Angel likes dark flowers


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ʚ(╹.╹)ɞヽ(oワo❤)  I love fairies(˵ ͡~◞ ͡°˵)(≧▿≦❁)β  I got a fairyʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ♡(◕ᆽ◕🌸)  Cat sees cupid(੭・∀・)੭❁(╹◡╹`*)ɞ  Giving a flower to an angel☾*✲⋆.ʚ(╹.╹)ɞ  Flying in the night(≧v≦❁)β  An angel with a flower( ๑‾◡‾)💞♡⋆ʚ(╹.╹)ɞ  Cupid is hereଘ(˵ᅌᴗᅌ)♡(╹.╹˵)ɞ  A little angel with her(๑ᴖuᴖ)♡⋆ʚ(╹.╹)ɞ  Such a lovely angel(っ•◡•)っ (≧◡≦✿)  I wanna hug my chickଘ(˵ᅌᴗᅌ)ヘ(◕.◕ヘ)  He wants to grab that angel✿ʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ  Little bee wants a flower(❁ˆ∀ˆ)  She likes to use that flowerଘ(人゚∀゚)💖  Cupid needs love too⋆ʚ(╹.╹)ɞヘ(◕。◕ヘ)"  Grabbing a fairyଘ(੭ˊ◕ᵕ◕ˋ)੭ʚ(╹.╹o)ɞ  Angels' hugᕙ(⇀ᴗ↼)ᕗ (´•ω •`๑)♡  I like strong armsଘ(✿・ᵕ・)  She's a pretty little fairyʕ˘ᴥ˘❁ʔ  Kuma likes that dark flowerଘ(❁ᅌᵕᅌ)  She's a lovely angelʚ(╹U╹)ɞ(≧U≦❁)ɞ  Two Great Angels⋆ʚ(╹.╹)ɞヘ(◕.◕ヘ)  Angel wants a friend(˶◠ヮ◠)✿  I found this flower so prettyଘ(❀•ᴗ•)  I am a fairyଘ(✿✧ᵕ✧)  Enchated girly angelଘ(◍˘∀˘)  Fairy has red cheeksଘ(੭˃ᴗ˂)੭☆゚  Angel tries to grab a starଘ(人ᵕ∀ᵕ)(♥ヮ♥ )  I knew angels exist(ɔˆ ³(ˆωˆ❀)  My boy loves me so much👼  Baby Angel(╹◡╹`❁)ɞ  Angel has a cute flowerʚ(*´◡`*)ɞヽ(╹◡╹ヾ)  He wants a fairyଘ(✿ˊ0◡0)  A happy angel(✿˘ ³˘)(ꈍωꈍ🌸,)  She loves her mommyଘ(🌸★▿★)  Girl flyingʚ(˵o.o)ɞ(•́ᴗ•̀✿)  She has her own fairy☆゚.*・。(≧▿≦❁)β  Star fairyଘ(੭ºัᴗºั)━☆゚*:.  Doing magicଘ(✿˵•́ ᴗ •̀˵)  girl flyingଘ( ŎUŎ)━☆゚.*・。゚  I feel like a wizardଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭  I diedଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀  I can fly(✿●/ᴗ/●)(❛ω❛人)  That guy is my crushଘ(✿ˊ・ᵕ・)੭  Fairy flyingଘ(˵ᅌᴗᅌ)⋆ʚ(╹.╹)ɞ  Two Angels Flying(✿˶˘3˘)ʚ(╹ᵕ╹o)ɞ  She loves that fairy(✿╹∇╹)ʚ(╹.╹o)ɞ  She believes in fairiesଘ(人゚∀゚)(ღ꒡ ᵌ꒡)(→ε←o)゚  Cupid made a jobʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ♡ヽ(o⌣oヾ)  I want to catch a fairy   View More Related


👐🏻  Open Hands Sign + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2🧑🏽‍❤️‍🧑🏾  Couple with Heart: Person, Person, Medium Skin Tone, Medium-Dark Skin Tone(੭ु ‾᷄ᗣ‾᷅ )੭ु⁾⁾  Waaa, Its Not Fair(っ˘з(˘ω˘✿)  I Love Kissing My Girlfriend(◕ᆺ◕)  A quiet guy(ノ ͡⎚_ ͡⎚)ノ  I'll take off my sunglasses(✿╹ᴗ╹)♡(◠ᴗ◠✿)  2 girls in love_(ò◇ó*;)ノ  I Hate You(●ᵔωᵔ)ノ❁  A pretty flowerʕ•͓͡•ʔ-̫͡-ʕ•̫͡•ʔ  Multiple Bears.•♥•.¸¸.•♥••♥•.¸¸.•♥•.  Cute decoration🏴󠁶󠁮󠀲󠀰󠁿  Flag for Thái Bình (VN-20)⋆* ⁑⋆* (๑•﹏•)⋆* ⁑⋆*  Feelin' Queasy #2( ゚Å゚;)  Stressful Person🧩  Puzzle Piece(๑✧∀✧)  Wow, that looks great󠀮  Tag Full Stop( ゚∀゚)ノ     ~【LOVE】  Say Good Bye Love♡(╹ε╹)  Will you kiss me?⊂(・ω・* ⊂)  Come Here For Cuddels(ɔˆз(>U<)  Your kisses make me nervous( ゚U ゚)━☆゚.*・。゚  I am using this wand(ノ ̄ ʖ̯ ̄)ノ*:・゚(੭ꖘ▾ꖘ)੭̸*✩⁺˚✧  I don't want stars but he does(●~●)/^oﻌo^  I don't wanna touch the cat(❁ミ•ᆽ•ミ)ฅ^•ﻌ•^  Cat has a kitty🌫️  Fog(✿˵ゝᵕᵒ)(ゝ ω・`)  We both are flirty( ★ᴗ★)/  Star Eyes Guy Greeting| ͡ಥഌ ͡ಥ|ᑫᴗ ε ᴗᑷ  Animal comforting(;▽;)ノヽ(^ᴗ^ヽ)  I have missed you too much all these years(๑╹ڡ╹)  my tongue( :3 _ )=  Fast Rest(❀˘◡˘)❤️(≧ε≦❁)  First kiss of her(⊙∀≦)  Kind Of Excited(๑૭•̀ᗝ•́)૭((⊂(`ω´∩)  Come here, little shit(✿◦’ᴗ˘◦)(≧∀≦❁)  Flirting with this girl👳🏿  Man With Turban + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6(❀>ω<)(>ω<❀)  We Look Beautiful With Our Flowers🏴󠁳󠁩󠀱󠀲󠀸󠁿  Flag for Tolmin (SI-128)ηακετα…_〆(;ωq`)  Naketa Face( ͡⎚U ͡⎚)/  HEY🙍🏿‍♀️  Woman Frowning, Type-6ー(・ω´・lll))))  ヽ(゚ε゚ヽ)))))  Come Here For A Kiss My Love🏴󠁣󠁵󠀱󠀰󠁿  Flag for Las Tunas (CU-10)ʕ → ᴥ ← ʔ(ˇᴥˇ▾)  Dog loves that teddy(º∀º)/🍗  i love chicken(✿´°\\ᴗ\\°`)  I Have A Cute Flowerヾ(*▼・▼)ノ⌒☆  Sunglasses Star(づ  ̄ ³ ̄)づ ⓈⓂⓄⓄⓉⒽ  Smooth((p乂p))  Crying For Being Sick

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