leaving Emojis, Emoticons

  (・_・”)/\(・-・”)  Good-Bye  (˵^ω^)ノ  Bye, i'm leaving  (oꈍ∀ꈍ)ノ  Bye, see you  (❀ꈍ∀ꈍ)ノ  She needs to go  (っ ಡ ﹏ ಡ )っ  Don't Leave Me #2  ε=ε=ε=┌(;*´Д`)ノ  I'm going  (☞゚ヮ゚)☞  Wazzup  ( ͡ಥಎ ͡ಥ)ノ  Finally leaving  (✿ꈍ∀ꈍ)ノ  She's leaving  (๑oᴗo)/  Bye i'm leaving  (˵•ω•)ノ  I am leaving  (ꈍ∀ꈍ)ノ  I'm leaving, bye  ( ○・∀・)ノ゛  Bye bye i'm leaving  ((≧◡≦✿)✲☆.*・  She is leaving stars  (•∀•๑)☾*✲⋆.  Leaving the night behind  ( ◕˵◡◕)っ ♡  Leaving a heart float  🚞  Mountain Railway  💨  Dashing Away   Negative Squared Cross Mark  🚲  Bicycle  🚝  Monorail  🚄  High-Speed Train  🐬  Dolphin  👣  Footprints  🏩  Love Hotel  😒  Unamused Face  💋  Kiss Mark  ▼ ω ▼  Triangle glasses  ><((((*゚< >゚*)))><  In the ocean #9  ▨-▨¬  Sunglasses #0  >゜))))彡  In the ocean #2  ゜~>゜))><  In the ocean #4  🌴(◍ꈍUꈍ)🍹  Enjoying beach  <・)))><<  In the ocean #3  >゚)##)彡  In the ocean #5  >゜)))><  In the ocean #6  ><((((°<  In the ocean #8  <゜)))彡  In the ocean #10  (•́ ᵕ •̀)/♡(ں•́ᴥ•̀)  Loving My Dog A Lot  ꐦ°᷄д°᷅ ٹ ຶ  I need oxygen  (-‿◦☀)  Hawaii  (°)#))<<  In the ocean #7  ☀🌴༼▀̿ Ĺ̯▀̿༽  Monster in a beach  ミ[°°]ミ  Go Well, Go Shell  (◍ꈍUꈍ)🍹☀🏖️  I love being in the beach  🛫🏖  Vacation #3  人人人ヾ( ;×o×)〃人人人  Ahhh, Somebody Help Me  ☺(⌐ ͡■ ͜ʖ ͡■)☺  Put your glasses on  (•́ ᵕ •̀)/♡(•́◡•̀✿)  Giving her my all heart  🏖🏝⛱  Vacation #2  🌴(◍ꈍUꈍ)🍹☀  Nice vacations  ლ( º . º ლ)  But why?  < ( ̄︶ ̄) >  OOH, IM RELAXING  🏝  Desert Island  ✈🏝  Vacation  🌴(◍ꈍUꈍ)🍹☀🏖️  What a nice beach  ☀🌴(▀Ĺ̯ ▀-͠ )  I Love Beach  ☀🌴(▼ω▼o)  I love beach  ʕ´༎ຶ ͟ل͜´༎ຶʔ  Crying but i´m ok   Umbrella  ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿’̿’̵͇̿̿з=(˘U˘˶)  Loving my gun  🌴♬♪ノᕕ(⌐■_■)ᕗ (*▼‐▼*)♬♪🌴  Party in the beach  (✿❛.❛)╦╦═-  Looks cute but she's a killer  ( ˶˘ ³˘(Uᵔᴥᵔ)  Loving my dog a lot  ( ˶˘ ³˘(Uᵔ/ᴥ/ᵔ)  Kissing my cute inu  ( ˶˘ ³˘(Uᵔ/ᴥ/ᵔ)(˘ε˘ʃƪ)  Loved Dog  【⪨◡⪩】  I cannot sleep but i'm happy  ᕳ◍ᗜ◎ᕲ  I'm ugyl but happy  🏄  Surfer  ▽ ^) っ ✂╰⋃╯  Set a trap  (๑>ᴈᴖ)(o◡o✿)  Loving Each Other A Lot  ❆🏄❆  Lets go surf  人人🏄人人人人🏊人人  Only surf,here  (ò益ó)¯\_(>╭╮<)_/¯  But why are you mad?  (σ◡σ)╭∩╮  Cute But rude  (✿❛◡❛)╦╦═-  Girl wanna kill  (Uᵔ/ᴥ/ᵔ)(˘ε˘ʃƪ)  Kissing my inu  (ᵔ/ᴥ/ᵔ)(˘ε˘ʃƪ)  Kissing my lovely pet  🏊  Swimmer  ☀🌴  Palm tree in the beach  ☀🌴(💮■-■)  Enjoying the beach  (˵•ヘ•˵o)  Cute but sad  (๑╹U╹)ノ🥠  I will know my fortune  q⫑ ͜つ⫒p  Feeling tired but ok  ᕦ(ꔸ.ꔸ)ᕥ  Little but strong  ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)  But At What Cost?  (o>3(⋆❛ ہ ❛⋆)!  