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  <º))))><  Dead Fish  (⇀▽↼`)  Sleeping Duck  Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ = Butterfly #1  Butterfly #1  (゜))<<  Classic Fish  `·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸><(((º>  Long Fish  ミ(・・)ミ  Crabby  C:。ミ  Jellyfish  ヘ(꒪◊꒪ヘ)  Ugly Ghost  ≧〔゜゜〕≦  Crabby #2  <コ:ミ  Sea Squid  ><((((º>  Fishy  ❥᷁)͜͡˒ ⋊  Cute Fish  (V)(@,,,,@)(V)  Giant Crabby  દ=๑๑( ੭ ε:)੭ु⁾⁾₍₍  Weird Otter  (◕(‘ 人 ‘) ◕)  Sad Lama  (\/) (°,,,,°) (\/)  Crab Crab  . ><{{{.______)  Classic Whale  ◖◘👽◘◗  Alien creature  (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆─=≡Σ( ◕ل͜◕)  I made a creature!  ( ;,;)  Cthulhu  |♥ω♥)  In love creature  🐙  Octopus  🐲  Dragon Face  🐳  Spouting Whale  🐉  Dragon  👾  Alien Monster  🐬  Dolphin  🦄  Unicorn  🍤  Fried Shrimp  ✺◟(◍Ꮂ◎)◞✺  Koala being a cherleader  ﴾⨶ꔢ⨶﴿  I feel i'm dying  ༼ つ◕(oo)◕༽つ  Cute Pig  👨👨❤👩👩  Gay  (Ȍ▾Ȍ)  Bird with eyelashes  (◡˘ﻌ˘)(˘◡˘)  My best friend is not a human  U( ´•x•` )U(UᵕU✿)  This is my cute bunny  🦓  Zebra  (✿˘ ³˘)ᵔᴥᵔU)  She and her lovely dog  (▽-(00)-▽)(¯ (oo) ¯)  Two pigs  (੭≋ഌ≋)  Piggy's sleepy  (´・・`)  Pig Ears  ヾ( ̄(●●) ̄)ノ  Pig Calling Someone  Ю ●  \(^_\)  Happy Basket Man  !(  ̄^^ ̄)  Smug Pig  ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞ ₎₎=͟͟͞͞  Sending Something  (ミ•́ᆽ•́ミ)  A wild animal  (≗㉨≗)  A cute blushed neko  (ミºัᆽºัミ)ฅ  The New kitties  (ᴗ•ᴥ•`)  Cute Doggy  (ᴗ◦ᴥ◦)  A pretty animal  (ᴗ˖ᴥ˖)  A weird puppy  ( ●ω●)/^≗ﻌ≗)  Caressing my baby  ├┬┴┬|(´•ᴥ•❀├┬┴┬|  Girly animal behind a wall  (.꘠ᴥ꘠)  My pet is a doggy  ( ^3^)(◕ᆽ◕)  Kissing my doggy  (。・ω・。)ノ♡  Pigs Need Love Too  ⛹️‍♀️  Woman With Ball  ᒄ₍⁽ˆ⁰ˆ⁾₎ᒃ♪♬  SnowMan Party  ⊂(oñ▂ ñ*)づ  A Person Requesting Something  (´A`。)  Not Okay Dude  (ฅΦωΦ)ฅ  Demon #1  (=•㉨•=)∫  The new cat  (≗ ᆽ ≗)  hello kitty  Φ ﻌ Φ  An Animal  ( ◕ω◕)/ ^⇀ﻌ↼^  Caressing my kitty  (ᴗ•́ᴥ•̀)  I'm a little puppy  ฅ(U○ﻌ○)ฅ  A Cute puppy  (◕ﻌ◕^)∫  Cute Kitty  (๑> 3(❛ㅅ❛U)  My bunny is my life  (`ᴥ`)ฅ  Doggy waving  (っ ºДº)っ ︵  I Dropped Something  ヘ(°◇ 、°)ノ  Please Dude  (๑Ő⌣Ő๑)  I am happy, dude  (ミ•̀ᆽ•̀ミ)  Really kawaii cat  (´д`人)  Pray Something  ˵Φ ω Φ˵  A blushed animal  (。