have eyes for Emojis

  ¯ \ (° _o) / ¯  Ignorance of Something  ˚‧*♡ॢ˃̶̤̀◡˂̶̤́♡ॢ*‧˚  Happy Of Having You  ⋈* ⋆┠┨⍺ѵє ⍺ ɢㆀԀ Ԁ੨ƴ ⋆*⋈  Having Good Days  ✩*ℋᵃᵛᵉ ᵃ ⁿⁱᑦᵉ ᵈᵃᵞ✩ ‧*˚  Having Nice Day  ϟ(˵ ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ ° ˵)ϟ  I was sorry  ♬🎧♬  I listen to music  ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)  Table Moving  (•ロ•)☝  Can i ask something?  (*╯-╰)ノ  Sorry  (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b  Best of luck  (♡>ω<♡)  Finding something super cute  😀  Grinning Face  (*✧ں✧)  Have stared eyes  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Shrug  😖  Confounded Face  (✧ ω✧)  I Have Star Eyes  (○✧ω✧)  I have star eyes  (✿★u★)  i have star eyes  (❀⋆▽⋆)(⋆▽⋆ )  We have star eyes  (❀⋆▽⋆)(⋆∀⋆ )  we have star eyes  (*✧ω✧)  I have stared eyes  ﴾ᚖ ͜ʖᚖ﴿  I have diamond eyes  ヽ(☼o☼)ノ  I have sunny eyes  ¯\_(✿Д✿)_/¯  My eyes have flowers  (⊜ヮ⊜)  I have crazy eyes  👩‍🎤  Female Singer  🐼  Panda  (✧ᴗ✧)  I have cute star eyes  (。O∀O)  I have so big eyes  (*★ω★)  I have black stared eyes  \(⨶U⨶)/  My eyes have laser beams  乁(◍◡◍)ㄏ  I now have robot eyes  😍  Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes  😍  Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes  🦀  Crab  🙈  See-No-Evil Monkey  ヽ(๏∀◕ )ノ  Form Weird Face  <(_ _*)> You have my gratitude.  Gratitude  😻  Smiling Cat With Heart-Eyes  😵  Dizzy Face  (⋆o⋆✿)  wow, i have star eyes now  (⋆ω⋆)  I have two cute star eyes  (0∀0)  I have big eyes and smile  😄  Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes  😻  Smiling Cat with Heart-Eyes  ♡♥‿♥♡  the life is love  (*゚ー゚)︻┳═一)゚ロ゚)ノ  stealing from people  ╰( ´◔ω◔ `)╯  Oh Lets See  😄  Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes  ☃️  Snowman  ㇏( ෆั ⌣ ෆั )ノbeautiful eyes (●///▽///●)  Saying nice words  (✧∇✧)╯  Stars for Eyes  😵‍💫  Face with Spiral Eyes  😵‍💫  Face with Spiral Eyes  👀  Eyes  😁  Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes  🤑  Money-Mouth Face  😿  Crying Cat Face  😚  Kissing Face With Closed Eyes  😸  Grinning Cat With Smiling Eyes  😁  Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes  😚  Kissing Face with Closed Eyes  😍  Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes  😗  Kissing Face  😻  Smiling Cat Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes  😸  Grinning Cat with Smiling Eyes  (-˘-⌣-˘)♥(˘-⌣-˘🌵C)  I have a gift for  (◦´˘ з(•ᵕ•❀)  We have love for us  ಥ_ಥ_  Have sadness for a reason  👭  Two Women Holding Hands  😃  Grinning Face With Big Eyes  ヽ(≡ω≡;ヽ)  No Eyes For That  😃  Grinning Face with Big Eyes  😙  Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes  🚙  Sport Utility Vehicle  🤍  White Heart  🤩  Star-Struck  ♡🍕 🍕♡  Have pizza  ➤🍈 ➤  Have melon  😆  Grinning Squinting Face  🧟  Zombie  ߷  NKo Symbol Gbakurunen  ❀\(◕∀◕ )  I have this flower for you  😙  Kissing Face with Smiling Eyes  ☺️  Smiling Face  😽  Kissing Cat  🤭  Face With Hand Over Mouth  🤭  Face with Hand Over Mouth  😑  Expressionless Face  🎌  Crossed Flags  😷  Face with Medical Mask  ☆ º°˚*☆ Have a ηice ϑay ☆º°˚*☆  Good Wishes  ☆º°˚*☆ Have a ηice ϑay ☆º°˚*☆  Have a Nice Day  💕  Two Hearts  😲  Astonished Face  o(●′┏_┓`)o  Small Eyes For A Face  🔥  Fire  (❀ᵕзᵕ(˃͈ε˂͈)  I have a special affection for you.  ♡┗(♪•̀0•̀♪)┓♡  I have an infinite love for music  (੭ㅇUㅇ)੭ฅ^⇀ﻌ↼^ฅ  I will have this cat for me  😩  Weary Face  😇  Smiling Face With Halo  😒  Unamused Face  🇬🇧  Flag: United Kingdom  🌿  Herb  (*^_^;) 。( ´•ω•)。゚🍔🍔ԅ(‾⌣‾ԅ)  Have your order  ( ͡˵° ͜ʖ ͡°)˘◡˘)  Lenny have love  (✿★ω★)  I have stars!  (∩*❦ω❦)⊃━☆゚★.*(ノ ≧o≦)ノ━☆  We have magic  ฅ(=・ิᆽ・ิ=)ฅ  I have eyebrows  (🌸•ʖ•)  Have no mouth  (˘̩̩̩̩̩̩ ︹ ˘̩̩̩̩̩̩)  I have depression  (` Д ´ )  I Have Enough  (•̀ᴗ•́)━☆.*・。゚★✲゚*。☆゚  I have powers  ( 🌸˘∀˘)/(˘⌣˘🌸)  Both have flowers  \\\(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶////  I Have Power  (´●.●)>☕  I have coffee  (⋆❛U❛)♡(˘ε˘✿)  You have me  ʕ❀≚ᴥ≚ʔʕ•́ ᴥ •̀๑ʔ  Bears have feelings  ʕ❀・ ᴥ・ ʔʕ•ᴥ•❀ʔ  Bears have flowers  (oꔸᎲꔸ)⊃━☆゚:*ʢò益óʡ  Animals have magic  o(^^o)(o^^☞ ☜^^o)(o^^)o  Have an orange  ლ◕‿◕ ლ)  I have dollars  [▓▓]ε¦)Gɵɵd ɳɩɠɧt(¦3ꇤ[▓▓]  Have sweet dreams  🐱 ☄🐱  Have your cat  ⌥( ^◡^)っ ♡⌥  Have my heart  (ノ◥▶U◀◤)ノ  I have style  (─ω─)Zz  Have Sweet Dreams  ⇫🍸🍸⇫  Have a cocktail  [℠🌹🌹🌹℠]  Have a rose  ✉✔✉  Have your check  ♩♣♩♣♩  Have the money  ☄(◕ᴥ◕ʋ)☄  Have my dog  ☆♙☆  Have my star  ✪ᕦ (⩾﹏⩽) ᕥ✪  You have strength  ❄⌥❄  You have options  ✹✌ (-‿-) ✌✹  We have peace  コ💵コ  Have a dollar  (👉👌  We have relationships  ⁺$ $ $⁺  I have money  (੭^ ͜ʖ^)੭̸*✩⁺˚  I have glitter  (o꘠‿꘠)━☆゚.