Loving my boy  (⌐■人■)  Hamster wearing sunglasses  ᕕ(⨶ツ⨶)ᕗ  I can't see but i run  ¯\_(の▾の)_/¯  I know but i won't tell  (๑\\ω\\๑)  High but happy  (๑//ω\\๑)  Drunk but happy  🌴((っ˘0˘)👙  Wear it here  (ᵔ/ᴥ/ᵔU)(˘ε˘ʃƪ)  We like our dog  ( •o•)/(ᵔ/ᴥ/ᵔU)(˘ε˘ʃƪ)  We love our dog  ( •o•)/(ᵔ/ᴥ/ᵔU)  Petting a lovely dog  ( •ᴗ•)/(ᵔ/ᴥ/ᵔU)  I love this lovely puppy  ヽ(⨴∀⨵)ノ  I´m crazy but happy  くコ 彡  Squid Without Eyes  (๑˘◡˘)/(˘ᴥ˘U)  Loving my pet a lot  🐚  Spiral Shell   Umbrella on Ground  _☄👓☄_  My black glasses  (๑ᴖᴈᴖ)(o◡o✿)  I'm very comfortable next to you  🏝️  Desert Island  🌴((っ˘0˘ς) (*゚∀゚* )🌴  In the beach  ✌️  Victory Hand  ʕ๑ᵔﻌᵔʔ🍎  Bear will eat that red apple  ᕦ◕ಎ◕ᕥ  Lil but strong  (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ)♡(ᴖᴥᴖU)  Loving dogs  ( •ᴗ•)(ᵔ/ᴥ/ᵔU)  My dog is big  (ʃƪ˘³˘)(◕ᴥ◕u)  Loving This Dog  ┏┓(人∇人) /°〝⚽  I'm saving this goal  (づ๏ᴥ๏)づ\(ò ͜つó)/  Will hug my pet  ᎶᎾᎾⅅ ℕᏐᎶℍᎢ⋆(︶。︶✽)  She will sleep  ⁽͑ ˙˚̀བ̇˚́˙⁾̉  Small but Still Angry #2  o(^ ^o)  Without Mouth Face  ` ͜ ´  Without Nose Evil  ヘ( ̄  ̄;ヘ)  Without Mouth Arms  (˘͈‿˘͈)  Crying But Happy  (๑ᴖᴈᴖ)(≧◡≦✿)  Our love is forever.  ☀🌴🌴(💮■-■)🍹  This beach is fantastic  (✿≧ᴗ≦)ʕ¯ᴥ¯●ʔ  Bears are her favorite animals  ʕ๑ᵔﻌᵔʔ🍎♥  Bear loves apples  ʕ๑˵ᵔﻌᵔʔ🍎  Teddy has an apple  ʕo0 ᴥ 0ʔ/🐟  Animal will eat fish  ᑴ-ل͜-ᑷ  Bear has a little head but a big nose  (Oᵕ3ᵕ)(●ᴥ●U)  Loving My Doggy  (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ)♡(•ᴥ•U)  A dog lover  q˵ ͡~ ͟ل͜ ͡°˵p  Ugly but flirty  (ノ ̄ ʖ̯ ̄)ノ*:・゚(੭ꖘ▾ꖘ)੭̸*✩⁺˚✧  I don't want stars but he does  ฅ⁽͑ ˚̀ ˙̭ ˚́ ⁾̉ฅ  Small but Still Angry #3  ( ͡~ ͜ ͡°)  Lenny Without a Nose  🦈  Shark  ☀️  Black Sun With Rays  ଘ (੭ˊˋ) ੭ * ੈ✩‧ф  Go to sleep  ⛱️  Umbrella on Ground  ᕦ(o0Ꮂ0)  Kawaii kuma but strong  (ง⨱∀⨱)งლ(■ ͜ʖ■ლ)  Will fight with that man  (;-;)  Alright But Crying  ი⁽͑˙˚̀༡̇˚́˙⁾̉ჟ ˒˒⁼³  Small but Still Angry  ⁽͑˙˚̀⚐˚́˙⁾̉  Small but Still Angry #5  ˁ⁽͑ ˚̀˙̭˚́ ⁾̉ˀ ⁼³  Small but Still Angry #6  ⁽͑ʺ˚̀˙̪̺˚́ʺ⁾̉ ˃͐  Small but Still Angry #1  ˁ⁽͑˙˚̀ˆ̇˚́˙⁾̉ˀ  Small but Still Angry #4  ( •́ﻩ•̀ )  But Why  (ლ‸ლ)  Hide 1 2 3  +゚*。:゚+凸(◕‿◕✿)+゚*  Angry BUT FAB  ლ( º ⏠ º ლ)  Why why why?  ( ^◡^)ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ  Loving My Cat  (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ)/(˘ᴥ˘U)  Guy petting a dog  (๑╹U╹)ノ🥄  It`s time to eat  (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ)♡(•ᴥ•ں)  Animal Lover  (๑ᴖUᴖ)♡(•ᴥ•ں)  An animal lover  (๑ᴖᴈᴖ)♡(•ᴥ•ں)  Animal lover   Sailboat  🏖  Beach With Umbrella  🕶  Dark Sunglasses  ☞(⌐■ಎ■)☞ 🏖️  We're close to the beach  ☞(⌐■ಎ■)☞  The way to the beach  🧳  Luggage  (U●ﻌ●)(●ᴥ●▼)  Dogs will be friends forever  ╏ ˵ ✪ ﹏ ✪ ˵ ╏  Excited but Shy  ★~(◡△◡✿)  Tired but fab  ヾ(× × ) ツ  Without Mouth Death  🕐  One O’Clock  🕖  Seven O’Clock  🕘  Nine O’Clock  🕚  Eleven O’Clock  ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘  Who Farted?  