+ ・ `ω・´)  Appointed Man  m9っ( ̄ー ̄)  Serious Dude Face  (^◕ω◕^)  Chubby kitty  d( -_☆)  Good Job Boy  ฅ(=◔ᆽ◔=)∫  my new cat  (´•ᴥ•`u)  Lovely Puppy  (´ᴥ`)  animals are cute.  (▽-(00)-▽)(*´(00)`)  Pigs everywhere  ໒(・ᴥ・)  My new dog  (U◕ᴥ◕)  Lovely Doggy  (◡0ᴥ0)  So Lovely Puppy  (▼●ᴥ●)  A pretty dog  👫🏼  Man and Woman Holding Hands, Type-3  ฅ(ミΦᆽΦ`ミ)∫  Cat walking  \(`ᴥ`)/  Dog with a happy life  ฅ(ミeᆽeミ)∫  A perv cat  (๑> ³(❛ㅅ❛U)  So cute bunny  (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ)/(˘ᴥ˘U)  Guy petting a dog  U( ´•ᴥ•` )U(UᵕU✿)  Me and my bunny  👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨  Kiss: WOMAN, MAN  🀄  Mahjong Tile Red Dragon  (✿•▿•)  little girly bird  (  ̄w ̄)Ψ  Devil beer men  (●ﻌ●❀)  Koala with a white flower  (U๑•ᴥ•)  Dogs are kawaii  (○`・」0・´)」  Shocked Buddy Face  ( ᵒﻌᵒ)  baby dog  (ミ∩ᆽ∩ミ)∫  So glad neko  ლ(˵ ͡~ഌ ͡°˵ლ)  Flirting pig  / (•ㅅ•) \  Am just a bunny  (=◕㉨◕=)∫  new animal  (ミඒᆽඒミ)  Kawai animal  (` ㊥益㊥)Ψ  A Evil Man  /(◕ㅅ◕)\  Pretty Kawaii animal  (=◕ ᆽ ◕=)  Chubby cat  /ᐠ´◦㉨◦`ᐟ \  My little neko  ミ|ዎ ﻌ ዎ|ミ  Little animal  ƪ(ƪ꒪ৱ৹)ᵒʰ˵˵  Applause Man  Ю ● \(゚ー゚\)  Serious Basketball  ミ⚈ᆽ⚈ミ  A face cat  ฅ(ミΦ ﻌ Φミ)  Pet me  /ᐠㅇ㉨<ᐟ \  A cat winking  =ΦᆺΦ=  New nekos  ฅ(ミ◕ᆽ◕ミ)ฅ  Claws Up  (✿ᵔᴥᵔ)\(•̀ᵕ•́❀)  Girl caressing her dog  ⤜(`ᴥ´)⤏  My dog has a costume  (U´•×• )(◕ᴗ◕`)  Love my bunny  ⤜(`ഌ´)⤏  Pig with an arrow  (U꘠ᴥ꘠)  My doggy is here  !!!!!(o ̄ω ̄)○))o(__*)Zzz  Hey Dude Wake Up  (=•ω•=)  I am a cat  ฅ(=ᴓ㉨ᴓ=)  neko rawr rawr  👱‍♂️  Blond Man  ໒( ⊚ (oo) ⊚ )७  Confused Pig  (•ʖ)  Nose Man  ~(=゜ω゜)  Kitty Nyan #15  V✪ ω ✪V  My favorite animal #9  (っ˘з˘)ʕ•̫͡•ʔ  Kissing My Pet  ^● ⋏ <^  kitties winking  (=≅ ᆽ ≅=)  a Chubby cat  /ᐠ•㉨•ᐟ \  The cat of my girlfriend  (*´ ∀`*)  Excited Shy Person  (✿ °∀°)/^◕ﻌ◕^  Petting a lovely kitty  (UᵔᴥᵔU)  Chubby happy dog  (ᵔ/ᴥ/ᵔU)  Happy blushed dog  (Uᵔᴥᵔ).  Cute little dog  (✿ᵔᴥᵔ)\(•̀ᵕ•́)  Touching a girly koala  【¬ᴥ¬】  Dog knows  (=⚈ᆽ⚈=)∫(◕ᆽ◕⚈)  We're lovely cats  👨‍👨‍👧‍👧  Family (Man, Man, Girl, Girl)  ( ̄ ー  ̄)  Fat Serious Man  ∪ ̿°⋏ ̿°∪  Animals are cute #9  .+:。ヽU゚Д゚Uノ゚.+:。  