*・。゚  I have magic  🙄  Face With Rolling Eyes  😊  Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes  😅  Grinning Face With Sweat  🦝  Raccoon  😇  Smiling Face with Halo  📃  Page With Curl  📃  Page with Curl  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀸󠀱󠁿  Flag for Düzce (TR-81)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀸󠀰󠁿  Flag for Osmaniye (TR-80)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀷󠀹󠁿  Flag for Kilis (TR-79)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀷󠀸󠁿  Flag for Karabük (TR-78)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀷󠀷󠁿  Flag for Yalova (TR-77)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀷󠀶󠁿  Flag for Iğdır (TR-76)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀷󠀵󠁿  Flag for Ardahan (TR-75)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀷󠀴󠁿  Flag for Bartın (TR-74)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀷󠀳󠁿  Flag for Şırnak (TR-73)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀷󠀲󠁿  Flag for Batman (TR-72)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀷󠀱󠁿  Flag for Kırıkkale (TR-71)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀷󠀰󠁿  Flag for Karaman (TR-70)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀶󠀹󠁿  Flag for Bayburt (TR-69)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀶󠀸󠁿  Flag for Aksaray (TR-68)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀶󠀷󠁿  Flag for Zonguldak (TR-67)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀶󠀶󠁿  Flag for Yozgat (TR-66)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀶󠀵󠁿  Flag for Van (TR-65)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀶󠀴󠁿  Flag for Uşak (TR-64)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀶󠀳󠁿  Flag for Şanlıurfa (TR-63)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀶󠀲󠁿  Flag for Tunceli (TR-62)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀶󠀱󠁿  Flag for Trabzon (TR-61)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀶󠀰󠁿  Flag for Tokat (TR-60)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀵󠀹󠁿  Flag for Tekirdağ (TR-59)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀵󠀸󠁿  Flag for Sivas (TR-58)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀵󠀷󠁿  Flag for Sinop (TR-57)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀵󠀶󠁿  Flag for Siirt (TR-56)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀵󠀵󠁿  Flag for Samsun (TR-55)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀵󠀴󠁿  Flag for Sakarya (TR-54)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀵󠀳󠁿  Flag for Rize (TR-53)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀵󠀲󠁿  Flag for Ordu (TR-52)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀵󠀱󠁿  Flag for Niğde (TR-51)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀵󠀰󠁿  Flag for Nevşehir (TR-50)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀴󠀹󠁿  Flag for Muş (TR-49)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀴󠀸󠁿  Flag for Muğla (TR-48)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀴󠀷󠁿  Flag for Mardin (TR-47)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀴󠀶󠁿  Flag for Kahramanmaraş (TR-46)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀴󠀵󠁿  Flag for Manisa (TR-45)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀴󠀴󠁿  Flag for Malatya (TR-44)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀴󠀳󠁿  Flag for Kütahya (TR-43)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀴󠀲󠁿  Flag for Konya (TR-42)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀴󠀱󠁿  Flag for Kocaeli (TR-41)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀴󠀰󠁿  Flag for Kırşehir (TR-40)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀳󠀹󠁿  Flag for Kırklareli (TR-39)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀳󠀸󠁿  Flag for Kayseri (TR-38)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀳󠀷󠁿  Flag for Kastamonu (TR-37)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀳󠀶󠁿  