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dislike Emojis, Emoticons, Smi

  👎  Thumbs Down Sign  ( ・ ὢ ・ )  Not Happy As I Expected  (^ w^)  Nice Disgusting  (´ Å` )  Disgusted Proud  (★ω★✿)(◕⍸ ◕✿)  She is weird...  ༼ ;´༎ຶ ༎ຶ ༽  Desperate Monster  (´・_・` )  A Simple Sad Man  (○´―` )( ⁰ Ĺ̯ ⁰ )  So...  ξ"(  ̄ *)  Something Smells Bad  ( ̄y ̄)o――――――∞C ξ~  Taking Shit So Far Away  ( ж ) ..ξ  Cant Breath  (; ̄y ̄)-----cξ~~  Throw Away That Shit  ≦( ∂≦∂)  Unhappy Decisions  ( ’益’)  Little Disgusting  (¬ ▂ ¬)  Disgusting And Bad  (-` д´ -)  Im too upset  ( ̄ー ̄ ;)  Bit Disgusting Guy  (⌒‐⌒)  Dissapointed Person  (●¬-¬).i. (>.<❁)  Do have you a problem with me?  ( ఠ ൠ ఠ )  Disgusting Pick  (=`〜 ´ =)  Disgusted Face  ξ\(゚ー゚* )(*゚▽゚)ノ⌒ξ゚Д゚)ノノ  Bad Jokes  ( *`ω ´)  Disliking Person  Σo(T ξT)o  It Smell Make Me Cry  (゜д゜ (:*: )=з  What Kind Of Smell Is That  (`ε´ )  Evil Disagree  (✿★ω★)(◕⍸ ◕✿)  We are not friends, ok?  (≧_≦╬)  I feel so mad  ヽ (` Д´) ノ  Double Denial  ( ̄ ー ̄)  Serious Bad Proud  ( ´﹃`)  Disgusted Guy  ( ¬▂¬)(° u °●)​  not a nice friend  (¬_¬)/  Hypocrite greeting  (´ π`)  Vomit So Disgusting  (●¬-¬) (._.❁)  I really don't like you  (^^;)  Hypocrite Face  {´┴ `}  Unpleasant Face  (* ಠ_ಠ)つ  So Mad About  v (´☣益☣`)  Unexpected Worries  -=≡~ξ -_-*)  Bad Smells  (` ー ´)  So Disagree And Evil  (¬▂¬)✿  i dont really like flowers  (◔.◔´´) c(◕◡◕c)  I do not care about you  (≧ ∀≦)  Dislike Laugh  (`ェ ´)  Dislike Person  (^ q ^)  Dislike Taste  (-□- +)  Dislike Face  (¬‸¬)(≖‸≖)  We dislike each other  ( π ーπ)  Dislike And Sad  (¬⌓¬)  I dislike you  o(`ω ´ *)o  Bit Dislike Guy  ( ¬▂¬)(●° u °●)​  i dislike that guy  👎  Thumbs Down  🚯  Do Not Litter Symbol  😼  Cat Face With Wry Smile  👊  Fisted Hand Sign  ( ^◡^)っ ♡-  Expression of love  (♡ ꇴ ♡)  i love it  ( ° ა°)~ð (・ิo・ิ✿)  A propose  ʕ๑ᵔﻌᵔʔ♥  Love is everything for a teddy  ᕳ ͡⎚o ͡⎚ᕲ  Monkey likes glasses  (⊙_◎)-/*  Madness is a pleasure  ➳(๑♡.♡)(◕ω◕✿)  So crazy for her  w(′┏▽┓`●)w  Crazy moustache  🏴󠁬󠁳󠁪󠁿  Flag for Mokhotlong (LS-J)  \( ♡∀♡)  A boy in love waving  ( ° ა°)~ð (•́ㅿ•̀๑)  He wants me to marry  ( ° ა°)~ð (ŐдŐ.)  