeling love  ( ≧◡≦) ♡  look at that heart  ʕ ´ᴥ`ʔ ♡ ʕ´ᴥ` ʔ  Pandas love  ╰( ◕u◕)╮  I love to dance  (✿•́ ω •̀)❤️(•́ ω •̀๑ )  Our Love is forever  (人♡U♡)  Im really in love  ♡(⋆❛ω❛⋆)♡  hearts around me  (❀˶˘ω˘)˘ε˘˶ )  Lovely Couple.  (♡∀♡✿)  In love eyes  (✿˘3˘)˘ε˘⋆)  Our lips touching  ( ˘³˘)♡✲゚  dont you want a kiss?  (✿ ˆ▽ˆ)❤️∘˚˳°∘°⊂(◕▽◕ )  take all my heart  (•́//З(0///0)  Shy couple kissing  (♥//³/♥)(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ლ)  Kissing a cool guy  ❤U❤  I totally love that  ( ❤▿❤)(❤▿❤ )  We are sooo in love  (❤▿❤ )  I feel so in love  -=(◡0◡❁)  Big yawn  ♡( ´oεo  A Cute Kiss  ( ʃƪ˘3˘)♡  My Cute kiss  ( ʃƪ˘3˘)  Im holding my hands  (✿˶˘3˘)♡*⋆(≧0≦✿)  She is flirting  (๑❛ω❛๑) ♡  cute lovely face  (๑≧U≦)♡  Feeling loved and cute  (◍≧o≦) ♡  Her love in a heart  (ɔ≧ ³(˘ε˘✿)  Kissing My boy  ( ♡˶▽(˘ε˘˶✿)  So In love  (ɔˆ ³(ˆ/∀//ˆc)  blushed and happy couple  (ɔˆ ³(ˆ/ᴗ//ˆc)  lovely couple kisses  (ɔˆ ³(ˆ/ᵕ//ˆc)  Lovely Love  (˘//з♡(˘ε˘✿)  You are my soulmate  (♡ ᷄ω ᷅)  with love  (๑ ˘ З(❛o❛✿)  omg, he did kiss me  (๑˘//З(❛//▿//❛✿)  Shy Couple  (๑≧ 3(≧∀≦✿)  Our First kiss  (˶★3★)★ε★˶ )  I want to kiss you  (★U★)/ o  i love playing baseball  ( ♥U♥)/  Hi, my love  ( ♥u♥)/  I am here, my love  (ɔˆз(ˆ▿ˆc)★  I love being with you all day.  (ɔˆ▿ˆ(˘ε˘˶☆ )  I wont find anyone like you  (✽≧U≦)♡  So in love girl  »———————►  An arrow  ➳~(๑♡∇♡)(♡ᴗ♡✿)  Cupid arrowed us  ( ˶˘ ³˘(•ᴗ•◍ )❤♡  So in love now  (✿◕ᴗ◕)(•ᴗ•❤)  Never one without the other  (✿˶˘ ³˘)❛ε❛◍)  Wanna Kiss you  (✿•3•)❤ε❤◍)  I am really in love  (˘3˘)♡(ˇᵋ ˇ)  yes, i want a kiss  (❀⋆▽⋆)(❀⋆▽⋆)  Girls love stars  ❤ (ɔˆ ³(ˆ▿ˆc) ❤  meeting my girlfriend  ♡(•́////•̀●)  He makes me feel so nervous  웃+웃=♡  Love Means :  (^▽^(^▽^*)  love u dude  (♡ -_- ♡)  Love you #3  ♥+♥  Little in love  •*ꑄೞᵉᵉ৳~❥˪৹⌵ೕ⋆.∗̥✩⁺˚  Sweet Love  ♡♡(ŐωŐ人)♡♡  Thinking of love  (;*´Д`)ノ  Scream Work Day  (๑ ♡3♡๑)  A Kiss Of Love  ♡ ^▽^ ♡  Love Face  ⊆♥ _㇁ ♥⊇  Serious Love  ♥ ヽ(ˆ⌣ˆヾ)  Chasing love  I £ονё Υου …..φ┃*・ω・*┃  I Love You My Love  (๑•ꇴ•)八(•‿• ◍)  We are just friends  (✿˵ˆ3(≧◡≦)  I really love your kisses.  ( ˶˘ ³˘(˘͈ ω ˘͈♡)  couple love  (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥  Person in love  I £ονё Υου…..φ┃*・ω・*┃  I Love You  ( ・ω・)⊃-[二> >二]-⊂(´∀` )  Dining Date  ( ‘∀’●)♡  Love Boy  *ଘ( ॢᵕ꒶̮ᵕ(꒡ᵋ ꒡ღ)  Awww The Love  ( ˘ω˘ )☞♡☜( ˘ω˘ )  Selecting Love  ♡+ * Ɗɑɫë*+♡  Date Word  (。•́ω• ̀)人(•́ω•̀。)  We are BFF  (つ● ∀●)つヘ(•́ ꇴ •̀๑ヘ )  Happy friend  (ノ∀` ♥)  Blushing Of Love  (✿˵・ ૩(・ิω・ิ)♡  so cute love  (ᵕ˵ ૩(✿・ิω・ิ)♥  Our love is forever  (🌸◠∀◠)❤(◠ヮ◠🌸)  I do Love her  Ꮭσνєஐ(๑´ლ`๑)♡  Butterfly Love  ˪৹⌵ೕෆ⃛(˃͈ દ ˂͈ )  Love and Kiss  ℒℴѵℯℒᎥѵℯ  Love Live  -`ღ´-  Shine Love  ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ  Such Love  ♥ヽ(ˆ⌣ˆ)ヾ  Cute smile #6  (メ▼皿▼)=○)Д)゚゚  Kiss Jerk Love lp  (ღ ・ิ◡・ิ) ε ・ิ ღ)  Old Persons In Love  (●’3)♡(ε`●)  Never Leave Me Alone  (✿˘艸˘✿ )  Flowers And Love  (・_・) <3 °-..(-_-)  Do You Love Me?  ༼ ♥ل͜♥ ༽  Love donger  *♡೫̥͙* :・ℋɑppყ Ϣәԁԁıɲɠ゚・:* ೫̥͙♡*  Happy Wedding  ιоνё(●´Å`)ε`○) снц♪  Love Chill  (🌸^ں ^)  I will date him  (◍◕ω◕)人(◕‿◕◍)  Love being with You  ヽ(∀゚ )人(oωo)人( ゚∀)ノ  3 glad friends  (🌸ゝЗ(>U<)  Kissing my boy  (ɔᵒз(◕ᴗ◕c)  Kiss me and hug me  ( ^³^)💗(❛ε❛*)  True love  (๑´з(ε`)  I will kiss you so much  (๑´♥U♥)  In love blushed guy  (✿✧o✧)♡(˘ε˘˶ )  he stole a kiss from me  (⋆❛3❛⋆)˘ε˘˶ )  Kissing my girl.  (❀˵°‿°)  I love my new flower  (˶◕ω◕)★ε★˶ )  Kissing My Love  (˶★ω★)★ε★˶ )  Star couple  (✿˶˘ ³˘)♡*⋆(≧ᴗ≦✿)  her kisses  (❛U❛ ) ♡  long cute smile  (✿≧³≦)♡  Shy girl kiss  (๑˘//З(❛o❛✿)  Blushed guy kissing a girl  (๑˘//З(❛u❛✿)  feeling loved by him  (๑˘//З(❛//ں//❛✿)  Shy couple  (๑˘ ³(❛0❛✿)  Wow, he kissed me!  (๑u ³(≧◡≦✿)  perfect couple  (ɔˆ ³(˘ε˘✿)  kissing my lass  (ɔˆ ³⋆(˘ε˘✿)  My lovely kiss  ( ♥▿(˘ε˘˶✿)  your kisses make fall in love  (ɔˆ ³(ˆ///ˆc)  im too shy  (˘//з(˘ε˘✿)  i do love her a lot  ( ͡♡ ل͜ ͡♡ )( ͡♡ ل͜ ͡♡ )  lenny and lenny in love  (●°³°)(˘͈ε˘͈♡)  I Love your kisses  ʕ ˘ᴥ˘ʔʕ˘ᴥ˘✿ʔ  couple of bears sleeping  d(❤U❤)  I think is lovely
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