Flag for Kars (TR-36)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀳󠀵󠁿  Flag for Izmir (TR-35)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀳󠀴󠁿  Flag for Istanbul (TR-34)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀳󠀳󠁿  Flag for Mersin (TR-33)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀳󠀲󠁿  Flag for Isparta (TR-32)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀳󠀱󠁿  Flag for Hatay (TR-31)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀳󠀰󠁿  Flag for Hakkâri (TR-30)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀲󠀹󠁿  Flag for Gümüşhane (TR-29)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀲󠀸󠁿  Flag for Giresun (TR-28)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀲󠀷󠁿  Flag for Gaziantep (TR-27)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀲󠀶󠁿  Flag for Eskişehir (TR-26)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀲󠀵󠁿  Flag for Erzurum (TR-25)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀲󠀴󠁿  Flag for Erzincan (TR-24)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀲󠀳󠁿  Flag for Elazığ (TR-23)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀲󠀲󠁿  Flag for Edirne (TR-22)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀲󠀱󠁿  Flag for Diyarbakır (TR-21)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀲󠀰󠁿  Flag for Denizli (TR-20)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀱󠀹󠁿  Flag for Çorum (TR-19)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀱󠀸󠁿  Flag for Çankırı (TR-18)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀱󠀷󠁿  Flag for Çanakkale (TR-17)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀱󠀶󠁿  Flag for Bursa (TR-16)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀱󠀵󠁿  Flag for Burdur (TR-15)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀱󠀴󠁿  Flag for Bolu (TR-14)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀱󠀳󠁿  Flag for Bitlis (TR-13)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀱󠀲󠁿  Flag for Bingöl (TR-12)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀱󠀱󠁿  Flag for Bilecik (TR-11)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀱󠀰󠁿  Flag for Balıkesir (TR-10)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀰󠀹󠁿  Flag for Aydın (TR-09)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀰󠀸󠁿  Flag for Artvin (TR-08)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀰󠀷󠁿  Flag for Antalya (TR-07)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀰󠀶󠁿  Flag for Ankara (TR-06)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀰󠀵󠁿  Flag for Amasya (TR-05)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀰󠀴󠁿  Flag for Ağrı (TR-04)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀰󠀳󠁿  Flag for Afyonkarahisar (TR-03)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀰󠀲󠁿  Flag for Adıyaman (TR-02)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀰󠀱󠁿  Flag for Adana (TR-01)  🏪  Convenience Store  🚋  Tram Car  🚊  Tram  🦟  Mosquito  😧  Anguished Face  🥰  Smiling Face With Hearts  🙄  Face with Rolling Eyes  😅  Grinning Face with Sweat  😊  Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀲󠀱󠀳󠁿  Flag for Ankaran (SI-213)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀲󠀱󠀲󠁿  Flag for Mirna (SI-212)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀲󠀱󠀱󠁿  Flag for Šentrupert (SI-211)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀲󠀱󠀰󠁿  Flag for Sveti Jurij v Slovenskih Goricah (SI-210)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀲󠀰󠀹󠁿  Flag for Rečica ob Savinji (SI-209)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀲󠀰󠀸󠁿  Flag for Log–Dragomer (SI-208)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀲󠀰󠀷󠁿  Flag for Gorje (SI-207)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀲󠀰󠀶󠁿  Flag for Šmarješke Toplice (SI-206)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀲󠀰󠀵󠁿  Flag for Sveti Tomaž (SI-205)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀲󠀰󠀴󠁿  Flag for Sveta Trojica v Slovenskih Goricah (SI-204)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀲󠀰󠀳󠁿  Flag for Straža (SI-203)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀲󠀰󠀲󠁿  Flag for Središče ob Dravi (SI-202)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀲󠀰󠀱󠁿  Flag