A ring for me?  ಠ╭╮ಠ  Sad Disapproval  ( ° ა°)~ð (◯Δ◯ ∥)  Do you want to marry?  (ෆ‿ෆ)  The hearted eyes  ( ꈍ૩ꈍ(・ิω・ิ)♡  lovers kisses  (˘ ⌣ ˘)♥(˘ ⌣ ˘ )  I believe in our love  (´♡ᴗ♡)(ᵔﻌᵔU)  I do love dogs!  (๑ ᴖ 3 ᴖ)(❛U❛✿)  Kisses only for her  U(˵•́ Y •̀˵U)(╹ᆺ╹✿)  She likes that rabbit  (o◕3◕)(♥ε♥๑)  Need you in my life  🏴󠁬󠁳󠁨󠁿  Flag for Qacha’s Nek (LS-H)  🏴󠁬󠁳󠁫󠁿  Flag for Thaba-Tseka (LS-K)  ♡*:・.⋆ヽ( ◕ω◕🌸)/  hawaiian girl throwing love  (´˘U˘)/♡  My heart's for you  (´ŎᵕŎ)/♡  My Cute Heart For You  ( ° ა°)~ð (●Д●*)  Marriage?  (✿♡.♡) ☕  She Loves Coffee A Lot  ^oﻌo^🍏  Cat and an apple  (●.●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿’“❤  Let's kill this love  OMG ღℒỚṼḭ₦ღ da ☻ṤṺ♏♏Ể℟ but it lil to ℌ☻₮ ṧ♏₮.......ヅღ  Crazy Text  ( ๑òᆺó๑ )  Anger rabbit  (♡˘◡˘)(˘◡˘♡)  In love dudes  :☾.*✧(•́ ω •̀ )  Tonight i love the sky  ♡( ᐛ )人( ᐛ )  Gary Couple  ☉ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿(◡︵◡)☉  She committed suicide  (●0▽0)♡  So glad for my love  ^ﻌ^ฅ♡  Cat catching a heart  \(oᴗo)  Hello, hello  (✿•́3•̀)♡  She wants love and kisses  (´♡ᴗ♡)(◕ﻌ◕U)  I love that dog  •♥•.¸¸.•♥•.¸  Curly hearts  (⋆❛ω❛)♡(˘ε˘˶☆ )  A crazy love  ( ´З`)=3  Kiss Nausea  ✵(๑◊๑)✶  Crazy Cheerleader  (/- Д -)/︵ɯsᴉlɐʇᴉdɐƆ  Asian Hates Capitalism  ( ˘▾˘)~  sighing  (o◕3◕)❤  I enjoy these kisses  (๑♡ ⌓ ♡๑)  Crazy Heart  ( `ouo´ )╭∩╮  With love for you  (≈uﻌu≈)\(❤U❤✿)  Stroking my kitty  (❁• 3(♡ω♡)  A Girl Kissing Her Boyfriend  ♡ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ♡  Girly bear in love  ♡(ᵔﻌᵔU)  A really in love inu  ➳(๑♡∇♡)(◕ω◕✿)  He's so crazy for me  (✿ ͡˵° ͜ʖ ͡°)人˘∀˘✿)  The first love  (o◕3◕)💗(♥ε♥๑)  Loving your lips  \(^▽^)  Hello, Friends  \(o▽o)  Greeting You  (uᵔᴥᵔ)♡(ᵔᴥᵔʋ)  Two puppies in love  (≧∇≦)♡(///ᵕ///✿)♡  Happy couple in love  (∩♥‿‿♥)⊃━☆゚.*  Love being a witch  (∩>3(⋆❛ ہ ❛⋆)!  My crush is kissing me  (˵♡⌣♡) ☕  Nothing better than coffee  (˵♡ᴗ♡) ☕  Nothing better than tea  (◠◡♡)  a lovely wink  .。・:*♡◟༼ຈ 3 ຈ༽◞♡*:・。.  crazy lover monster  (✿˘3˘)♡(◕ε◕)  What do your lips taste like?  (✿♡ᴗ♡) ☕  She loves tea  ♡⊂(˃ ᆺ ˂⊂) ♡  I need a bear hug  (♡3♡)❤(◕ᴗ◕)  love is for me  (✿♡ω♡)  Totally in love  (✿//3//)💗  Want a little kiss  (⊃•o•)⊃♥  I Want That Heart  (¯ ³¯)♥  I want to give you a little kiss  (⁄ ⁄ • ⁄3⁄ • )(◉ε◉ )  Gimme all your love  (´´′ꈍ☾ꈍ´´)  The moon shines on my face  (❀♡ᵕ♡)✿  I love flowers!  ( ° ა°)~ð (≖‿≖ԅ)  Gimme that ring  ( •́ З(♡ᴗ♡)  Romeo and juliet  ^oﻌo^❤️  Cute cat in love  ʕ-̼͡-ʔ❣ʕ•̫͡•ʔ  Animals also fall in love  (≈ȏﻌȏ≈)\(❤ᴗ❤✿)  Stroking a cute kitten  (˵-з-)♡(-ε-˵)  You like my kisses, i know  \(♡∀♡)  Who is in love? I'm in love  (♡ ◡ ♡)  big lovely smile  ( ⁰ ૩(˘͈ ω ˘͈♡)  feeling loved  ━╤デ╦︻ (▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)  Fancy Death Style  (˶˘ ³˘(˘͈ ω ˘♡)  They're enjoying their love  (⋆ ˆ3ˆ)♥.*♡  Be My Valentine  (✿//3//)💗(≧ ⌣ ≦)  Our first valentine  (✿˵ˆ³(◡ں◡ )♡  My boyfriend is the best  ♡°◌̊  Love feeling  (๑˃u˂)♡(≧ω≦●)  Our Cute Love  (๑✧3✧)♥♡  You want these kisses?  ♡(-♥ω♥-*-)  So fuckin' in love  ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ˋ♥  Take ero`s love  ᕦ༼::ಥ෴ಠೃ::༽ノ  Crazy donger  (•ө•)♡ (´┓`*)  Lusting  .₊̣̇.ෆ˟̑*̑˚̑*̑˟̑ෆ.₊̣̇.ෆ˟̑*̑˚̑*̑˟̑ෆ.₊̣̇.ෆ˟̑*̑˚̑*̑˟̑ෆ.₊̣̇.ෆ˟̑*̑˚̑*̑˟̑ෆ.₊̣̇.  Decoration Hearts  (º ﹃º)  Crazy Drooling  (✿•́ω•̀)♡  I Think I'm In Love  ( º3º)❤️(•ω• )  Our relationship is goal  (๑•з•)(˘◡˘♡)(◔_◔)  She left me for him  ♪(・ω-)~🌻♥♪ \(*ー*)♡  A flower for a beautiful lady  ❣🐶❣  My dog full of love  ⊙ˍ⊙  Love come here  (o◕3◕)💗  Please, take this kiss  (╹ૅ×╹ૅ)  Crazy eyes bunny  (* ´﹃`*)  Blushed And Lost  ◌⑅⃝●♡⋆♡⃝ ˻˳˯ₑ ♡⃝⋆●♡⑅⃝◌  So much Hearts  (✿˵ˆ³(ㆁᗜㆁ)♡  lovely relationship  (ミ♡ܫ♡ミ)∫  Nekos in love  (´∇`✿)♡  So In Love Lass  (´❛◡❛)♡(❛◡❛`)  You love me, don't you?  ┗┃・ - ・┃  Robot Waving  (๑•́ ∀ •̀)/  Hey, i'm here  (๑ ᴖ 3 ᴖ)(❛.❛✿)  Does he want a kiss?  (❁❤◡❤)  Really in love!  (/❛o❛\) ðԅ (≖‿≖ԅ)  Is that for me?  (♡3♡)(❤ᴗ❤)  hearted eyes couple  (✿˵ •̀ ૩(・ิω・ิ)♡  He is only mine  ( o◡o)(o◡o )  smiling guys  (◕3◕)♥  Want To kiss You  (⋆❛3❛)♥❛ε❛⋆)  I want to kiss you like never before  (♡∇♡๑)  I'm so in love  ♢ԅ (≖‿≖ԅ)  Stealing diamonds  Ꮚ⌀֊̫⍉Ꮚ  Crazy hair  (/- Д -)/︵sǝdʎʇoǝɹǝʇs  Asian Man Hates Stereotypes  १|✘` 皿 ′✘|५  Anger Death  (≈ȏ ﻌ ȏ≈)(❤ᴗ❤✿)  She wants that cat  ♡ʕᵔﻌᵔʔʕᵔﻌᵔʔ♡  Kumas in love  (=◕ᆽ◕=❤)(•́⌣•̀๑)  with my cat  (人・∀・ )💗(♡∀♡🌸)  so in love  (๑ ˘ З(˘▽˘✿)۶  She's my everything  (◍≧ᴗ≦)(oᴗo◍)  Amour  (U>ᆺ<)♥(˵•́ Y •̀˵U)(╹ᆺ╹✿)  Rabbit romance  *✲⋆(0ᴗ0)*✲⋆  Seeing the starry sky  ☾♡(✿^з^(˘ε˘˶ )♡  Night of love  ( ^▽^)◜✧˖°♥  Take All This love  (♡˶◡˶♡)  Love is really magic  ʕ♥Ꮂ♥oʔ  Kuma just needs love  (o///o)♡ᴗ♡✿)  I think she's in love with me  (✿♡_♡) ☕  She is crazy for coffee  🏴󠁬󠁴󠀰󠀳󠁿  Flag for Alytus (LT-03)  🏴󠁬󠁴󠀰󠀱󠁿  Flag for Akmenė (LT-01)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀵󠀹󠁿  Flag for Tekirdağ (TR-59)  🏴󠁴󠁲󠀵󠀴󠁿  Flag for Sakarya (TR-54)  ᕦ(эഌэ)ᕥ  Strong piggy  ヽ(♥Ĺ̯♥)ノ  Don't wanna be in love  U(o•Y •)U(˵•́ Y •̀˵U)  New Rabbits  U(o•×•)U(˵•́ Y •̀˵U)  Rabbit meeting  (❀♥╭╮♥)  Love isn't for me, I know.  (✿●.●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/̿ ̿ ̿(✿>▽<)╦̵̵̿╤─  Crazy killers  (✿˵•́ᴗ•̀˵)♡(≧U≦●)  So fuckin' in love with her  (⁄ • ⁄3⁄ • )(◉ε◉ )  I'd love your kisses  (º﹃ º )  Lost In My Mind  ( 。_。)  Lost Face  (٭ꇵ᷅ ؛ ꇵ᷅٭)  Serious Thought  (๑•з•)⋆*♥(•.•)  Kisses for you!  (U❛ᴥ❛)♡(ᵔﻌᵔU)  Inus in love  💗(≧ ⌣ ≦)  Feeling Loved As Fuck  (ɔ◠U◠c(≧ω≦c)  So glad you're here  (^▽^)/  I want to say hello  (✿•́◡•̀)❤(´◡`✿)  Girls may like other girls.  (❁˶♡o♡)  Wow, I love what I see.  (❤O❤)  Sighing For Love  ( ˶^w^)Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ♥  I love you and i hope you know it  ♥Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ(′◡‵๑)  Expressing My Feelings  (✿♡,♡) ☕  Girl Loves Tea  ^oﻌo^ฅ🍏  Cat wants an apple  (◦ꈍЗ(✿◕◦◕)❤  Surprised kiss  ( ๑╹3╹)ᴖ U ᴖ๑)  My sweet kisses  (◕ ⌣ ◕)(´ ⌣ `ʃƪ)♡  I Like You So Much!  (๑•з•)⋆* ♡*(˘ε˘˶☆ )  Our lovely relationship  (๑•з•)⋆* ♡(⋆˘‿˘⋆✿)  Kissing My GF  ฅʕ♡ᴥ♡ʔฅ  Bear loves his claws  ♡*:・.⋆ヽ(・ω・´🌸)/  do you want all this love?  (✿っ❛ᆽ❛)⊂( ᵒᆽᵒ⊂)  cat couple  (ゝз(˘͈ ω ˘͈♡)♥  a cute love  (✿ ˆωˆ)♡∘˚˳°∘°⊂(˘∀˘)  Giving her some love  (♥◡♥˶)  I Am In Love  ( ≧◡≦)  im feeling glad today  ( *¯ ³¯)♡♥  This little kiss is for you  ( ◕U◕)/^≗ω≗)  Stroking A Cute Cat  (ꈍ ᴈꈍ)♡  This kiss is only for you  ♥♬♥♩(╹◡╹)  Listening To Love Songs  ♡(●U●)  I believe in love  ( •ᵕ•)/♥  This is my black heart  (❁ˆ3ˆ)♥  I just want to give you a kiss  (✿˘ω˘)❤️(•́ ω •̀ )  We like each other  (˶ᴖ3ᴖ)♡  I Wanna A Kiss  🏴󠁡󠁺󠁢󠁡󠁿  Flag for Baku (AZ-BA)  🏴󠁡󠁺󠁡󠁧󠁳󠁿  Flag for Agdash (AZ-AGS)  Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ(•ᴗ•♡)  Smiling guy saying "Love You"  ♡(◍>ω<)  Love makes me so happy  (❀>3(◕ω◕o)  All these kisses for you  ♡(-ε☆)  Crazy kisses  (❁˶╹p╹)♡  Drooling for love  ♡~♡  Cute love eyes  ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀ˋ♥  Eros brings love  💠ԅ (≖‿≖ԅ)  Taking that diamond  └། ๑ _ ๑ །┘  Crazy robot  (❀♡ᵕ♡)  Girl enjoying love  (ɔˆ ³❛)♥(•́ U •̀ )  Enjoying my valentine  ٩(๑`^´๑)۶  Raised in Anger #6  (🌸•⌓•)凸♥  do not want love!  (ꈍ૩(🌸˘ꇴ˘)♥  Glad relationship  (◕▿◕)(´ ⌣ `ʃƪ)♡  Happy Couple.  ◔∀◐  my crazy face  ( o♡o)(o♡o )  we both have heart mouth  ( ⁰ ૩(◕ヘ◕♡)  i dont like him  ♡(◡‿◡ )♡  Love Relaxes Me  ☾.*✧(•́ ω •̀ )  Beautiful Night  (๑♡3♡(°ε°○)  i really like you.  (๑˃ω˂)♡(≧ω≦๑)  i think you are my soulmate  ( ♥o♥)  I love what i see  (๑y 3(≧∀≦✿)  She likes me.  ʚ(♡ᴥ♡)ɞ  In love bear flying  (ꈍ ᴈ ꈍ)♡  My love in a kiss  (๑♡∀♡)(♡∀♡ )  We Are So In Love  (♡ω♡(≧ω≦)  I fell so deeply in love with you  (● ﻌ ●)∫(ˆεˆ)  I love kittens  ◛φ(♥∇♥ )  In love guy writing love letter  (๑ᴖ3ᴖ)♡(๑❛ω❛๑)♡  All my love in this kiss  🏴󠁤󠁯󠀳󠀳󠁿  Flag for Cibao Nordeste (DO-33)  🏴󠁤󠁭󠀱󠀱󠁿  Flag for Saint Peter (DM-11)  🏴󠁤󠁭󠀱󠀰󠁿  Flag for Saint Paul (DM-10)  🏴󠁤󠁭󠀰󠀷󠁿  Flag for Saint Luke (DM-07)  🏴󠁭󠁸󠁨󠁩󠁤󠁿  Flag for Hidalgo (MX-HID)  🏴󠁭󠁸󠁤󠁵󠁲󠁿  Flag for Durango (MX-DUR)  🏴󠁭󠁸󠁢󠁣󠁳󠁿  Flag for Baja California Sur (MX-BCS)  🏴󠁭󠁸󠁢󠁣󠁮󠁿  Flag for Baja California (MX-BCN)  🏴󠁬󠁹󠁢󠁵󠁿  Flag for Butnan (LY-BU)  🏴󠁬󠁹󠁪󠁡󠁿  Flag for Jabal al Akhdar (LY-JA)  🏴󠁶󠁵󠁴󠁯󠁢󠁿  Flag for Torba (VU-TOB)  (O❀♥o♥)  Shes deeply in love  (´❛ω❛)(❛ᴗ❛❁)  Our Lovely feeling  (❁˘ω˘)♡(˘ω˘✿)  We don't care if you don't like our love  ♡(///ᵕ///✿)♡  I think She's in love  ♡(≧◡≦●)  Feeling All The Love  (♡˘ ³(◉ε◉ )  My love is yours  ( *♥^•ﻌ•^♥* )  Hairball full of love  ♡(ᵔ/ᴥ/ᵔ)(❛∀❛)  Love My Pet
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