Scared Worried Face  (=◕ܫ◕=)∫  I have a new pet  (U´•ᴥ•`)  Cute long ear dog  ໒( = ᴥ =)ʋ💗  lovely Puppy  (ミ╹㉨╹ミ)  animals are cute  (ᴗ•̀ᴥ•́)  Dog with eyebrows  ᖗ⨱Ꮂ⨱ᖘ  Koala Going to die  (=◑ᆽ◑)ฅ  Kitty showing its claw  (´❛ᴥ❛`.)(=ටᆽට=)ฅ  Cat behind a dog  (U•ᴥ•)(oᴥoU)  Puppies are the sweetest thing in the world  (∪●ᴥ●)(•ᴥ•U)  Cute Lovely Dogs  (●ᴥ●▼)  A black dog  (•́ . •̀)/(ں•́ᴥ•̀)  Petting a cute dog  ▼´ᴥ`▼  Cute animals  \\(¬(OO)¬;)┌θ☆#)○(oo)●)~ノノ  Big PiG Violence  ヽ( ・∀・)ノ┌┛三┌┛.∵(|| ´(00)`)  Kill Pig  ヽ(▼ー▼ キ)  Bad Guy Requesting Something  👨‍👨‍👧  Family (Man, Man, Girl)  (ʘдʘ ╬)  Scary Little Guy  U(^㉨^)U  Happy dogs  ฅ(=◔ ﻌ ◔=)∫  animals!  ^◕ﻌ◕^ฅ🍏  Cat with an apple  (u˵ᵒﻌᵒ)  Little Blushed Dog  (U❛ᴥ❛)♡(ᵔﻌᵔU)  Inus in love  /(。ㅅ。)\  New zeland rabbit  (=ඔᆽඔ=)  Kitty Nyan #35  👫🏿  Man and Woman Holding Hands, Type-6  ( ఠൠఠ )  Bison  (=✪ ᆽ ✪=)  Kitty Nyan #28  \(T∇T )/  Party excited #1  (=ච ㉨ ච=)  Cats #9  ▽・ェ・▽  A doggy  (ˈᕐ ̫ˈ)  Simple Guy  ┻━┻ ミ \(≧ロ≦\)  So Mad At Table  (=๑ᆽ๑=)ฅ  An ilusion cat  ฅ(ミ・ᆽ・ミ)∫  A serious animal  /ᐠ︵㉨︵ᐟ \  A japanese cat  👫🏻  Man and Woman Holding Hands, Type-1-2  @^@  Nyeh  /ᐠ・ᆽ・ᐟ \  Cats #6  /ᐠ≚ᆽ≚✿ᐟ \∫  Princess cat  ♪├(* Θ∇ー)┤‐☆  Doctor Rare  (=⚈ᆽ⚈=)∫  who is kawaii?  ฅ(ミ⚈ ﻌ ⚈ミ)  Rawr, i am a cat  ฅ(= ・㉨ ・=)∫  Kitties everywhere  ฅ(ミ≗ᆽ≗ミ)∫  A blushed neko  ฅ(ミ꒡ᆽ꒡ミ)∫  Kawaii neko  ヾ(゚εÅ ) βyё βyё☆彡  Little Bye Bye  (╭ರᴥ•́)  Monocles #3  >゜))))彡  In the ocean #2  (ミΦ ﻌ Φミ )  Cats #3  ^・ﻌ・^  Kawaii animal  ฅ(•ㅅ•❀ )ฅ  Hawaii Cat  ((◎)_(◎))  Tities yay  (*ノ(∞)<*)  Disapointing Pig  (╯_╰)  So Worried Face  ヾ(⌒(_๑˘ㅂ˘๑)_  Somenone Behind Me  👫🏾  Man and Woman Holding Hands, Type-5  。゚(゚´(00)`゚)゚。  Piggy  ฅ(=○㉨○=)∫  Soul of a cat  ( ㆁᴥㆁ)  Girly animal  |◕ഌ◕)  Piggy behind a wall  (ミ• ༝ •ミ)  animals  (✿˶˘ ³˘)UᵔᴥᵔU)  She loves this dog  ( ó㉨ò)  Animals here #2  ٩(^ ᴗ ^)۶  Celebrate Game  (≗ﻌ≗^)  My little blushed cat  /(=⌒ᆺ●=)\  Big rabbit winking  (╹ﻌ╹▼)  A dog with a black ear  (▽Oᴥo)(´•̥ᴥ•̥`▼)  I am with a crazy dog  ^•ﻌ•^(๑❛ω❛๑)  Me and a little cat  (´ ._.`)\(‘́⌣’̀ )  Being A Nice Friend  (U●ﻌ●U)  Chubby long ears puppy  (づ๏ᴥ๏)づ\(ò ͜つó)/  Will hug my pet  ᑴ¬ ഌ¬ ᑷ  Square mad pig  ___|◕ഌ◕)  Pig Behind a Wall  (๑˘◡˘)/(˘ᴥ˘U)  Loving my pet a lot  (ʃƪ˘3˘)(●ᴥ●U)  My dog likes my kisses  ✺◟( ●ᴥ●)◞✺  animal cheerleader  (ミ◕ᆽ<ミ)  Kitty winking  ( 。