for Renče–Vogrsko (SI-201)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀲󠀰󠀰󠁿  Flag for Poljčane (SI-200)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀹󠀹󠁿  Flag for Mokronog–Trebelno (SI-199)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀹󠀸󠁿  Flag for Makole (SI-198)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀹󠀷󠁿  Flag for Kostanjevica na Krki (SI-197)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀹󠀶󠁿  Flag for Cirkulane (SI-196)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀹󠀵󠁿  Flag for Apače (SI-195)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀹󠀴󠁿  Flag for Šmartno pri Litiji (SI-194)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀹󠀳󠁿  Flag for Žužemberk (SI-193)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀹󠀲󠁿  Flag for Žirovnica (SI-192)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀹󠀱󠁿  Flag for Žetale (SI-191)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀹󠀰󠁿  Flag for Žalec (SI-190)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀸󠀹󠁿  Flag for Vransko (SI-189)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀸󠀸󠁿  Flag for Veržej (SI-188)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀸󠀷󠁿  Flag for Velika Polana (SI-187)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀸󠀶󠁿  Flag for Trzin (SI-186)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀸󠀵󠁿  Flag for Trnovska Vas (SI-185)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀸󠀴󠁿  Flag for Tabor (SI-184)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀸󠀳󠁿  Flag for Šempeter–Vrtojba (SI-183)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀸󠀲󠁿  Flag for Sveti Andraž v Slovenskih Goricah (SI-182)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀸󠀱󠁿  Flag for Sveta Ana (SI-181)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀸󠀰󠁿  Flag for Solčava (SI-180)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀷󠀹󠁿  Flag for Sodražica (SI-179)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀷󠀸󠁿  Flag for Selnica ob Dravi (SI-178)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀷󠀷󠁿  Flag for Ribnica na Pohorju (SI-177)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀷󠀶󠁿  Flag for Razkrižje (SI-176)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀷󠀵󠁿  Flag for Prevalje (SI-175)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀷󠀴󠁿  Flag for Prebold (SI-174)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀷󠀳󠁿  Flag for Polzela (SI-173)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀷󠀲󠁿  Flag for Podlehnik (SI-172)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀷󠀱󠁿  Flag for Oplotnica (SI-171)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀷󠀰󠁿  Flag for Mirna Peč (SI-170)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀶󠀹󠁿  Flag for Miklavž na Dravskem Polju (SI-169)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀶󠀸󠁿  Flag for Markovci (SI-168)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀶󠀷󠁿  Flag for Lovrenc na Pohorju (SI-167)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀶󠀶󠁿  Flag for Križevci (SI-166)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀶󠀵󠁿  Flag for Kostel (SI-165)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀶󠀴󠁿  Flag for Komenda (SI-164)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀶󠀳󠁿  Flag for Jezersko (SI-163)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀶󠀲󠁿  Flag for Horjul (SI-162)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀶󠀱󠁿  Flag for Hodoš (SI-161)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀶󠀰󠁿  Flag for Hoče–Slivnica (SI-160)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀵󠀹󠁿  Flag for Hajdina (SI-159)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀵󠀸󠁿  Flag for Grad (SI-158)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀵󠀷󠁿  Flag for Dolenjske Toplice (SI-157)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀵󠀶󠁿  Flag for Dobrovnik (SI-156)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀵󠀵󠁿  Flag for Dobrna (SI-155)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀵󠀴󠁿  Flag for Dobje (SI-154)  🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀵󠀳󠁿  Flag for Cerkvenjak (SI-153)
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