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Snowboarder, Type-5


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U+1F3C2 U+1F3FE




⊂(•̀﹏•́⊂ )∘˚˳°  Angry Squirmy Ghost(๑இꇴஇ๑)  I am a anime girl🇶  Regional Indicator Symbol Let­ter Q(*´∀`)つ========●ⅲⅲⅲ  Playing Bowling( ๑•ω•)八(•‿• ◍ )  A picture with her(。・ω・)ノ゙  Waving Hands👉🏿  White Right Pointing Backhand Index + Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6(੭•̀ω•́)੭̸*✩⁺˚  Worried Wizard(๑✧◡✧๑)  Star Up FaceY(・ω‐)Y  Y Wink(((ლ(͏ ͒ • ꈊ • ͒)ლ)))  Hands Cat*<( ^O^)/  Good Idea(ノTДT)ノ ┫:・’.::・┻┻:・’.::ï½¥  Crying For Food◎(▼●▼)◎y-゜゜゜  Triangle Shaped Sunglasses #2(  ̄ー)  Uninterested #1(///_o)  Well, weirdo: (  Sad face #3✩°。⋆⸜(ू˙꒳​˙ )  Sending Magic to You(˃ᆺ˂)  Mew( p_q)  Crying #21σ(゚ ï½°^*)  Kid Winking(:-(  Frowning with Parentheses(Φ ̄▽ ̄)Φ”  Hands Circle Weird(`∀´)ゝ”  Dizzy(#´O`)  Ramble(=`⋏´=)  Little Feline(⊂(( ・⊥・))⊃)  A Hug Is Coming(◕ㅅ◕✿)ฅ  A little felineʕ*á´¥*ʔ  Drunk Bear(●°∀°●)  Hey, hi(= ච ﻌ ච=)  Look at that cat/(v x v。) 人( 。v x v)ï¼¼  Death Friendsԅ( ≖‿≖ԅ)  Interested Guyℓ <3 ϚϦοςӧԼձϮϵ⃛  I Love Chocolate(-^〇^-)  Yawningદ=๑๑( à©­ ε:)੭ु⁾⁾₍  Little Pet Playingε=ε=( っ*´□`)っ  Running Away From Scary Things💑+🔫=🦇🙎‍♂️  Batman's Origins♫✧.*◝(•❝꒳❝•)◟*·✧♫  Dancing A Cute Song(o_△_)o  Sleepy #1┬─┬ ︵ /(.□. \)  Table Flipped Me∮(´・ω・)<ндρρч ьдγтнdдч∮  Pleasant Greeting②⓪ Ⓛⓘⓚⓔⓢ & ⓒⓞⓝⓣⓔⓢⓣⓞ ①⓪⓪ ⓟⓡⓔⓖⓤⓝⓣⓐⓢ Ⓑⓡⓐⓨⓐⓝ ⓢⓘ ⓛⓐⓢ ⓒⓞⓝⓣⓔⓢⓣⓐ :Ⓓ  Spanish Words👨🏼‍🎨  Male Artist, Type-3(・∀・)  Well Hehe Fine✿*゚¨゚✎・ ✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚¨゚✎・✿.。.:* ♡LOVE♡LOVE♡ ✿*゚¨゚✎・ ✿.。.:*  Drawing Loveï½¢(=>o ≦=)ノ  Annoying Face( ͒ ͓ ͒)  Better Keep Quietd(´・×・`)b  I Accept #8ᕕ(¬ ͜ ¬)ᕗ  Smug Flex

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