´・ω・`。)  Big Worried Dude  👹  Japanese Ogre  =^● ⋏ ●^=  Kitty Nyan #24  ( ˘•ϖ•˘ )  Pig #8  ( ΦωΦ )  Pets #7  ԅ( ˘ ω ˘ԅ )  Woman arms  (=ච ω ච=)  Cats #10  “Σ⊂( ☉ω☉∩ )  Stupid Saluting  (=´ﻌ`=)  Rawrrr  ( ´(00)`)  oink oink  (ミ◕㉨◕ミ)∫  Little nekos  (ミoᆽoミ)  I am your favorite animal  ฅ(≈ȏ ﻌ ȏ≈)∫  hi, cat  ฅ(≈ᓀܫᓂ≈)  A girly neko  ฅ(=•́ܫ•̀=)∫  Mr Cat  ฅ(=o ㉨ o=)∫  Willdest cat  ฅ(=•㉨•=)∫  nyan desu  ฅ(=•́ܫ•̀=)  Mr Neko  Ψ( `▽´ )Ψ  Pleasure devil  👨‍👨‍👦‍👦  Family (Man, Man, Boy, Boy)  ⛹️‍♂️  Man With Ball  ( ☆≧o )q  Star Person Crazy  └| ∵ |┘  Confused Devil  ( ΄°◞ .̫.̫ °)  There Could Be Something  エエェェェ ェ(/×\)ェェエエエエ  Watch Out It Is Something Scary  (メ ▼皿▼)ノ ⌒ ○┼<  Bad Man Throwing Something  ฅ(=ㅇ ﻌ ㅇ=)∫  nekos  ฅ(=ㅇ ㉨ ㅇ=)∫  my chubby cat  (◕㉨◕❁)  A girly Bear  (●ﻌ●๑)ฅ  Black Eyes Puppy  (♡//ᴥ/♡)♡‿♡)  I love animals  ◟(-ഌ-)◞  Pig talking to god  ├┬┴┬|(´•ᴥ•├┬┴┬|  An animal behind walls  (◍oᴥo)(ᵔᴥᵔU)  Dogs are totally cute  (•́ . •̀)/♡(ں•́ᴥ•̀)  It's my puppy  (✿・3(oᴥoU)  My amazing dog  🚼👩👩  Gay #3  (∴◕오◕∴)  In the zoo #2  (≅ᆽ≅)  Kawaii Animals #3  👫🏽  Man and Woman Holding Hands, Type-4  (◕(‘人‘) ◕)  Alpaca  /ᐠ≗ᆽ≗✿ᐟ \∫  Nyan  (¬з¬)  Serious Thinking  (/ToT)/_┫・..  This Is Distusting  ╥﹏╥)  So Sad Tears  ฅ^•ﻌ•^^≗ω≗^ต  The prettier cats  (ᴗ◐ᴥ◑)  Cross-eyed puppy  (´、`)  Insecure Proud  σᆽσ  My kitties  (=◑ᆽ◑=)ฅ  Neko senpai  ( ⓛ ㉨ ⓛ *)  Rawr, nyan  (๑⚗ᗜ⚗)  Oh, yas, dude  ฅ(=JᆽJ=)ฅ  Whaaat? cat  ฅ(ミㆁ ﻌ ㆁミ)∫  The Girly cat  (✿>3(oᴥoU)  This dog is my life  (੭≋ഌ≋)੭̸*✩⁺˚  That pig touches the stars  👨‍👩‍👦  Family: MAN, WOMAN, BOY  💁🏻‍♀️  Woman Tipping Hand, Type-1-2  ( ̄ (oo)  ̄ )  Oink  (✿ ºัωºั )┌iii┐  My sweet 16  (ᴗ•ᴥ•)  Cool puppy  (ȏ ﻌ ȏU♡)  Lovely Pet  ─=≡Σᕕ(◔ഌ◔)ᕗ  Pig running for its life  ᑫʘഌʘᑷ  A square pig  (❁•‿•)/(ᵔ㉨ᵔ)  Happy kuma and a girl  (๑˘ ³(❛ㅅ❛U)  I love this bunny  (✽•.•)/ʕ•͡ᴥ•oʔ  Woman petting a bear  (0ഌ0)╭∩╮  Pig fuck you  /(♡ᴥ♡)\(◕ε◕♡)  I do love my pet a lot  💁‍♀️  Woman Tipping Hand  (◕ﻌ◕❁)  a little animal  (づ๏ᴥ๏)づ  Animal wants just a hug
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