🤸🏿  Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-6  🤸🏾  Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-5  🤸🏽  Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-4  🤸🏼  Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-3  🤸🏻  Person Doing Cartwheel, Type-1-2  ϞϞ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)∩  Pikachu  (✿≧ᴗ≦)ʕ ◠ᴥ◠ʔ  She's following a big bear  ᕙ(ó人ò)ᕗ  Tender but strong  (⌐■ഌ■)(⌐■人■)  Pig and hamster have style  (⌐■ഌ■)  Pig has style  😮‍💨  Face Exhaling  😮‍💨  Face Exhaling  (✿❛◡❛)⌐╦╦═-  She really has a big gun  ʕ ·͡ﻌ·ʔʕ·͡ﻌ· ʔ  We're too cute bears  😻  Smiling Cat With Heart-Eyes  🤸🏻  Person Doing Cartwheel + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2  🤸🏿  Person Doing Cartwheel + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6  🤸🏾  Person Doing Cartwheel + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5  🕧  Twelve-Thirty  (⌒∇⌒)  Inverted Face  ᎶᎾᎾⅅ ℕᏐᎶℍᎢ⋆꒰ ꒡⌓꒡꒱  I should sleep  ლ(👁️ ʖ̯👁️ლ)  I do not know, but i feel sad  (✿ꔸωꔸ)╭∩╮  Cute but rude  (◕◞౪◟◕✿)  I'm fat but FAB  (♡.♡´´) c(◕◡◕c)  I love you but I'm very shy  (Uᵔﻌᵔ)(ɵ̥̥oɵ̥̥ )  I love dogs but I'm allergic  ⋆(˘∀˘)*.✲  Loving Nights  (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ)/(ᴖᴥᴖU)  Petting a lovely puppy  🕛  Twelve O’Clock  🕕  Six O’Clock  👙  Bikini  🤳  Selfie  🍧  Shaved Ice  ☺(* ^ *) ノ シ☺  What a wave  ଘ (੭ˊ ꒳ ˋ) ੭✧  One more angel  (๑ᴖᴈᴖ)(≧U≦✿)  Nothing will ruin our love  (๑ᴖᴈᴖ)(≧ε≦✿)  Nothing can ruin our love  (∪๑●ᴥ●)✿(°O°●)  Loving this Dog   Hourglass Not Done  🤸🏽  Person Doing Cartwheel + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-4  🤸🏼  Person Doing Cartwheel + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-3  | Cxxxxxxx|:::::::::::::::::> |  stab  (O⪧,⪦)╭∩╮  I don't like to hate you but  😌  Relieved Face  ᕮ✿ ͜ʖ✿ᕭ  Weird face with flower eyes  (๑ᴖᴈᴖ)♡(•ᴥ•U)  He is an animal lover  (๑ᴖ ᴈᴖ)♡(•ᴥ•U)  He's an animal lover  (๑ᴖ ᴈ ᴖ)♡(•ᴥ•U)  He likes dogs  (๑ ᴖ ᴈ ᴖ)♡(•ᴥ•U)  He loves dogs  (✿❛◡❛)⌐╦╦═─  She's dangerous with her gun  ┐(^▂ ^;)┌  It Wasn't Me  ᕦ(´oᎲo)  Animal showing its muscle  ^ __ ^ ( • ω • ) ▬ι═>  Murderous catto  (づ๏ᴥ๏)づ  Animal wants just a hug  🕢  Seven-Thirty  🕜  One-Thirty  🕝  Two-Thirty  🕟  Four-Thirty  🕡  Six-Thirty  ❤/ᐠ≚ᄌ≚✿ᐟ \  Cat is in love but doesn't want to show it  ໒( ⇀ ‸ ↼ )७  Angry but fab #10  ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́) ૭  Angry but fab #8  凸(≡д≡)  Angry but fab #20  🕓  Four O’Clock  (๑´•ω•)♡(´◡`๑)  Friends but in love  :-|  Stern Expression  ~☆  Shooting Star 5  ・・・・・・—---★  Shooting Star 6  ・・・・・・—---☆  Shooting Star 7  ☆彡  Shooting Star 1  ★彡  Shooting Star 2  ミ☆  Shooting Star 3  ミ★  Shooting Star 4  (╭☞⌐■Ꮂ■)╭☞  I bought this sunglases  ( ゚▽゚ ) /  Good-bye #2  ᕦ(´oᎲo.)  Showing these muscles  (✿❛‿❛)▄ ┻┳-  She Will Kill Someone  (ง •̀ゝ•́)ง  Angry but fab #16  ( ╬◣ 益◢)  Angry but fab #3  ໒( ᓀ ‸ ᓂ )७  Angry but fab #9  ᕙ( ︡’︡益’︠) ง  Angry but fab #11  ╭∩╮(⋋‿⋌)  Fuck you anyway  ╭∩╮(Ꝋ ʖ̯Ꝋ)╭∩╮  Hating the people  (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ)(ᴖᴥᴖU)  He likes puppies  (✿≧ᴗ≦)ᐢ•Ⓣ•ᐢ  She has a different teddy  (|⪧,⪦)╭∩╮  Sick of you  ʕ˵ᵔﻌᵔʔ🍎  Little bear with an apple  ʕ✿˵ᵔﻌᵔʔ🍎  Girly bear with an apple  (ง⩿ ͟⪀)ง  He is tired but will fight  😥  Disappointed but Relieved Face  😻  Smiling Cat Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes  ᕙ(óoò)ᕗ  My arms are bigger  (๑╹U╹)ノ🍴  Finally eat  (❀•ᴗ•)╦╤─  She is cute but is so tough  (ꈍ.ꈍ)  The face of seriousness  (✿•́U•̀)/♡(•ᴥ•U)  A girl petting a dog  (✿❛∀❛)⌐╦╦═─  She's a crazy killer  🐠  Tropical Fish   Umbrella With Rain Drops  ☄✔👙☄✔  What a cute costume  ☞(⌐■_■)☞  I bought these sunglasses right there  (๑ᴖᴈᴖ)(≧,≦✿)  Don't be shy  (๑ᴖᴈᴖ)(≧.≦✿)  It's her first kiss  🏖️  Beach With Umbrella  (╭☞`o◞ o´)╭☞  It is there!  ( -_• )︻╦╤─ - - - - -  Bang bang  [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅oʖo)̲̅$̲̅]  Bucks  (¦ꀦ[▓▓ ]  Sleep Homer  o(U・ω・)⊃  This Way Man Bro  (ง⪩ ͜つ⪨)ง  He will fight now  (˵♡◡♡) ☕  Loving my tea  (˵♡‿♡) ☕  A coffe lover  (✿•́.•̀)/♡(•ᴥ•U)  Little girl caressing a dog  (✿•́.•̀)/♡(•́ᴥ•U)  She likes dogs  (✿❛Д❛)⌐╦╦═─  She wants to kill someone  (⁰︻⁰)  Undercover Moustache  (ap)  Airplane 1  \(-_- )  Yeah... Bye   Up  O̲ppa̲ (っ-̶●̃益●̶̃)っ ,︵‿ S̲t̲yl̲e̲  Gangnam Style #2  [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅o.o)̲̅$̲̅]  Am I a ticket?  ∩( ・ω・)∩  Rabbit Dumm  ✿⊂(・▽・⊂)  I will take that flower for me  (ノ´ω`) ノ(╹㉨╹ミ)∫  That cat will be mine  (ノ´ 0 `) ノ(╹㉨╹ミ)∫  What a cute cat  (▼●ᴥ●)(●ᴥ●▼)  Dogs with black ears  ヾ(๑ ≧▽≦)ノ( -(エ)-)  This bear will be mine  ლ(■ ͜ʖ■ლ)  Gimme more glasses  ᕮ◥▶‿‿◀◤ᕭ  Villain cosplay  ᕙʕ✿✪ᴥ✪ʔᕗ  Cute but strong
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